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5 stars/5
Jaime Staples
Professional Canadian poker player

Are you ready to improve at poker? I exclusively used this course to go from an average small-mid stakes player to now competing at the highest stakes against the real beasts.

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5 stars/5
Jeff Gross
Professional Canadian poker player

This is an elaborate amount of high end, high quality content. You get ranges, videos and tools all for what you would spend on just 2-4 hours of coaching. It is a compilation of an incredible amount of work and effort. Of everything I have gone through, this is as good as it gets!

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Michael Miller


The free consultation took away all my worries and convinced me. Thanks!

Lennard Smith


Thanks to the advice I was able to find the right course for me.

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Trusted by countless hobby poker players and professionals

Huge thanks for this amazing content. I subscribed to the expert masterclass and I couldn’t be happier. A lot of work still ahead but already feel like I improved a ton in 2 months. Also now my study time is way more structured and that’s exactly what I needed.


I played poker for many years, but I have to say that purchasing this course has been one off the best things I’ve ever done poker wise. I already fixed quite a few leaks in my game, and I’m not even totally finished with the course. I’ve been a lazy poker player and this was just what I needed to get some information how to improve, work on my game and my self. I just watched the FT replay and I’m proud to say I played it close to perfect, and just was pretty unlucky in some key pots. I will keep working on my game, and thanks to you I now have a read line that can help me on the way


Been putting in the hours studying with Raise Your Edge, highly recommend folks! Will be buying the rest of the courses in near future.

Tom Knox

Took me almost a week to do post flop video part 1 and 2 taking notes and rewatching. Great content in there really enjoyed it Bencb.


The lesson on ranges alone is worth the cost of the course. To spend the hours of time playing thousands of hands, categorize the hands by position, by hand values, etc is worth more than $1,000. I would have paid a lot more a the table literally paying for that information and I’m 100% certain that I would have never tracked how those hands performed in various positions.


The last few days I looked through the preflop course. I’m really impressed with the content you put out there. The course is really well structured and there is so much content in it, it is a bit overwhelming in the beginning.


I want Ben to know how much we appreciate all his work on this project and it’s the best money/info ratio you can find on the internet! Much love! We will work hard to get the best value from this course and become better poker players thanks to your efforts bencb.


I just want to say thank you for all the advice you share in your blog, in the blogs of others and also for releasing such a great video course. I’ve learnt heaps from you, not only how to be a better poker player, but how to be a better person. Your attitude and work ethic is inspiring.


Get Raise Your Edge, it’s by far the best product out there per dollar. I actually believe it’s better value per $ than coaching, because there’s so much content. I got standard masterclass and upgraded to full 3 days later because I liked it so much. Ben is a better player and has a lot more experience in teaching than Pratush and actually even coached him before. The standard class has loads of value if your not ready to commit 1k right away, and you can upgrade at any time. I really like the community, other peoples blogs, the discord channel and I love the Tournament Masterclass. Everyone seems positive, motivated, hardworking, nice and there is no toxicity or negativity.


I bought TMC and this course is amazing.


A big shoutout to raiseyouredge! The courses, discord and the blogs really brought my motivation and passion back for this game.


I have found great value in the package, I was really amazed with the effort and time you spent to create this and thank you very much for having it available.


I am extremely impressed going through the course. This is the best MTT course I’ve been through thus far – having a ton of aha moments and I consider myself an experienced MTT player


From the start point of studying the master class, it hit me like a train how out of touch I really was with the game, and what I need to learn. The master class is exactly what I need.

Jason G

I ranked Raise Your Edge as the Number 1 training site in my best poker training sites review page – so before we start, I should let you know I am a big fan of this course and what Bencb has to offer.
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