Join +10,000 successful Graduates

Master Poker Tournaments With This Simple Step-by-Step System

The #1 proven formula for tournament poker success. Join thousands of players who achieved their poker dreams and turned poker into a source of income.

  • Learn From One of the Best Online Poker Players Ever
  • Most Trusted Course by Pros From Around the World
  • Private Group With Bencb and Other High-Stakes Crushers
  • A Simple Proven Strategy To Win At Poker

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postive Reviews

Join +10,000 successful Graduates

Master Poker Tournaments With This Simple Step-by-Step System

The #1 proven formula for tournament poker success. Join thousands of players who achieved their poker dreams and turned poker into a source of income.

  • Learn From One of the Best Online Poker Players Ever
  • Most Trusted Course by Pros From Around the World
  • Private Group With Bencb and Other High-Stakes Crushers
  • A Simple Proven Strategy To Win At Poker

postive Reviews

Trusted By

30.000+ poker players from all over the world

This Course Is Simply Better Than Others

A proven framework that has created hundreds of professional poker players and thousands of success stories.

Learn a new strategy that helps you crush tournaments. No one else teaches this new way of playing.
No more confusion and not knowing what to study. Follow the easy way to study and play.
Learn a very practical and proven approach designed to exploit your opponents.
Win Big
You will have more winning sessions without needing to be very lucky with good cards

Why most poker players cannot win with poker?

Apart from a few winning sessions, those players never break through long-term.

They don't enjoy studying poker or don't even know where to start. They turn frustrated and keep losing.

Even though they want to make it work, they fail, because they have not learned a simple and realistic approach to the game.
They believe poker is mostly luck, therefore lack motivation to learn winning poker strategies.
Learning Poker with Solvers. Solvers are designed for highstakes players who understand how to interpret the results properly.
They can not handle their emotions, because they have not learned the proper strategies leading to a lot of insecurities in their game. Insecurity is the friend of tilt.

Why RaiseYourEdge students are more successful than others?

Regular Poker Coaching
Raise Your Edge
Practical & Realistic Approach
Proven results
Exploitative Approach
Strong & Supportive Community
Solvers teach you the theory based on optimal strategies. Meaning, it provides strategies based on your opponent playing optimal which is far from reality.

Solvers are designed for high-stakes players that play a lot closer to the optimum to facilitate the research process.
Regular Poker Coaching
Often they teach poker based on solvers. So you get your fair share of theory but they lack the practical and real application. You learn the theory but have no clue how to apply it in practice.

Most of the time there are little to no proven results behind what you learn.
Raise Your Edge
We combine both. Learnings from GTO with very simple theoretical concepts, but 80% of our efforts go into helping you to understand how to exploit your opponents.

Most of your money comes from exploiting your opponents which requires years of experience and staying up to date with population tendencies.

On low and mid-stakes your opponents are very bad, therefore it is more important to understand your opponents leaks and how to exploit them to the maximum.

We did the work for you so you don't need to study for 10 years.
In the Tournament Masterclass course we have uploaded 20 hours of content breaking down the population for low, mid and high-stakes so you can benefit from 12+ years of studying, researching and experience of high-stakes head coach Bencb.
Who Am I And What Are My Poker Results

My name is Ben, also known as Bencb, and I’ve been crushing the highest stakes in tournament poker for over 13 years, amassing millions in tournament winnings. I have coached thousands of players to pro-level success and beyond, both through private coaching and through this course.

Multiple SCOOP winner
WCOOP 100k winner
Over 4 Million in Profits

Out of 30 Million in Cashes

Experienced Coach

8+ years of coaching

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Benefits Of Studying This Course


No more wondering what to do preflop

Postflop Gueswork

Applying broad, inaccurate Youtube video instruction to your game


Watching random tactics and tips on Youtube


Not understanding why a certain move works or not in a certain spot, well, that’s just gambling.

GTO Lala Land

Nowadays there’s a madness among poker players to learn GTO. Everyone brags about their solver scores. But they are at most break-even.

