Are You Making These Mistakes in Bounty Tournaments?

Loving the bounty format? Check out the "Bounty Beast" for more invaluable coaching from the master of knockouts "w3c.ray" Uncertainty about re-jam ranges on Final Table In this situation the student was sitting in the BB unsure of what range he should rejam versus a BU open with 5 Players remaining. [...]

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Winning Your Way With Satellite Tournaments

"When we are dealing with satellites the main difference to MTT’s is how are we affected by ICM" Who hasn’t dreamed of winning a major tournament with large prize pools and bragging rights? Unfortunately, many of those buy-ins are out of reach for a lot of players. Fortunately, satellite [...]

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The Secret to Playing Multiway Preflop

  One of the key fundamentals in poker is the concept of “card removal”   We can all agree facing preflop decisions against only 1 opponent is much more comfortable than facing 2 or more opponents. However, as we know poker is not a game of comfort! How do you [...]

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Top Five Spin & Go Mistakes

By RYE Coach Asaban Since I started teaching inexperienced players spin&go content, I have encountered the same mistakes with almost every student. In this article I want to lay out the most common mistakes that new spin&go players tend to make and show you how to effectively avoid making them. If you [...]

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Three Tips to Play Against a Maniac

Do you love Live Cash Games? Then you are in luck! Raise Your Edge will be releasing it’s Live Cash game course in just a few days!. We are fortunate to have 2 CRUSHERS in our ranks that are ready to share their secrets! We’ve all been there before. We’re playing in a game [...]

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Minding your Mindset: The Blame Game

I wish I had taken the safe route and did a traditional career. My parents were right. I see all my friends I went to school with making money. I have so many downswings. Everybody else is always winning. Sounds familiar doesn't it? I hate poker. Many [...]

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Minding your Mindset: Mindfulness

As we learned in the previous article, self awareness is indispensable. To that effect, I mean a truly high level of self awareness. The only way to achieve this level of self awareness is through mindfulness exercises. The most popular and the most impactful exercise is meditation. In this article I want to [...]

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Minding your Mindset: Self Awareness

Self awareness is like a muscle. A muscle we spend working out everyday, and if you skip days it will deteriorate. How do I become more self aware in game? To be honest, there’s no one answer that fits all, but I can tell you that it is damn important. [...]

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Minding your Mindset: Downswings

Let's start with one of the most impactful mistakes - Falling in love with your poker hand. We all hate it; we don't want it, but have to face it. There is no way around it; only straight ahead through it. I’m talking about the dreaded downswing The Raise Your [...]

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No stress

Livepoker: No Sweat Dont`pressure yourself too much. How can we keep calm during live poker? How is it possible to avoid confusion caused by the various factors that have an influence on our decision-making? The process of reading opponents, evaluating ranges, trying to avoid personal live-tells, as well as keeping track of different stack [...]

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