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Statement regarding Upswing Tournament Masterclass

Whether intentional or not Upswing Poker unfortunately chose the same name for their course. I have received a lot of questions about are they the same? are we affiliated? so I wanted to clarify whats going on. To be fair, I think it’s at least questionable that they have never heard of Raiseyouredge and our Products. Pratyush was a student of mine until just before their first ad for their Course and I had also been contacted by Ryan Fee before to produce content for them. I tried to resolve the situation quietly, since I value Upswing for bringing new people into Poker with their content and focus on entertainment. Sadly, I got no cooperation at all from their side.

I take great pride in the content I produce and my main point here is to clarify that our class is not associated in anyway with Upswing Poker. I hope they decide to brand their content differently but I’m 100% confident if you want to learn MTTs, my course is the superior product. You wanna learn from the student or the master? ;)