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    Hey guys – back reporting, would love some feedback.   PT4 has been keeping track of my poker results since 5/17/19.  I posted my first results last month and I was pretty proud.  I thought I figured it out.  Then the downswing happened.

    Overall MTT/SNG Results

    I’m really frustrated.  I got so frustrated that I ended up working on my cash skills and started playing .25/10 6 Handed cash games more often.  I’ve had more success there turning a 14 bb/100 win rate over 1000 hands.  It has gotten to the point where I firmly believe Ignition is rigged.  I don’t mind if there’s collusion at the table, but the runouts I see against me and other opponents is REAL swingy.  I’m not going to get into that and make excuses (lol), but here are some things I want to discuss.

    The beauty of ignition is that I can go hand and see my opponent’s hands.  I’ve made a notes to a lot of hands to remind myself to go back and log their hands which is what I have done.

    What spots should I be looking for?

    I’ve also managed to do a lot of studying!  Read Jonathan Little’s Excelling at No Limit Hold Em and the Theory of Poker by Sklansky.  About to read four more.


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    I’ve been studying the past couple of days.  I even tinkered around with the HUD settings recently.  Wanted to play one casual game just now to see how it works.  So I entered a $25 Triple Up.  I told myself I was going to play very tight.  I begin the SNG on the button.  Don’t get decent cards and I play Zero Hands, go through the blinds, and now I’m…

    UTG (15/30)


    I raise 4 bbs.  The pot is at 165.  The next opponent… RAISES to 300!!!  I’m not sure if the stats matter at this point, they probably don’t.  But I’m putting this guy on a pair, maybe 10’s or better.  Did he not notice, I didn’t play an entire hand that orbit?  Actions fold to the button.  The button calls.  Now, I think to myself – should I call, or should I jam.  I’m out of position, I think I can get my opponents to fold, but I don’t want to be up against a premium pair.  I’m not willing to risk my whole stack yet.  I elect to call.  The pot is at 945.

    Flop [6cJc9c].  The same exact situation I wrote about a couple days ago!  I have Top Pair, Top Kicker, there’s a flush and straight draw out there.  I’m first to act, and I’m getting AGGRESSIVE!  I shove.  The 3-bettor calls.  The 3-bettor has 1010 behind.  The button folds.

    The 3-bettor shoved 1010 into a pot of 1955.  I was a 61% favorite on the flop.

    Turn [8h]


    Enemy has [KsQd]  Wow.  He 3-bets me UTG + 1 with KQ offsuit?

    I’m unsure what happened:

    -did he have the right pot odds to call?  did I make the right play(s)?

    -why am I always writing about my bad hands when I’m UTG/UTG+1

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    Pendul – thanks for the feedback.  I’ve been nursing a $60 deposit into my online account.  I think you are referring to my goal of playing the $50 Buy-Ins.  The problem is, it’s difficult for me to find a $25 Turbo SNG.  I feel like $10 is too low and I don’t take it seriously.  I will definitely re-consider my strategy.  However, i’m pretty set on my Triple Up plan at the moment.

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    I’m going to try and update this every Monday.  I have a lot to talk about today.  Of course, when I post all my stats and results… I go on a downswing :(.

    Weekly Results

    Obviously some bad decision making is the cause of this, and I will touch on that later.  I decided to stray away from my normal games, and play a handful of $50 Buy-In tournaments.  I played a couple of Turbo MTTs and a 3-4 Hold Em SNGs.  I went back to the lower stakes and continued my losing streak.

    One thing that concerns me is that I lose a lot of money from the blinds.  I’m going to try and review some blinds play.  Is it typical to be losing this much from the blinds?

    Overall, I was very disappointed in my results this week.  I think everything was poor – bankroll mgmt, discipline, tilt.  I wanted to share with you this hand.  These hands are the ones I marked under the “tilt” category in PT4.

    **Not sure the best way to share hand histories… I wrote this out**

    Turbo MTT (About 500+ entries) / $50 Buy In

    UTG + 1 (50/100)

    [AhQs]  I’ve had a very conservative image (11 VPIP / 6 PFR).  I open with a 3bb raise.  I get two callers in MP & LP.  Pot is 1050.

    Flop [3d/Jd/9c].  I’m first to act and c-bet 725 into the pot.  MP folds, LP calls.  Pot is 2500.  This was a HUGE mistake.  I have top pair, top kicker.  There’s a couple of draws out there.  I should’ve bet 1-1.5x the pot to end the hand and scoop the pot.  I offered him a good price to see the turn.

    Turn [8d].  I remember getting so mad and tilting at that very moment.  So what do i do?  I bet!  Half pot.  The enemy just calls.  The river was a brick, but i doesnt’ matter, because I decided to shove, he calls, I bust out.  Enemy had [Ad4d].

    What a f**king DONK move!!  What I’ve learned from this is to be more aggressive in this situation with a textured board.  AND, if I do get a caller, and the turn completes a flush/straight… just let it go.

    Hold Em Triple Up SNG / $25 Buy In

    UTG + 1 (15/30)

    [Kc/Tc]  I had 62.5 BB in my stack.  I bet 3bb.  I get one caller.  SB folds, BB raises 12.5bb.  The pot is at 555.  My immediate reaction is I’m being bluffed right now.  BB has 35.5 bb left.  I had the BB covered and  I decided to fight aggression with aggression and jam.  BB calls.  Enemy has [Ac/Qc]…. f*ck.

    How to proceed with the hand when the blinds 3-bet?  Should I respect their 3-bet most of the time?

    Should I think what hands will they fold to with a shove?  Which hands will they call with?

    Putting too much value in A-x.

    Self-explanatory, but true.  I need to study up on this hand and be disciplined enough to not let my tournament fate be decided on this hand.  I busted out out a few times with this hand.  I tried to use these as bluffs in the early stages of my SNGs, but failed tremendously.

    My takeaways from this week are to still firm up my discipline and bankroll.  I’m going to solely play $25 SNG Triple Ups.  The remaining 3 cash out equally.  10-minute blind levels.  I’m going to analyze my play and results and keep the tournament the same.  I’m going to stay away from all cash games and MTTs.  The goal of this it to build up my bank roll to play in more $50 SNG Turbos.  I want to be able to have at least 30 Buy Ins (including rake).

    I’m going to try and devote more time to studying this week and analyzing my PT4 results.  I’ve actually picked up Dan Harrington’s book for the second time and I’m going to read that in addition to his second volume.

    Also any feedback on downswings is appreciated and how to keep the positivity up!

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    Started my account with $60 bucks.  I’m currently at $510.42

    *I was at $850ish… then I decided to play a couple tournaments out of my bankroll.  On the previous Sunday, I lost a $150, $50, & $15 entry MTT tournaments .  I broke my rule of staying disciplined lol.  I was craving the chance.

    SNG + MTT Results

    Combined SNG + MTT Results


    SNG Results

    SNG Results

    MTT Results

    -I feel like I’m being nitty in MTT

    -however, I won $465 in a MTT turbo ($10 Buy In).  Placed third.

    MTT Results

    Cash Results

    -still sorting the kinks out for more accurate cash results with ignition.  clearly this hasn’t been profitable for me.  I play .02/05, 6 players.  I mix in PLO every now and then.

    Cash Results



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