Are you ready to tell the world you are a Bracelet Winner? 2020 Represents a year of firsts so this may be your year! In July the coveted poker Bracelet will be awarded online; both for U.S. and worldwide players. To get you ready to compete Bencb will be putting on a 3 Part Series designed specifically to give you the edge. Just like winning the bracelet, you will work through multiple days to get to the end goal! We will give you time to process the information, put into practice and ask plenty of questions in our DISCORD to Bencb and other crushers! Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity! Spaces are VERY LIMITED so sign up early to reserve your spot. If you can’t attend live on some days, that’s ok as we will record each session for all registrants.

June 18th 7PM CEST Day 1: PRE-FLOP

It all starts when you look down at your hole cards. What may seem like simple decisions have very complicated implications on further streets. Bencb will get you beyond the simple fundamentals that charts show you and really dig into proper pre-flop strategy both in-position and out-of-position. Avoid those nasty post-flop spots by making smart decisions pre-flop!

June 24th 7pm CEST Day 2: POST-FLOP

The chips are in the middle and now it’s time to put your opponents to the test. Post-flop theory and making adjustments to exploit other players is a must if you want to build stacks and make a serious run for the bracelet. Here, Bencb will get you ready to make those tough Flop, Turn and River plays; know when to fold, call, bet, overbet, and use the power of all-in poker.

June 30th 7pm CEST Day 3: ICM (Independent Chip Model)

You’ve battled through the tough field and you are so close to that Bracelet and the big money! Don’t make the mistakes even big-name pros make here and lose out on those huge payout ladders, especially on the Final Table! Bencb will go through the math and the decision process you need to make when you start to take ICM into account. It’s time to get that bling!!