Sit and Go Poker Coachings

BENCB`s Coaching- and Sit & Go Experience

For quite some time our coach Bencb has been offering Tournament Poker Coachings next to his Sit & Go coachings. His skill level in online tournament and Sit & Go poker is world class.
In addition to countless 5-digit tournament cashes he earned himself a title at the Scoop and Wcoop. He beat the possibly hardest field in poker history in the $102,000 Wcoop Super Highroller and finished 1st, just in front of Fedor Holz. His consistency is impressive. In the years 2013, 2014 and 2015 he always reached top 10 in the Sharkscope Sit & Go Leaderboard and in the year 2015 he even finished 1st. In 2016 he focused more on MTT’s and appeared in the (super-) high-roller tournaments for the first time. He achieved a strong 6th place finish in the Scoop $25,000 Highroller as well as the 1st place in the $102,000 Wcoop Super Highroller.

He has been sharing his knowledge since several years. At the same time he had multiple appearances as guest commentator of the EPT’s (until 2017), PCA’s and Pokerstars Championship. He also conducts live-coachings. b944df3e95cHis most recognized performance was at the WSOP Main Event Final Table 2016, in which he prepared Kenny Hallaert for the final table through live coachings.

He is still working for, as well as being the head coach for and tournament stables like BitB Staking & Pocarrr, the biggest and most successful tournament stables worldwide. His videos were among the most popular in the years 2014 & 2015.

His experience in the area of private and group coachings is tremendous. He is always up-to-date and is consistently collaborating with the absolute best world class players in the poker scene.

If you decide to take coaching with Bencb, you will be coached 360°. In addition to game-theoretical aspects, Bencb is going to also improve your mental game significantly. Throughout the years he acquired enormous knowledge and can provide you with valuable tips, to “combat” tilt. Furthermore he will show you how to work and study in an effective and particularly efficient way. His goal: Become your own coach!


Sit and Go Poker Coachings for 6max/9max and multitable Sit and Go´s

Sit and Go Poker Coachings

Do you know any athlete who has succeeded without any training? We do not see ourselves as coaches but rather as trainers who support you all the way to success. Our goal is not only to show you how to crush hyper 6max SNGs, but also to show you how to keep our content in mind longterm. For that reason, you will get a structured training plan after each coaching session that helps you to improve every day.

You play Sit and Go Poker and you are dissatisfied with your game? You are sick of doing the same mistakes again and again? You want to climb up the stakes but you do not have the needed self confidence? You want us to check your game and fix leaks which lower your win rate tremendously. Or you are just loosing and don`t know why ?
Bencb can help you in every field of Sit and Go and MTT Poker. Read more about our private poker coachings and about our coach Bencb.

  • Postflop, bluffing in the right spots, perfect and hard straight forward value betting
  • Optimal bet sizing
  • Steal/Resteal, blind vs blind, passive defends
  • Optimal 3betting, merged 3betting vs polarized 3betting
  • Perfectly adjusted push and call ranges
  • Limp and minraise strategies with a short stack
  • Future Game
  • Estimating and considering gameflow and dynamics
  • Exploiting your opponents very hard
  • Using the right stats and interpret them correctly
  • Perfect play as bigstack/midstack or shortstack at the bubble
  • Heads-up
  • Optimizing your HUD and note system
  • Using Sit and Go Wizzard, Holdem Ressource Calculator, ICMizer, ICM Explorer and the basics of Card Runners EV


Our proven guideline for Sit and Go Poker Coachings

In the first instance, we will ask you to record a video of your game. We will then review this video with you during our first session together.

We will analyse your biggest leaks and discuss them as in depth as needed with you. You dictate the speed.
After the first session, you will get a training plan and a summary of your leaks and adaptions/approaches in order to fix them.
After this, it is your turn to work on your play as hard as possible until our next session. If you had any troubles during the interim, we will go through them together at the beginning of the second session.
The following session will depend totally on your game or rather on your leaks and your improvement. We can continue working on recorded videos, marked hands or also play live.
At the end of every session you will get the coachings plan in the context of homework’ which you have to complete.
If you have any wishes or ideas regarding the private coachings we will definitely consider them.

If you wish, it is also an option just to review marked hands by you or discuss concrete spots you have trouble with.
However, in our experience, students ignore/overlook the most costly leaks, which lower their win rate tremendously. It is a common leak that many poker players set wrong priorities when fixing leaks. Thats why we suggest the video review for the first session.

Too many students get shown their leaks and also alternative lines in random coachings but will be forgotten weeks or month later. They do not keep their training in mind and stop improving after several weeks. This is our ibiggest goal and motivation. That you keep improving month after month, and year after year after finishing the private coachings with us.
We would suggest to have one private session (around 60minutes) every 7-14 days. This will enable you to have enough time to work on your game and do the homework.

No matter if sports, studies, poker or school. Only those who train and learn keep improving!


Sit and Go Poker Coachings: Our prices and packages


» 3 Hours (428€/h): book 3 hours, get 1/2h for free -> 3.5 hours of Coaching Price: 1500€

» 5 Hours (416 €/h): book 5 hours, get 1h for free -> 6 hours of Coaching Price: 2500€

» 7 Hours (388 €/h): book 7 hours, get 2h for free -> 9 hours of Coaching Price: 3500€

» 9 Hours (375 €/h): book 9 hours, get 3h for free -> 12 hours of Coaching Price: 4500€

Single lesson: 500 €/h
There is always the option for both sides, student and coach, to cancel the coaching at any time. Obviously you will get your money back for the time we didn`t finish the coaching.

If you are interested then click here and choose your package (without any obligations!). We will get in touch with you as fast as possible. If you have any questions, feel free to ask: [email protected] or use our booking form.


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