Become A Mental Warrior

While designed with the poker mindset, you will dive much deeper than just that aspect of your life. Get down to the root causes of the issues that are affecting you. 

Having the mental toolkit required to compete at an elite level will also greatly benefit your abilities in everyday life.

Join a 10,000 man army

We also have a DISCORD community of over 10,000 like minded individuals to share and discuss. Being an owner of “Unchained – A Powerful Mind” you will also be part of an exclusive private group headed by Bencb himself. You will never feel alone in this journey.

Mindset Journal

I really want you to succeed in your journey and want to ensure you have all the resources needed. We have created a journal to go along with the videos; each section giving you guidance on how to reflect and action.

The battle for mindset supremacy can be lonely one, but it’s necessary to put in your own work as each person’s journey is different. With these videos and our guided Journal accompaniment, it’s never been easier to get the most from yourself.

Build up your Arsenal

We are providing you the tools necessary to implement change

Rewire your Mind

Sometimes in order to move forward, you need to take a step back. It’s time to reconsider what you thought you knew about mindset.

15 Topics


Tilt 53:27
Fighting Tilt 52:06
Changing Perspective Pt. 1 39.59
Changing Perspective Pt. 2 31:06
Brainwashed Society 24:22
The Cause 48:21
How To Dig Deep 50:53
Deserve More 36:27
Execution & How To Change 49:02
Setting Goals & Achieving Goals 54:06
Focus & Deep Work 44:56
Happiness & Work Life Balance 45:34
Why Pain Is Good For You 31:22
Motivation & Patience 30:08
Meditation & Taking Breaks 31:46

Elite Mindset Training

Mindset training is one of the most disregarded parts of elite poker learning. It is easy to see how running sims, putting together ranges along with running equity calculators add value, but the ability to apply these learnings is what separates the crushers from the rest of the field.

Why did I create this course

My personal 8-year journey in the poker world was full of ups and downs. The emotions and internal battles that come with this game and everyday life can be overwhelming. I wish I had the knowledge and tools I possess today. With “Unchain The Power” I want to make your journey easier than my own.

I want to open your eyes to alternatives, opportunities and help you achieve freedom and happiness. I created this course to help give you clarity and structure. Not only will this help you in poker, but will also carry over into your everyday life.

Apply your Skills

Put into action right away the skills and training to see the changes you want in your poker career and life. Understand in the moment what you are feeling, how it is affecting you and how make rational decisions.

Patience, persistence and digging deep are must have skills to excel at any task you want to become elite at.

The toolkit of a champion

Designed to provide you the tools needed to achieve the success you desire.

Unchained – A Powerful Mind

  • 11 hours of content

  • Mindset Journal

  • Community of like minded people

  • Lifetime access

Ben and Jaime spend the first 10 minutes discussing the importantance of a great mindset in poker.

Hey Ben, Have been meaning to write you this message for a while and wanted to wait for the right time. Looking through our previous corespondence you used the word inspiration!! Well I finished your mindset course about 6-8 weeks ago and I dont think the word ‘Inspiration’ is an appropriate word for the effect that course has had on me. The changes I have made, the depth at which ive looked at myself, the passing on of what ive learnt and inspiring others, the amazing cold showers (i cant have/dont want hot ones anymore, the daily meditation (passing 75 straight days), Daily journalling (i use 6 minute diary and the daily stoic journal) – Usually I would be motivated for short periods and my lazy mindset would takeover. NOW I’m in the process of killling/murdering/plundering that part of me. I dont want the easy road anymore, I dont want to rely on just my talent anymore – After 3 days of trying to figure out my Why? I finally got it and its made all the difference and ive changed in the most amazing and positive way. This is coming from someone who was already incredibly Happy. So a Billion Thanks to you and if im brutally honest its not just me who should be thanking you. Its my kids who’ll learn all of this from me, Its any person I come into contact who is willing to listen (and there has been plenty already) – I spent a while thinking of ways that I could thank you and it wasnt until a few days ago I came across a word and immediately thought of you. That word in Congruent!!! My understanding of the word when its used to describe another person is that “What this person feels in his heart and comes out of his mouth are the same” – I wish you all the best over the next few weeks and hope you have a great time and play your best. PS: I have written down a few ideas I wrote down while doing the course which I thought might add to it if you would be interested I can send on.


This course is one of the smartest approaches to getting better at poker. Getting better at the game is not only about working on ICMIZER and PIO etc to find a 5% edge or ar a 2% edge. Getting better is being open to new concepts, tilting less and being more focused while playing and this course will help you do just that. Being more efficient as person will allow you to find huge hidden edges where other people get tired and lose focus and will also allow you to save money in spots where your monkey brain would screw you over! That’s what course teaches you and trust me.. ITS SUPER VALUABLE, sometimes way more valuable than technical aspects of the game. I would highly recommend this for players ofd any level, as this course will get you better AT LIFE- getting better at poker will only be a consequence! The cost is ridiculous low to how much benefit it can bring you long term. Especially for people that have not done extensive professional mindset work this is a goldmine.”


Hey team! Just watched few lessons. And just want to tell that’s the intro cartoons are f*!?ing awesome! Is it the same guy who does the animation for headspace?Don’t misunderstand me, the content is awesome as well, but after I bought expert class I already knew that this course would be extremely high value !But this approach is really amazing. Your approach for making the course. You could just add few slides with a text, but you decided to spend time and money on it and make it that awesome.

Just wanted to say “Thank you!” For your hardwork and passion !

Love you guys


Hello guys  just joined the group. I bought the course on 29th  Dec. and started on 3rd Jan. Yesterday i watched the last video and  i wrote notes after every video + answering the questions from the journal and writing additional stuff. For me the course is a game changer. Very powerful  and I am glad that i made the decision to buy it. I just wanted to take the time and thank Ben and his team for the great work.


You will love it.

Here’s the deal: the final product is so incredible I am completely confident it will help you. I have worked really hard and put a lot of love into the details. I’m so sure that you will love the transformation, I’m giving you a “If you have done the work” 60-day money back guarantee!.  Just send us an email within 60 days of purchase. See terms here