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Learn proper value betting in poker by NOT using a solver

If you don't enjoy studying, find it confusing, and don't know where to start we have the solution. We teach you proper value betting which will help you to make more money and play with more confidence resulting in less tilt.
Learn to connect the dots from preflop to river and KNOW when to value bet to win more money from your opponents.

Table of contents

In my recent poker hand I played a hand which I think is very good example on how to do proper value betting,

Let’s talk about this hand because this is something that is very difficult to solve with a solver so we try to approach it logically.

And this is how we also try to teach poker, not just with a solver, but by using logic and with preflop ranges and connecting the dots from preflop to river.

So let’s get right into it. Click play below:

Most people got it wrong

I’ve run a twitter poll on this exact situation and the majority wanted to play it safe so they chose the wrong option. 

So I want to encourage you to keep an eye on these situations. You need to talk about it, to review it, and not just pull up a solver and see what you have to do. 

Learn to adjust the ranges. Think about what is your opponent likely doing. And based on that you want to adapt your strategy.

Free 5-day Poker Course

Remember, we have a free five-day poker course where this is our approach. Where we teach you how poker works in the REAL world (not GTO land). 

We explain you the why: pre-flop, post-flop, ICM, final tables and with a lot more bonuses.

Our goal is to help you in your journey with simple straight-forward practical advice so you can create consistent long-term winnings with poker. By understanding the WHY behind every decision you will till less (because you know that what you’re doing is the right play) and you will play with more confidence no longer afraid of marginal spots.

Our community of 30,000+ poker players is very supportive and one of the biggest in the world.

Join today, you have nothing to lose, but you have a lot of tournaments to win!



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