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5 stars/5
Matt Staples
Professional Poker Player & Streamer
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5 stars/5
Professional poker player
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5 stars/5
Professional poker player

If you want to become a mental game warrior, and get down to the root causes of the issues that are affecting you and keeping you from living up to your full potential (in the game of poker and in the game of life) then this is the course for you. BenCB’s Unchained a powerful mind is designed to transform mental game fish into mental game warriors.

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5 stars/5
Jaime Staples
Professional Canadian poker player

Are you ready to improve at poker? I exclusively used this course to go from an average small-mid stakes player to now competing at the highest stakes against the real beasts.

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5 stars/5
Jeff Gross
Professional US American poker player

This is an elaborate amount of high end, high quality content. You get ranges, videos and tools all for what you would spend on just 2-4 hours of coaching. It is a compilation of an incredible amount of work and effort. Of everything I have gone through, this is as good as it gets!

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I’ve played 250hrs of live cash total, but when I started I was clueless and losing every time. I finally stumbled upon this course and I made my way from losing to now profitable overall! I made it all back in just a month of play, Thank you guys so much!


Big shout out and thanks to Fallout86 and Mariano5. I’ve had 3 good sessions so far playing at the Rio during WSOP and made more than enough to pay for a few tournaments. No Luck yet in the tournaments, but the cash games are so juicy. Lots of people drinking and very gambly. Learned so much from your course on how to adapt to these player types and has helped a lot of my post flop leaks. Thanks so much! You guys are Awesome!


Course material is incredibly valuable. Personally it boosted my turn and river play so much! Still haven’t completed the course yet but I’m on a 12 session win streak :D


Ben mentions his free course being better than paid courses. I can’t speak to that, but I have been a member of Upswing Poker and now a 5 year RaiseYourEdge Tournament Masterclass member. Going from Upswing to RaiseYourEdge was like jumping out of kindergarten into university.

David Holden

I got the cashgame course in my early 20s and it was useful even in tournaments. My goal was $1,000 on my bankroll before my birthday which is in May. I hit my goal 3 weeks before my birthday where I was up $1,600. I also use pairrd everyday where you’ll learn how to open properly and a lot more too! You can look at ranges…hell I screenshot them and add htem to my notes. RaiseYourEdge is the truth and well worth the money if you put in the work the courses pay for themselves.

Doc Blake

2 months ago I signed up for his Tournament Masterclass and it is without a doubt the best money I’ve ever spent with respect to poker. He is a great teacher. Very thorough and, what I personally like the most, is his ability to tie concepts together and revisit them as they become relevant in the module, helping reinforce important ideas/strategies.

I saw some negative views as it relates to Ben’s GTO philosophy, essentially saying he tells you to forget GTO and just play exploitatively, kinda relating him to Charlie…I will say I have found that to be completely untrue and I am almost done the entire Masterclass. He absolutely does recommend GTO and he teaches/reviews spots with Pio nearly every module, but he also balances is out by coaching you to understand the population tendencies and how/where to diverge from GTO, which makes a lot of sense to me.

If you’re like me, struggling to take your understanding of MTTs to another level, I can’t recommend it enough. Bite the bullet and spend the 1k, I guarantee your losing EV equal or more to that amount without it.

Steven Jones

As far as learning goes, I don’t think you’ll find a better person to explain spots than bencb. He does a great job of explaining population tendencies and why he is doing what he is doing.


Hey Ben wanted to reach out and say thank you for your free 5-day tourney masterclass. Helped me to take down a couple wins and was able to pick up a laptop I wanted. That’s a win for me thanks Ben.

Richard Millette

I watched your tournament master class starter back in December and from just the few nuggets in that, I went from a slightly under break even player (after learning from other poker training sites) to now being a 10%+ roi player and when I looked back on sharkscope to when the trend line
started going up and stayed going up – it was directly after I finished your tournament masterclass starter! So I
want to thank you for that!

Nathan Murphy

If you are into PKOs as it is or see this format as something you really want to try, then this is definitely an excellent course for you and the money spent will be well worth it

The folks at Raise Your Edge have cracked the code and put together the complete guide to PKO with Bounty Beast – The Craft of Knockout Poker.

Hey guys, just wanna tell everybody who is in doubt about buying the cash course from @fallout86 @cold_smile: If you really want to improve in cash game, especially for beginners the course is pure gold, just the private discord alone worth the money. I dont get paid to say that or anything else, just wanna recommend it, if you wanna know more just ask in here #wcashgame


hey @fallout86 and @cold_smile,
Great course and looks like slick upgrade from the
elementary course! Looking forward to all the new
content coming our way. When can we expect it?


So much value in this group! Thanks to @cold_smilE and @fallout86. You guys are amazing interacting with us here. Thanks for taking your time to answer so frequently here. I am more satisfied purchasing the course than I expected. Great work!

Adriano Santos

Hey, I’ve not posted any hands to date (I will do in the future) but just wanted to say how much I’m enjoying all the discussions and hats off to @fallout86 and @cold_smile for responding so quickly – really appreciate it and definitely a great aspect to the course, thanks guys!