Why Live Cash?

$1/$2 and $2/$5 games bring in players from all around the world looking for some entertainment and you will never have a hard time finding a game. Whether at your local casino, or during the WSOP, there is an abundance of opportunity to take advantage of.

Learn To Dominate Your Opponents On The Felt

Designed by Raise Your Edge cash game coaches, mariano5 and fallout86, this course is specifically tuned to take advantage of the lucrative live cash games in casinos around the world. Both players have spent years honing their skills in the live arena, and are now sharing their secrets to crushing the game!

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The learning doesn’t just stop with the course! Raise Your Edge Discord has grown to over 10,000 members sharing and discussing everything from poker to life. Being an owner of “Mastering Live Cash” you will be part of an exclusive private group headed by mariano5 and fallout86, and of course Raise Your Edge head coach bencb.

All The Tools You Need To Crush The Competition

The Coaches

A professional German poker player and coach for over 8 years now, Tim grinded his way up from the micros online and slowly built his way up the cash game scene. He is also the creator of the Elementary Cash Game Course with Raise Your Edge. Loving the interaction, challenge and change of scenery he has concentrated the last few years on live casino cash games.
Discovering the great game of poker in 2005, Michael immediately fell in love with the combination of incomplete information, luck, psychology, and math. Combined with his competitive nature he was hooked. Starting with limit games, he moved on to No Limit Cash and is a full time live game crusher at his hometown casino in Canada.

The Results Don’t Lie!

All You Will Need to Crush at Your Casino

Designed to provide you the tools needed to achieve the success you desire.

11 Topics, 47 Videos


Introduction – 3 Videos
Opening, Isolating and Overlimping – 5 Videos
Flatting/3Betting/4Betting – 7 Videos 3:30:00
Playing from the Blinds – 3 Videos 1:42:00
Intro to Postflop – 2 Videos 1:08:00
Flop Play Single Raised Pots – 8 Videos 4:52:00
Flop Play 3B Pots – 3 Videos 2:00:00
Turns/River/Bluffing/Draws – 4 Videos 2:31:00
Multiway/Limped/Deepstacked/BluffCatching – 3 Videos 1:11:00
Hand Examples – 9 Videos 6:17:00

Mastering Live Cash

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I recently completed the Mastering Live Cash course and I can say it has levelled up my game. The course presents a solid, in-depth strategy, tailored for the live cash environment through a series of easy-to-follow videos. I am now making much better, more confident decisions at the table and my results are starting to show. Thanks mariano5 , fallout86, and RYE


You will love it.

Here’s the deal: the final product is so incredible I am completely confident it will help you. I have worked really hard and put a lot of love into the details. I’m so sure that you will love the transformation, I’m giving you a 10-day money back guarantee!.  Just send us an email within 10 days of purchase. See terms here



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