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Jeff Gross
Jeff Gross

This is an elaborate amount of high end, high quality content. You get ranges, videos and tools all for what you would spend on just 2-4 hours of coaching. It is a compilation of an incredible amount of work and effort. Of everything I have gone through, this is as good as it gets!

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Jaime Staples
Jaime Staples

Are you ready to improve at poker? I exclusively used this course to go from an average small-mid stakes player to now competing at the highest stakes against the real beasts.

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Coming from a cash game background I dove into the MTT world with full confidence, soon to realize my cash game skill set was far from the level I needed to compete with today’s games. Looking for a MTT coach I found ben and his first words to me were “I will change the way you think about poker…”, which at that point sounded pretty bizzare to me. However after a few months with him I understood what he ment. His exploitative approach mixed with GTO was the perfect formula for me personally. He takes coachings very seriosly with a very organised approach. Answers my hands constantly. The only downside for me is that he is a very busy man and sometimes hard to reach.

M1ndcrtl, Cash Game to MTT Transition (up to Highstakes)

I had several skype sessions with Ben from RaiseYourEdge to work on my game and especially to prepare myself for some serious tourmaments (WSOP). In this short period of time he pointed out a lot of helpful things which I should consider during tournament play.  I can honestly say he brought my game to the next level, I highly recommend his coaching as he has the ability to listen to the students’ needs and tailor-made his coaching. Money wisely spend if you like to improve your poker game and learn from one the best coaches out there.

Dirk Luenzer, Live Tournament Player

I have to admit, that my preperation was not the best for a coaching with Bencb. My implication after having one session with Ben: If my bankroll will alllow it, I will book a session with him, for sure! He needed only very little time until he got a very good idea about my game and my leaks. His explanations are always on point and I could always follow it. I good so much input from this session that I will probably need a couple of weeks to internalize everything.

Günter Don, Low Stakes Grinder

We are a group of 200$ hyper-husng regs who started mixing spins into our schedule. We booked a coaching from bencb because we were interested in certain aspects and playing dynamics in 3handed play that were new to us. Bens knowledge about the 3handed play was very profound and he did well abstracting between gto assumptions and exploits versus reg and rec-population tendencies. Even though we only booked one hour from him, Ben was able to transmit a lot of information during this time and personally, gave me several good ideas how to improve my game in this format. I think he is a valuable coach for any intermediate to advanced regular in Spins.

Benjamin/ Ziroto J, Highstakes Spin and Go`s

Ben just didn’t only show me my leaks, he also pushed me to work harder offside the tables. He always showed me new and better approaches, even in spots, which seemed to be standard to me. He was very flexible and he also analysed my database and stats. I definitely became a better and more confident poker player and I managed it to play higher stakes.

Muuf, SnG Midstakes

Ben coached me for the 18-men Turbo SNGs. After having a short overall discussion we jumped into action. At first, we were talking about resteal spots where I lost a lot of chips. He helped me to improve my postflop skills and to extract more value out of my value hands. His poker competency is impressive and I recognized how deep he is into this game. His coaching is done in a very pleasant manner and you do not feel ashamed if asking ‚stupid“ questions. He also makes notes during the coaching and at the and you will get a summary of your session. Who wants to push his game to a new level, I definitely recommend the coachings of Bencb.

Froned, 18 man SnGs

My impression of Ben is top. I felt that he really wants to improve the student. He pushes you all the time and also gets angry (in a positive manner) if you stop improving. He tells you if there is something what he dislikes and you keep doing the same mistakes all the time. Thats why I felt that I am not just „free money“ for him. It was very important for him that I am going to improve myself. I am 100% sure who has the willing and listens to Ben carefully will have success.

DieterD6, SNG Low- & Midstakes

I can say for sure that Ben puts a lot effort to find the students leaks. After every coaching the student gets a summary which includes a list of the students leaks, amendments/improvements, explanations and homework. That improves your game tremendously. Price-perfomance ratio is totally fine. I highly recommend Bencb as a Coach.

Looscontrol, SNG Mid – & Highstakes

Bencb´s Coachings are of a very high quality. During our session review we spotted leaks, we discussed them and he worked out individual trainings methods. He always tries to explain everything very comprehensible. A very good Coach !

Method999, SNG Mid- & Highstakes

Good coaches tell you what you do wrong and how to fix it. But great coaches teach you how to see things and fix them on your own. That is exactly why I have the outmost respect for Ben after our sessions. He is truly one of the best people to help you see, not only what you are but what you can become. His approach does not start and end in the game itself, although he is without a doubt extremely well versed technically. His approach will open your eyes not only to the mental aspect of the game too but how the things you are learning can be universally applied for a better and more efficient life. No BS, laser focus, hard work and tough truths. If you know what you are signing up for and are willing to put the hours, prepare to see your game get insanely better and if you listen hard enough, your life too.

CKB, Highstakes MTTs

I ranked Raise Your Edge as the Number 1 training site in my best poker training sites review page –  so before we start, I should let you know I am a big fan of this course and what Bencb has to offer.

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