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Way to go Raisertight on your 1st place finish and $52K score in the ACR BOSS Series! How did it feel to see your name in that first place lobby window?

I was very proud and happy. Especially after the HU, which was a tough grind against a pretty decent opponent imo. But I was satisfied with my perfomance, especially heads up, as well.
This was a blockbuster ship for me and the icing on the cake after the last two month, which have been pretty sick.

Was there a particular hand that stands out for you that was a major turning point in the tourney?

Over the tourney JJ was a few times the hand for big pots.The most important one was, when I won at 8 left at the FT for 26bb each the big flip against AQo, which brought a pretty decent chip lead. Another big hand was at f2t, when I managed to stack off for 34bb each on AQ9r 4cc Ax vs. A8s.

Do you mainly play Hold ‘em MTT’s or other games as well?

Well at the moment I play exclusively Hold‘em MTT’s, cause it was always the format, where I had the most fun and managed to perform the best. I played some cashgame in the past. I will probably do so in the future as well, but then mainly to get better in my game overal. I’m also interested in PLO, but at the moment it doesn’t feel like the right time to get deeper in a new format besides Hold’em.

What are some of the key things you’ve added or changed in your game as of late?

After going through the RYE-Masterclass and looking in my database I found a leak in proper defending the BB under 25bb (played to passive and rejammed not enough hands). Changed it a little bit so far, but still in the progress to master this topic.
I’m permanently looking forward to implement new things in my game. Other things I do as of late are limping first in from other positions than the SB (esp. at final tables), min3betting preflop with 16-25bb and minbetting postflop.

How has being part of the RYE community helped your poker game?

Communities like RYE are always good to improve your game, get in contact with new interesting people and so on. I’m always interested in other approaches and to compare different strategies with others. I mean even from not so experienced I can still learn something and if it’s only to get a better idea of how they think about hands.
When I started to play poker I learned a lot from better guys in forums like or lately pokermarket, which are dried out nowadays. So pretty nice that there is a new/active poker community where people can post hands, get feedback, can talk about strategy in general and especially get a really motivating rail for deepruns.
As I bought the Masterclass, the Discord-Channel is a good opportunity to ask Bencb questions about specific topics or parts of the course and additionaly get feedback of other solid players.
But it’s not only about poker, there is also a lot of value in other discord-channels like life-improvements or investing with inspiring guys posting there and a few pretty good blogs on the website as well.

Future plans in poker or life?

Simply get one of the best MTT-player. But it’s not simple, it’s a hard way to get there. But I‘m pretty confident that I will make it to the top with a few like-minded guys surrounding me. Guys like Steffen Sontheimer, Fedor Holz etc. are a great inspiration for that. 
In life in general it’s kind of the same, always looking for mastering it, get in touch with more and more like-minded people and make the best of every minute I get on this earth. There I have for sure even more place to improve. In the end I just can say I wanna „Raise My Edge“ in poker as well as in life in general ?


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