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Hitting scores of $4900, $3900 and $7200 in just one week is no small accomplishment! How long have you been playing poker and what formats?

I’ve been playing poker off and on for 16 years.. Started in omaha 8b online and started getting into NLHE about a year before Black Friday. My game started improving and then lost backing when the US pulled out of all the sites… Started getting back into poker about a year ago.

What brought you to the game in the first place?

I had friends that were playing home games, and absolutely loved it. Wanted to play more than once a week, and so I started checking out online, the rest is history!

What sites do you normally play on?

AmericasCardRoom, Carbon, and Ignition

Have you had this type of success in a short period before?

This is my biggest Month of online in my career, and it’s the 15th of the month.

What has been the biggest factor to your success?

Several adjustments that have elevated my game from my first week of RYE. Ben really pushed me on playing more exploitative, and to stop worrying about balancing against fish / weaker players. The opening ranges, esp from big stacks has opened up my game and aggression a lot. The suited heavy ranges have really allowed me to double and triple barrel more effectively. Lastly I am a 50% cbetaholic.. Switching my thinking on my bet sizing and really thinking through what sizing I want and what part of my opponents range I want to attack has had profound effects.. I had a key hand in the tourney last Sunday where I was able to get thin value from AQ on a 679102 board with a set of 6s, where I never ever would have considered betting in the past.

Do you have specific goals in poker and life that you are working towards?

Yes! I have always felt that I had the ability to play poker at the highest level, both in live and online poker. I had the passion and the desire, I needed the road map and a place to really drive that passion into intense study. RYE has allowed me to get that and for a way more affordable price then normal coaching would have. As I continue to hit the study grind and see growth it is only a matter of time before I take my poker career to the next level, and ultimately hope to inspire others to do the same!

Any “fun” plans with the money?

I am headed to a live tourney series this weekend in search of my first live bink!


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