Not playing your A game

Often you say “this hand did not affect me” but then you stop playing your A game and you don’t know why you’re losing buy-in after buy-in.



You will have a complete blueprint on what to do and how to study further (you never stop improving).

Make More Money

You will increase your win rate and have a higher ROI after studying the course.

Strong Mindset

No more tilt, because you know what you have to do. You only tilt because you don’t know what to (you don’t tilt folding 72o from UTG, why? Because you know it’s the right play),

An Arsenal Of Exploits To Use

It’s simple. If you take notes while studying the course, you will build your arsenal of easy to execute exploits and that are proven by data to work.

Bigger Bankroll

Your bankroll will grow bigger and bigger as you climb though the stakes.

Play Solid REAL Poker That Crushes

The course, the community and the daily drills you can do, will keep you in the real world where you will play poker that makes you money.

You Will LOVE Studying

Videos, Interactive learning app and our discord community where people discuss hands and strategy will make learning fun again.

Live On Your Own Terms

Making money playing online poker will allow you to quit your normal job and become independent.

Travel And Crush Live Poker

The strategy is 100% applicable to live poker tournaments. So you can finally travel the world and make money playing poker in Las Vegas.

Results From Our Students

Alex Vuilleumier <br><small> Switzerland</small>
Alex Vuilleumier
Won WSOP 2023 for $1,215,864
Read More
Mark Rubbathan<br><small>England</small>
Mark Rubbathan
Won Triton Super High-Roller 2023 for $396,000
Read More
Niclas Thumm<br><small>Germany</small>
Niclas Thumm
6th in PokerStars Caribbean Adventure 2023 for $1,001,200
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Kasey Mills (PokerMomma) <br><small>United States</small>
Kasey Mills (PokerMomma)
United States
Won 2 WSOPC Events in 2024 for $88,442 total
Read More
Jeff Sluzinski (Bosky)<br><small>United States</small>
Jeff Sluzinski (Bosky)
United States
Won the MGM Grand Summer Poker Festival 2023 for $47,605
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Moritz M.
Moritz M.
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Girard M.
Girard M.
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James Lahey
James Lahey
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Reviews From The Pros

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5 stars/5
Jeff Gross
Professional US American poker player

This is an elaborate amount of high end, high quality content. You get ranges, videos and tools all for what you would spend on just 2-4 hours of coaching. It is a compilation of an incredible amount of work and effort. Of everything I have gone through, this is as good as it gets!

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5 stars/5
Jaime Staples
Professional Canadian poker player

Are you ready to improve at poker? I exclusively used this course to go from an average small-mid stakes player to now competing at the highest stakes against the real beasts.

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5 stars/5
Professional poker player

If you want to become a mental game warrior, and get down to the root causes of the issues that are affecting you and keeping you from living up to your full potential (in the game of poker and in the game of life) then this is the course for you. BenCB’s Unchained a powerful mind is designed to transform mental game fish into mental game warriors.

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5 stars/5
Professional poker player
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5 stars/5
Matt Staples
Professional Poker Player & Streamer
Our Success In Numbers

Elevate your poker skills with the Tournament Masterclass course that has revolutionized the journeys of thousands of poker enthusiasts.

Our success speaks in staggering numbers: a remarkable 99% retention rate of customers who went through the course, over 8657 students who have embarked on this transformative journey, and an impressive 4.5-star rating from over 8000 satisfied learners. The course doesn’t just end at imparting knowledge; it has been the catalyst in launching over 500 thriving careers of professional poker players.

