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Bencb789Head Coach
For quite some time our coach Bencb has been offering Tournament Poker Coaching as well as Sit & Go coaching. His skill level in online tournament and Sit & Go poker is world class. In addition to countless 5-digit tournament cashes, he also has won both SCOOP and WCOOP events. He beat the possibly hardest field in poker history in the $102,000 WCOOP Super High Roller. His consistency is impressive. In the years 2013, 2014 and 2015 he was always top 10 in the Sharkscope Sit & Go Leaderboard, finishing first in 2015. In 2016 he focused more on MTT’s and appeared in the (super-) high-roller tournaments for the first time. He achieved a strong 6th place finish in the SCOOP $25,000 Highroller as well as winning the aforementioned $102,000 WCOOP Super Highroller.

Our Coaches and Experts

faLLout86Cash Expert
In poker, I followed the same path as many others. First I played home games with friends, then I got into some strategy content at PokerStrategy. Four years later I began take my studies more seriously. I than became a coach after I signed a contract with Buckingham mnl1337, this forced me to go deep into poker. I also author educational content for PokerStrategy and look forward to continue developing my thinking and approach to poker.
Mariano5Cash Expert
I’ve been playing poker for about 12 years now, 8 of them professionally. As a professional I began playing small stakes MTTs online on Stars and Fulltilt. For about the first 3-4 years my dedication and discipline were basically terrible. I didn’t study the game at all, and was very lucky to run good and benefit from the fact that the games were incredibly soft. I was able to scrape by. In about 2012 I decided to start taking the game more seriously and switched to online cash on a soft local site, got coaching for the first time, and essentially completely changed my mind state in regards to poker and life in general. Since then I’ve grinded cash, MTTs and hyper turbo SNGs at different times. Over the years I’ve been able to live a comfortable life on a fairly short bankroll and have learned how to navigate different obstacles, set goals and implement general systems in order to succeed. I love the game of poker and the continuous learning to develop my game. I’m currently living in Vancouver, Canada, where I’m playing live $1/3 cash full time. I’m also taking online university courses part time to finish my political science degree. My current goals are to continue to grow as a cash game player, and begin to play some live and online tournaments also.
TomySNG Pro
Hey guys, my name is Tomy and I have been playing poker professionally for 9 years now. I first started like everyone playing online at micro stakes playing all sorts of games. I then focused on cash games (short stacked) and heads up. I transitioned to SNGs and received coaching from Ben, and at the moment I play SNGs on various sites up to $200, mixing with MTTs up to $109. I offer coaching for hyper turbo, turbo and reg speed SNGs as well as low-mid stakes MTTs.

Legal Advice

Fabian Graske
Fabian Graske
Lawyer Fabian Graske takes care of our German Poker Law Section on We want to keep you updated about the difficult and always-changing law situation in germany and austria. For Questions/Feedback you can mail to [email protected]

Business Development & Support

My name is Fernando Laserra and I am from Brazil. I’ve been playing poker for a few years now, mainly starting with 9 man SNGs as a hobby. At the time I had a full-time job working as an environmental engineer and as time passed I was getting more involved with poker. Suddenly I was spending more time studying the game, grinding, and it was time for a transition. In the middle 2017 I decided to take it more serious and that was the period I got in touch with RaiseYourEdge with the goal of becoming a solid MTT player. This was a game changer for me. Since then lots of good things have been happening inside and outside poker. Helping and supporting people is one of my main motivations to keep RaiseYourEdge as a growing community.
My name is Steven Kok, I’m 19 years old from Amsterdam. I am a full time support member/streamer/poker player. I got into poker by talking to a friend in 2015 who referred me to Jason Somerville, also known as Jcarver. I was hooked from the first second, the fact you could make money by beating your opponents was fascinating to me plus Jason is just an amazing guy, so would love to have the privilege to meet him one day. I started streaming poker myself in February 2017 when I turned 18. I got partnered with Twitch in the summer of 2017 and became a VIP Ambassador of RaiseYourEdge in December and Support soon after.