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How was your overall experience?

Playing against all the professonals, highrollers and famous players like Liv Boeree or Vladimir Troyanivski without being scared by the big names was a very impressive adventure. I experienced, that learning with RYE helps me a lot to make better decisions and crush at the tables.

What tournaments did you end up playing in?

After the main event I played some events with a low Buy-ins but there was no deeprun.

Any memorable hands?

Already the second hand in the main event was AA and I doubled up after a preflop all-in. That’s definitley a hand I will remember with a little smile.

How did you end up going to the PCA? Did you qualify through Pokerstars?

I qualified online with a $27,50 Spin&Go to a $530 Ticket and after that I qualified through a satellite with 100 packages and an overlay of $600,000

How long have you been playing poker for?

I started playing poker 2,5 years ago, and I focused on MTT’s about 1 year ago. At the same time I was improving my poker skills with RYE what helped me a lot to increase my MTT skills.

What does being part of a community like Raise Your Edge mean to you?

A strong community is something every good poker player should be aware and proud of. It gives you support, knowledge and keeps pushing you forward at the table and beside of it,
I’m happy to be a part of the RYE community and to have my own community – the Nikkymouse Club – as well. Members of both communities where at the PCA and it was a pleasure for me to talk, laugh,sweat and celebrate with all of them during my stay at the Bahamas.

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