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of customers kept the course

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Total students of this course (Expert course; the Starter version has over 25,000 students)

0 Stars

From over 10,000 satisfied students

0 +

Careers of professional poker players launched

What You Learn

  • Bencb’s personal ranges
  • GTO based
  • Adjusted for population tendencies
  • 200+ ranges 47 videos
  • Playing IP (15 videos, 5 quizzes)
  • Playing OOP (13 videos)
  • Mastering 3-Bet pots
  • Check Raising (18 videos)
  • Multiway (8 Videos)
  • Push/Call (10 videos)
  • Restealing and Calling Resteals (7 videos)
  • Playing post flop as a short stack (7 videos)
  • Effects on Preflop play
  • Postflop Adjustment
  • Playing the money bubble
  • Preflop
  • Practical Hands
  • Play & Explains
  • SCOOP 1k Win
  • SCOOP 10k Main
  • WCOOP 100k Win
  • Population tendencies by stake
  • Useable in-game adjustments to exploit
  • Baseline numbers to measure your own game
  • How To Exploit Webinar ($150 value)
  • Unchained Mind – Fighting Tilt
  • Bounty Final Table Differences
  • Common Leaks In PKOs
  • Series Prep Webinar
  • Bluffing Multiway Webinar
👇 Take A Peak Inside The Course
Module Values

$4500 All TMC Modules
$3000 Range Viewer (Bencb’s Personal ICM Adjusted Ranges)
$500 GTO Bible
$1500 Population Analysis
$1500 Exploits Report
$2000 Bluff Catching Rivers
$250 PKO Videos
$500 Reviews & Live-Plays
$300 Fighting Tilt
$400 Bonus Webinars
$1000 Private Discord Group (With Bencb)

Total Value
Join Today

We guarantee you’ll find immense value in this course. If you aren’t happy, message support and we’ll give you a full refund within 10 days of your purchase, no questions asked.

  • Learn SIMPLE preflop strategies that will MAXIMIZE your profits.
  • How to play postflop without memorizing solver strategy
  • Become a Final Table Beast
  • No more fear of 3Bet/4Bet Pots. Now you'll have exact exploits in your arsenal
  • Learn the Art of Shortstack Poker with and without ICM pressure to dominate your opponents in high pressure situations.
  • Study At Your Own Pace with Over 25 hours of content

  • Upgrade to Expert at any time ($600)
  • No risk - return the course if you wish
  • 10 days money-back guarantee
  • 100% Secure
  • Includes Apprentice
  • Benefit from 12+ years of Bencb's Experience Creating the Most Realistic Preflop Ranges. The Perfect Combination of GTO + Exploitative Preflop Plays
  • Exclusive Exploits Report from Bencb (this can make you a better player TODAY)
  • You Don't Need to Rely Only on Good Cards. Learn a Proven Exploitative Approach that Will Help You Win More Pots with Bad Cards.
  • Play with More Confidence In ICM Situations
  • The GTO Bible Helps You Learn the Theory in a Fun Way
  • Population Analysis - Learn How and When to Exploit Opponents - this Will SKYROCKET Your Winnings!
  • Most Suck at Multiway Pots. You'll Learn a Simple yet POWERFUL Approach to Master Those Tricky Spots
  • Over 60 Hours of Content To Help You Grow Your Bankroll
  • ASK THE EXPERTS: Private VIP Discord Group with Bencb and Other High-Stakes Crushers

  • No risk - return the course if you wish
  • 10 days money-back guarantee
  • 100% Secure
Best deal
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You will love it.

Here’s the deal: the final product is so incredible I am completely confident it will help you. I have worked really hard and put a lot of love into the details. I’m so sure that you will love the transformation, I’m giving you a 10-day money back guarantee!. Just send us an email within 10 days of purchase. See terms here.

Trusted by countless hobby poker players and professionals

Ben mentions his free course being better than paid courses. I can’t speak to that, but I have been a member of Upswing Poker and now a 5 year RaiseYourEdge Tournament Masterclass member. Going from Upswing to RaiseYourEdge was like jumping out of kindergarten into university.

David Holden

2 months ago I signed up for his Tournament Masterclass and it is without a doubt the best money I’ve ever spent with respect to poker. He is a great teacher. Very thorough and, what I personally like the most, is his ability to tie concepts together and revisit them as they become relevant in the module, helping reinforce important ideas/strategies.

I saw some negative views as it relates to Ben’s GTO philosophy, essentially saying he tells you to forget GTO and just play exploitatively, kinda relating him to Charlie…I will say I have found that to be completely untrue and I am almost done the entire Masterclass. He absolutely does recommend GTO and he teaches/reviews spots with Pio nearly every module, but he also balances is out by coaching you to understand the population tendencies and how/where to diverge from GTO, which makes a lot of sense to me.

