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RYE Member Lopan83 Wins $27,900 in WCOOP-45-L

Hey lopan83, First of all congratulations on your epic Run for $27,900 in the $11+R WCOOP-45-L, you are now official a world champion of online poker! Could you give our community a quick introduction about yourself (limits, formats, poker background etc..)

Thanks! I’ve been playing poker on and off for a few years now, but only recently (last 6 months or so) began to take it seriously and play not just for fun, but also to try and really improve my game. I play NLHE mtt’s of all varieties with an aib of $17. I for sure like to take shots though ;) Im still juggling a full time job so mainly play on the weekends right now.

The win probably boosted your bankroll quite a bit. Will you move up the stakes now, or are you keeping it conservative?

For sure it boosted my bank roll! I will probably stick around the same limits for now but will be taking more shots where I think there is some good value. In the past bankroll management hasn’t exactly been one of my strongest assets, so I’m working hard to try and improve that.

I heard that you have the apprentice class of the tournament masterclass on Raiseyouredge and that you are pretty engaged on the discord channel. How did it change and support your game?

The RYE course and community have completely changed my whole approach to poker. This is probably the first time ever that I have reviewed hands, discussed strategies and thought processes and it’s really opened my eyes to a lot of things I was completely unaware of. It’s also nice having a guaranteed rail when I go deep in a tourney :) As for the course itself, it’s difficult to put into words how good it really is. The level of detail is amazing and the homeworks/call to actions are very helpful in driving home the information discussed in each lesson.

Could you describe your experience with the RYE community?

Having never really been involved in a poker community before, I have to admit I was a little nervous about engaging with the community at first. As it happens, the RYE community are not only very knowledgeable but also very open and willing to share their experience. There’s a nice balance of strategy, general life improvement and banter in the group.

What was the biggest lesson you have learned through RYE??

I’m still working through some of the course and have already learned so much, however I think the biggest thing I have taken away so far is simply mindset. The strategy, analysis and explanations are first class, but for me the course has also completely changed the way I think about and approach poker For example putting in work off the table, really thinking about decisions on the table and making sure to take time to reflect afterwards, to quote Jeff Gross “this is not a hobby” :)

What are your plans in the future pokerwise?

Well… I need to finish the course first :) I’m actually taking a couple of months off work to put in some serious study time. I also want to to start a Vlog documenting my poker journey. The dream is to transition from my current position (a contract iOS developer), to a full time poker pro, and I think that journey would be very interesting to a lot of people, so hopefully I can get the Vlog up and running and see how things go.

And last but not least, how did you celebrate the big win?

Initially I celebrated with everyone railing me in the discord chat which was cool. lots of LFG’s flying around :)

The next day I went away for a week with my girlfriend and her family. We went to centre parcs which is basically cabins in a forest where you can relax and do some activities etc. Was the perfect way to reflect and think about what the next steps in my career would be.