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Only working with professional poker players.

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    single lesson3 hours5 hours7 hours10 hoursgeneral question

    Just because I play higher stakes or I’m a more experiences player doesn’t necessarily mean I can be the best coach for you.
    To make sure it “clicks” when we work together I’ll offer a 10 minute call via Discord or Skype to talk things through, what we expect from the coaching and how to move forward. This call is completely free of charge.

    I’m “the zoom guy” and mostly play 500z/200z on but also play on different sites and lately added some regular tables between 500NL and 1000NL as well. (Status April 2022)
    I post results regularly but if you would like to have a proper introduction about me look what BenCB hast to say about me: Check on YT (Starting at 00:18)

    A single session with me (60-75minutes) will be 250€, but to be completely honest I had 0 students who actually took one single lesson and personally I don’t think it makes much sense either as it is not the most efficient way of working together.

    I would suggest going for a minimum of 3 sessions to work on your Cash Game fundamentals over a span of a few weeks with me. That way we have enough time to put in the work and effort needed to gain a big edge over your playerpool.
    If you would like to have a look what these packages look like, have a look at these examples: 

    Package “Bread & Butter”: 629€ (saves 120€)  

3 full coaching sessions between 60-75 minutes and no extra charge if we take a little longer. Better to have a nice round sessions and every question answered instead of leaving too early.
    Session 1 will be a full database analysis of your past sameplesize (25k hands minimum preferred) and you will get a full sheet with every important number/statistic we talk through. No naked number sheet, everything is explained very detailed and how you can work on leaks yourself going foward.
    In addition to that the sheet will have “How to study” tips and a full coaching plan for our next sessions.
    Session 2 and 3 are based on what discover in your database and what we need to work on the most. Examples could look like this:
    “3bet Pots OOP – Sizings, Turnbarrels, River All-ins”
    “Defending your Big Blind – When to checkraise, what to checkraise”
    “Playing against the Big Blind – Postflop Fundamentals”

    Package “GTO Mastermind”: 1049€ (saves 200€)

    5 full coaching sessions between 60-75 minutes
    Everything of the „Bread & Butter“ Package plus 2 in-depth postflop sessions which are focusing on topics like „Barreling Session: Blocker and Unblocker“ and focusing on a more deeper understanding on how GTO works in certain spots and how far we want to deviate from optimal solutions given what we know about our playerpool. (GTO vs maximum exploitative Lines)
    This package is a real working package. Not going to be easy, you have to work through this but you don’t have to do it alone.
    If we think we have a better idea on what to work on exactly or you have something special in mind that you absolutely NEED to work through we can always switch one session our for a freestyle one and I’ll be happy to prepare anything that fits your needs best.

    Package “Bootcamp”: 1799€ (LIMITED SEATS!) (saves 700€!)

    10 Sessions in 10 Weeks. All topics of the above packages available. We will meet once per week on a fixed day and work through everything together. 
You’ll grind during the week, try everything out, come back and we will evaluate together. 
Weekly review of how you did and homework for the next one. This is likely the most efficient way to improve as fast as possible but also the most intense one. Please do only request when you have a serious interest.

    For the time working with me I’ll be 24/7 available on Discord or Skype for your questions, hands, analysis and homework and this is included in every package.

    The more you work yourself the more you will get out of our collaboration and I’ll be looking forward to it.
    If you would like to contact me please add me on

    Discord: cold_smile#9504

    Skype: cold_smile89

    or send an E-mail to: [email protected]

    Happy to hear from you and let’s crush!

      My name is Asaban and I am a professional poker player and coach for more than 9 years. In the past I coached more then two hundred poker players, ranging from absolute beginners to highstakes players. I also designed MTT courses and published instructional videos in German and English. In all those coachings I developed a deep understanding for the most common and critical mistakes that new players, as well as advanced players, make. If you want to effectivly improve your results I would be happy to work with you.

      I personally play MTT’s up to 215$ on a regular basis. Lately I also invested a lot of time into Spin&Go tournaments and similar formats which I beat with a decent win rate. Together with a high stakes Spin&Go regular I founded a small team (Team BAStards) that stakes Spin&Go players, while helping them to improve their game on a consistent basis at the same time.


      » Database analysis: 150€ (170$)
      » Single lesson: 180€/h (200$)
      » Package of 4h: 600€ (150€/h → 170$/h)
      » Package of 7h: 770€ (110€/h → 125$/h) Includes a free database analysis
      » Video of your coaching (optional): 10€/h (11,50$)

      Group coachings, as well as more packages are available on request. I also offer free coachings and content as part of a staking deal for Spin&Go’s. Contact me for further info. All of my coachings are available in English or German.

      What does a coaching look like?

      That is entirely up to you. My suggestion is a session review. You prepare a hand history and we  look through it, to analyse your biggest mistakes and which topic you should improve on. After every coaching you will receive a written feedback on our findings. My biggest focus is to enable you to work on your own game and improve it by yourself.

      Alternatives would be in depth database analysis including examples and ways to improve on your biggest flaws, reviews of your live play, various single hands or thematic coachings targeting very specific leaks.

      Spin&Go Coachings are only available within longterm staking deals. Feel free to ask me for details.

      What you need:


      Headset or good microphone setup

        Hey guys, my name is Tomy and I have been playing poker professionally for 9 years now. I first started like everyone playing online at micro stakes playing all sorts of games. I then focused on cash games (short stacked) and heads up. I transitioned to SNGs and received coaching from Ben, and at the moment I play SNGs on various sites up to $200, mixing with MTTs up to $109. I offer coaching for hyper turbo,  turbo and reg speed SNGs as well as low-mid stakes MTTs. 


        1 hour session: 180€

        Package of 3 hours: 450€ 

        For more details you can contact me here or find me in the Raise Your Edge discord (@tomy#0892).

        What you need: 


          Hello guys, I am Mariano. I have been playing poker professionally since 2006, starting from SNG’s and mixing some cash games to later focus on MTT’s where i discover how to use satellites to leverage my bankroll and reduce variance. I’d be happy to teach you how to do the same.

          Coaching  has both theoretical / practical content including topics as:

          Early game

          Bubble play
          Adjusting ranges to ICM scenarios
          Formats (freezeout, rebuy, phases, rounds)  and structures ( regular, turbos, hypers )
          Stacks and table distributions dynamics
          Steal, resteal and equity denying

          Future game calculations
          Use of solvers / calculators in satellite scenarios


          1 Hour: $200

          Discounts for Packages

          3 Hours: $540

          5 Hours: $850

          10 Hours: $1500 

          For more details you can contact me here or find me in the Raise Your Edge discord (@g3ttingwiser).

          What you need: 

          Hand histories ( lobby screenshots can be useful for bubble situations when 2 tables or more are in play )

            Bahman Zarghami is the founder and CEO of Zarghami & Zimmermann Corporate Consulting Group.

            He has worked as a counselor and high-performance coach for over 12 years, helping mental game professionals optimize their game. Taking his lessons from poker, chess, esports and many other fields, in his current position he is offering performance consultancy to Fortune 500 companies, changing the way companies think about performance in their organization.

            Feel free to reach out if you want to learn more.