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  • Play With Confidence With Our Free Preflop Ranges
  • Learn Preflop, Postflop and ICM Fundamentals
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Win Your First $1000 From Poker

Start winning at poker and aim for your first $1000 with our easy-to-follow five-day course.

Each day, you'll learn key strategies from our videos to improve your tournament play.
After these, you get eight more lessons that will help you understand the game better.

Plus, you’ll get to join our community where you can talk about poker, get tips, and learn directly from experienced players and our top coach, Bencb.

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  • Free Preflop Ranges
  • Bencb's 5 Pillars to develop a successful tournament poker game
  • Learn Preflop, Postflop and ICM Fundamentals

  • 8 Bonus Lessons
  • Free Pairrd Training account to practice
  • How To Stop Tilting, Playing Final Tables, and more...
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  • Benefit from 12+ years of Bencb's Experience Creating the Most Realistic Preflop Ranges. The Perfect Combination of GTO + Exploitative Preflop Plays
  • Exclusive Exploits Report from Bencb (this can make you a better player TODAY)
  • You Don't Need to Rely on Good Cards Only. Learn a Proven Exploitative Approach that Will Help You Win More Pots with Bad Cards.
  • Play with More Confidence In ICM Situations
  • The GTO Bible Helps You Learn the Theory in a Fun Way
  • Population Analysis - Learn How and When to Exploit Opponents - this Will SKYROCKET Your Winnings!
  • Most Suck at Multiway Pots. You'll Learn a Simple yet POWERFUL Approach to Master Those Tricky Spots
  • Over 60 Hours of Content To Help You Grow Your Bankroll
  • BONUS: Ask The Experts (worth $1000)
    Private group access with Bencb and other high-stakes crushers
  • BONUS: Train Like Pro's (worth $1097)
    Play & Learn by importing the ranges into our training app Pairrd
  • BONUS: Fighting Tilt Video (worth $300)

  • No risk - return the course if you wish
  • 10 days money-back guarantee
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What people say about Tournament Masterclass:

Ben mentions his free course being better than paid courses. I can’t speak to that, but I have been a member of Upswing Poker and now a 5 year RaiseYourEdge Tournament Masterclass member. Going from Upswing to RaiseYourEdge was like jumping out of kindergarten into university.

David Holden

As far as learning goes, I don’t think you’ll find a better person to explain spots than bencb. He does a great job of explaining population tendencies and why he is doing what he is doing.


Hey Ben wanted to reach out and say thank you for your free 5-day tourney masterclass. Helped me to take down a couple wins and was able to pick up a laptop I wanted. That’s a win for me thanks Ben.

Richard Millette

I watched your tournament master class starter back in December and from just the few nuggets in that, I went from a slightly under break even player (after learning from other poker training sites) to now being a 10%+ roi player and when I looked back on sharkscope to when the trend line
started going up and stayed going up – it was directly after I finished your tournament masterclass starter! So I
want to thank you for that!

Nathan Murphy