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Great job on the cash at the 2018 PCA Main Event! We were excited to see you representing with the RYE Patch!
How was the whole experience with the series and the trip?

It was my first trip to the Bahamas and it was unbelievable.
When you arrive you see this crazy big hotel and I travelled a lot but I’ve never seen anything like that!
The people who work there are so natural happy and nice , great experience!
PokerStars gives a great selection of tourneys, sngs and cash tables.
Perfect for every level.

How did your journey to the PCA come to be?

6 Months ago I decided that I want to play more live poker 2018 and I want to start with PCA.
I bought me into the 500 $ satellite on PokerStars with 100 packages guaranteed, it had a big overlay of 400k or something. That was huge, bubble with 40 stacks under 5 bb.
Luckily I shipped it.

When did you get into playing poker and what games do you usually play?

I started 15 years ago with friends in a Homegame , but I lost more often then won.
That’s something I really don’t like and I started to improve. Books, online courses, forums etc.
I have a normal job too, because we have a family business with a long tradition, so for me is it always like a hobby, even if I could afford it to play Fulltime.

What do you feel has helped you develop as a poker player?

The will to work on yourself. Read a lot of books in every direction. Work on your bad habits, work on your mindset, work on your health. You need the whole package today, every edge, the smallest improvement can change your game drastically. In the longterm ;)

What are your long term goals in poker or life?

Improve every day.
Freedom and clear mind. Enough money to do what I love, with good health, good friends and family.

Where can we see you playing next?

I think live, Monte Carlo, Vegas
I do a lot of stops in Austria too this year too.

Thanks, wish you the best.