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These days it seems like whatever daily routine you may have, there is always something better you could be doing.

Internet gurus and the like will spam your newsfeed with so many tips and advice on habits and productivity that it can seem as though you can do nothing right.

Internet biohackers will try and sell you the key to success by trying to get you to instantly adopt 35 different morning and evening habits, all while selling you on their $500 coaching program (FYI: having red lighting in your room and using blue light blocking glasses won’t make you a millionaire).

Now don’t get me wrong, some of these habits are very helpful, but the key resides in finding the habits that will have the biggest impact on YOUR life. Once you figure that out, you can trash the stuff you don’t need so that you can focus on the few habits that really matter to you.

One Size Does Not Fit All:

Everybody is built differently, there are simply no plug and play options when it comes to building effective habits.

Sure, there are habits that will benefit everyone to some extent, but if you put a value to these habits some will surely outweigh others. Take meditation for example. While everyone in the world could probably benefit from a quick 10 minute meditation session every day, the extent of that benefit may be far greater for some than for others.

If you are a person who has an extremely short temper, is constantly anxious and antsy, and finds it hard to focus for more than 30 seconds, you will likely benefit far more from meditating than someone who is a pretty calm, collected and focused individual by nature. Instead of trying to implement 10 habits into your daily life at once, work through them and find 1-3 key habits to focus on.

Focus on One Habit:

When you waste your thoughts on a multitude of habits, you are wasting energy that could be otherwise applied.

There’s a saying “where the focus goes, the energy flows”. If you spend a great deal of time on habits that aren’t necessarily the most impactful for you, you’ll find you have less energy for the habits that really matter. Just be honest with yourself.

Some people don’t need to do visualizations, affirmations, journaling and meditation before every day. Some people benefit a lot less from cold showers (although some people like myself simply cannot muster up the courage to try them), some don’t need as much exercise, some people need more sleep than others, the list goes on.

Challenge: Find Your Habits

Take a moment right now and write down the number one habit that would provide the biggest positive impact on your life.

If you are an aspiring poker professional, this habit might be studying and playing poker. Whatever it is, that one habit should be at the forefront of every single day. On the days where you feel empty and drained, always make sure that you get that one task/habit completed. You can put everything else to the side for a bit, but make sure that your main habit always remains at the forefront of your day.

Now pick a few supplemental habits that you believe will have a large impact on your life.

Maybe the most impactful habits for you are to study and play poker 6 times a day, eat a healthy breakfast and dinner and workout 3 times a week. That is an excellent start to a very productive schedule. Try not to overcomplicate things with 20 different biohacking habits that simply aren’t vital to your success. Dial your habits in, focus on the most impactful ones, trash the rest, and watch your energy levels and focus go up.

Starting on a new journey to build and develop more productive habits can be daunting, so don’t face it alone! We’ve got an awesome community of like minded poker players, all working together improve their lives and their poker game one day at a time. Join our discord group today and share your habit – we’ll hold you accountable! Just click here.


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