Tournament Poker Coachings

Multitable Tournament Poker Coachings

BENCB´s experience in coaching and tournaments

For quite some time our coach Bencb has been offering Tournament Poker Coachings next to his Sit & Go coachings. His skill level in online tournament and Sit & Go poker is world class.
In addition to countless 5-digit tournament cashes he earned himself a title at the Scoop and Wcoop. He beat the possibly hardest field in poker history in the $102,000 Wcoop Super Highroller and finished 1st, just in front of Fedor Holz. His consistency is impressive. In the years 2013, 2014 and 2015 he always reached top 10 in the Sharkscope Sit & Go Leaderboard and in the year 2015 he even finished 1st.  In 2016 he focused more on MTT’s and appeared in the (super-) high-roller tournaments for the first time. He achieved a strong 6th place finish in the Scoop $25,000 Highroller as well as the 1st place in the $102,000 Wcoop Super Highroller.

He has been sharing his knowledge since several years. At the same time he had multiple appearances as guest commentator of the EPT’s (until 2017), PCA’s and Pokerstars Championship. He also conducts live-coachings. His most recognized performance was at the WSOP Main Event Final Table 2016, in which he prepared Kenny Hallaert for the final table through live coachings.

He is still working for, as well as being the head coach for and tournament stables like BitB Staking & Pocarrr, the biggest and most successful tournament stables worldwide. His videos were among the most popular in the years 2014 & 2015.

His experience in the area of private and group coachings is tremendous. He is always up-to-date and is consistently collaborating with the absolute best world class players in the poker scene.

If you decide to take coaching with Bencb, you will be coached 360°. In addition to game-theoretical aspects, Bencb is going to also improve your mental game significantly. Throughout the years he acquired enormous knowledge and can provide you with valuable tips, to “combat” tilt. Furthermore he will show you how to work and study in an effective and particularly efficient way. His goal: Become your own coach!

Why should I even bother to take Coachings?

Private coachings are the best way to push your learning curve in the shortest amount of time. Coachings save you a lot of time.

Concepts and theories, that otherwise need to be acquired through tedious and hour-long work, are going to be served on a silver platter. It goes without saying that everything will be perfectly tailored towards you and your needs. Leaks, for which you lack the experience and eye to discover them, will be instantly identified and fixed. Leaks, for which you would need weeks, months, or even years to discover and fix them by yourself.

Maybe you are already investing an insane amount of time to improve your game, but you don’t see any results? Then you are learning and studying in a completely wrong way. Even in this case a private tournament coaching will be of extreme value, to show you how to work in an effective and efficient way.

We change your thinking about poker, so you are able to be your own coach in the long-term, with the ability to identify and fix leaks, work out theories and concepts and subsequently understand them to integrate them into your game.


What are the requirements to receive coachings from Bencb?

You should be knowledgeable about the fundamentals of poker. That doesn’t mean that you need several years of experience or be a winning player. No Turnier Poker Coachingsmatter if low- or high-stakes, the stakes don’t matter at all. You are playing highstakes, but not full satisfied with your win rate and not sure if Bencb could help you? Don’t worry, he has already been coaching very successful highstakes players and improved their game tremendously.

You should definitely have the motivation to improve and be open for new concepts. A positive attitude is a MUST! Let go of your ego.

Don’t expect THE magical pill, which you can swallow to suddenly become a freaking good poker player. It goes without saying that you need to work on those points, that were discussed during the coaching even outside of the tournament poker coachings as well as do your homework.


How long can it take until I can get a spot in Bencb`s Tournament Poker Coachings?

Bencb is only working with a limited number of students simultaneously. He wants to be able to focus 110 % on each student. As a result, it is not out of the ordinary to take several weeks, sometimes even several months until a coaching spot slot gets available. Therefore you can expect not to be in some kind of assembly line. He has always enough times to work with you on a regular basis. And you will feel that Bencb is very interested in your progression.


Why is Bencb even Coaching and releases such valuable information?

It is immensely satisfying for him to work together with ambitioned poker players. In addition to playing poker, it helps him achieve the necessary balance in his life. Obviously he is not doing it completely for free.

