Spring Championship Of Online Poker 2017

First, congratulations on your amazing results in SCOOP 2017. Your performance was impressive and resulted in a $745,000 score in the Scoop Event #1. How did you celebrate such an amazing result?

Thanks a lot. I haven’t really had the time to celebrate yet as I’m in the process of moving the batcave to another location. But I will do a lot of traveling and a little bit of drinking.

Can you introduce yourself to our community? Where do you live and what is your background?

I live on planet earth, surrounded by cats and other lovely creatures. I’ve grinded everyday for 3-4years, starting at the lowest stakes, climbing my way up, backed by Pocarr and now after running good for 3 years straight I’m finally king of the pidgeons.

How did you get into online poker?

At 17 I watched Poker after dark and similar TV shows and together with my friend I started playing freerolls. Around 18 I deposited some money; and some more, I binked some tournaments and drank it all away. It was only 3-4 years later I started playing again.

You had a commanding chiplead heading into the final table, How did that affect your strategy? Can you share one of your toughest decisions during the final table?

Having the chiplead and the stack distributions being the way they were, I could really pick on certain guys. I also had good reads on all the other players so I could adjust my preflopranges to target the player in the BB. I kept running good so there were not really any tough decisions. Sorel begged for a deal 5way and I could get 45k more then 2nd place so I agreed. I’m notoriously bad HU and couldn’t overcome the odds against a good player.

What are your plans after Scoop? Are we going to see you in Las Vegas for the WSOP?

Chilling, traveling and adopting some more animals. I would say there’s less than 10% chance I will go to the WSOP. I don’t really like live poker and Vegas is not my cup of tea. I’m probably going to Barcelona in august to play some live poker and have a good time.

What was the best advice you ever received as a pokerplayer? Can be either mindset or strategy advice.

There are no excuses.

What do you think is the biggest mistake most players make in tournaments now?

Playing pseudo GTO. I see a lot of people using all the PIO sizes and some lines , of course not really balanced, but at the same time they make ridiculous mistakes preflop and its hard to make up for that by minleading turns and all that jazz.

You are an owner of Bencb’s Tournament Masterclass. Have you had the time to check it out and would you recommend it to others?

Yes, I watched all the videos and use some of the charts. I most def recommend it to midstakes grinders. Besides this and Maxvalue there are 0 good alternatives that provide a complete comprehensive all around course like this one.

If you had the chance to start your poker career again. What would you do different?

I would basically take the same path: getting backed by a good stable that provides amazing coaching, grind insanely hard, get better everyday, win a lot of money, leave the stable, win a milly.
I would try to do it in a more healthy way: quit smoking, better sleep pattern, eating more and healthier and maybe even going outside once in a while.