If you’re like me, struggling to take your understanding of MTTs to another level, I can’t recommend it enough. Bite the bullet and spend the 1k, I guarantee your losing EV equal or more to that amount without it.

Steven Jones

Huge thanks for this amazing content. I subscribed to the expert masterclass and I couldn’t be happier. A lot of work still ahead but already feel like I improved a ton in 2 months. Also now my study time is way more structured and that’s exactly what I needed.


I played poker for many years, but I have to say that purchasing this course has been one off the best things I’ve ever done poker wise. I already fixed quite a few leaks in my game, and I’m not even totally finished with the course. I’ve been a lazy poker player and this was just what I needed to get some information how to improve, work on my game and my self. I just watched the FT replay and I’m proud to say I played it close to perfect, and just was pretty unlucky in some key pots. I will keep working on my game, and thanks to you I now have a read line that can help me on the way


Been putting in the hours studying with Raise Your Edge, highly recommend folks! Will be buying the rest of the courses in near future.

Tom Knox

Took me almost a week to do post flop video part 1 and 2 taking notes and rewatching. Great content in there really enjoyed it Bencb.


The lesson on ranges alone is worth the cost of the course. To spend the hours of time playing thousands of hands, categorize the hands by position, by hand values, etc is worth more than $1,000. I would have paid a lot more a the table literally paying for that information and I’m 100% certain that I would have never tracked how those hands performed in various positions.


The last few days I looked through the preflop course. I’m really impressed with the content you put out there. The course is really well structured and there is so much content in it, it is a bit overwhelming in the beginning.


I want Ben to know how much we appreciate all his work on this project and it’s the best money/info ratio you can find on the internet! Much love! We will work hard to get the best value from this course and become better poker players thanks to your efforts bencb.


I just want to say thank you for all the advice you share in your blog, in the blogs of others and also for releasing such a great video course. I’ve learnt heaps from you, not only how to be a better poker player, but how to be a better person. Your attitude and work ethic is inspiring.


Get Raise Your Edge, it’s by far the best product out there per dollar. I actually believe it’s better value per $ than coaching, because there’s so much content. I got standard masterclass and upgraded to full 3 days later because I liked it so much. Ben is a better player and has a lot more experience in teaching than Pratush and actually even coached him before. The standard class has loads of value if your not ready to commit 1k right away, and you can upgrade at any time. I really like the community, other peoples blogs, the discord channel and I love the Tournament Masterclass. Everyone seems positive, motivated, hardworking, nice and there is no toxicity or negativity.


I bought TMC and this course is amazing.


A big shoutout to raiseyouredge! The courses, discord and the blogs really brought my motivation and passion back for this game.


I have found great value in the package, I was really amazed with the effort and time you spent to create this and thank you very much for having it available.


I am extremely impressed going through the course. This is the best MTT course I’ve been through thus far – having a ton of aha moments and I consider myself an experienced MTT player


From the start point of studying the master class, it hit me like a train how out of touch I really was with the game, and what I need to learn. The master class is exactly what I need.

Jason G

FAQ - All the details

You have 10 days from purchase date to decide if the course is for you. If you find the content is not for you, can get a no questions asked refund within the 10 days of your purchase.

The apprentice class contains everything you need to start winning, but if your serious about achieving your poker dreams then expert class will put you on the fast track to success.

Yes. Cash games require solid fundamentals of deep stacked poker. The Tournament Masterclass will help you focus on more exploitative approaches, ICM & Shortstack situations. This is the the bread and butter of winning tournament players.

Yes, definitely! I teach the fundamentals of playing poker, these fundamentals are universal to all multi-table formats.

I will let a course owner who is crushing it answer this one.

“Lots of people asking if they should buy the course with a full time job. As one of the MTT crushers here with a very (VERY) demanding full time job the answer is … the course is BY FAR your best option at getting better! for more info read my blog”

His blog is here –> CKB Blog