It is true that he is charging several hundred Euros per hour, but if you take a glimpse at the coaching industry, you will quickly realize that €500 per hour and more are not a rarity. And that is from coaches, that aren’t even playing close to the limits of Bencb, don’t even have close the amount of coaching experience he has and don’t even have close the number of  achievements to show off.

He is aware about the quality of his coachings and therefore is the pricing model more than fair and an extremely good value for the student.


What are the areas of focus during the Tournament Poker Coaching session?

  • Pre flop open raising ranges
  • Pre flop cold calling ranges
  • Pre flop 3-betting/4-betting and squeeze ranges
  • Blind vs blind play
  • Late game dynamics
  • Passive defending of the big blind
  • The playing against 3-bets and 4-bets
  • ICM (Independent Chip Model) Beginner & Advanced concepts
  • Postflop, bluffing in the right spots and hard straight forward value betting
  • Postflop ip & oop, when to check and when to bet
  • Game-theoretical optimum (GTO) and why it is often NOT valid for MTTs
  • Optimal bet-sizing
  • Steal/Resteal
  • Limping strategies with short stacks
  • Future Game
  • Identifying different types of opponents and MAXIMUM exploitation
  • Using the right stats and interpreting them perfectly
  • Heads-up
  • An optimized note system
  • Hud optimization
  • Software coaching & introduction: Holdem Resource Calculator, ICMizer 2, Pio Solver, ICM Explorer, Holdem Manager 2


What you can expect

  • Open and honest communication & feedback from the coach
  • Patient and 100 % individualized coachings
  • Always the brand newest content
  • Coaching summaries and homework assignments
  • 360° coachings. In addition to game-theoretical aspects, Ben is able to help you substantially in the areas of mind control, ingame self-awareness, work ethics, working & learning efficiency


What you should not expectmagicpill

  • Magic pill
  • °180 turnaround without investing any time yourself
  • Optimized pre-defined strategies, that you could use to instantly become a winning player in poker


The procedure of tournament poker coachings & what is required from you

Before the 1st session you will receive a questionnaire from us, which you will have to fill out as detailed as possible. Bencb wants to know exactly with who he is going to work with. In the 1st session we are going to analyze either a recently played hand history from you or a recorded live session.

Ben knows which questions he needs to ask you to figure out the points you have to work on. After the 2nd session everything will be completely individual. Additional hand reviews, mathematical analysis, usage of software, creating ranges, GTO solutions, exploitative concepts and much more could be content of the second session. But everything on a level that is understandable for you. He will show you how you are able to implement everything into your game and how you have to adjust your thought processes during play to be able to make the right decisions even in tricky situations. Obviously we will always adjust towards your needs. If you have particular spots that you want to discuss with your coach, it is absolutely no problem. At the end, you will decide how the tournament poker coachings are going to be structured.

He will always be open to any kind of feedback, and even wishes that explicitly, to maximize your value from the tournament poker coachings. Communication is the key! The coachings are adjusted 100 % towards your needs.

He will show you how to optimize your setup and environment and the factors which are relevant to becoming a poker pro. He is always open and honest with you. This could sometimes seem a little hash, but you are coming to him to improve. And only this counts! He is not your friend, but your coach.


Our offers and rates for tournament poker coachings


» 3 Hours (428€/h): book 3 hours, get 1/2h for free -> 3.5 hours of Coaching Price: 1500€

» 5 Hours (416 €/h): book 5 hours, get 1h for free -> 6 hours of Coaching Price: 2500€

» 7 Hours (388 €/h): book 7 hours, get 2h for free -> 9 hours of Coaching Price: 3500€

» 9 Hours (375 €/h): book 9 hours, get 3h for free -> 12 hours of Coaching Price: 4500€

Single lesson: 500 €/h

Group Sessions Available, Prices Vary

There is always the option for both sides, student and coach, to cancel the coaching at any time. Obviously you will get your money back for the time we didn`t finish the coaching.

If you are interested then click here and choose your package (without any obligations!). We will get in touch with you as fast as possible. If you have any questions, feel free to ask: [email protected] or use our booking form.

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