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    So the update is a little bit late but life happened at the weekend (and I was invited to a sweet PLO cash game that I couldn’t miss!)

    I’ve been doing a lot of thinking recently, I’ve been battling with depression (and losing mainly) and had had little motivation to do anything of substance. Poker was kind of a release, or my medicine as it switched my brain off from being introverted whenever I played and forced me to concentrate and not let my mind wander.

    So when I started this month with a goal of 1500 games it made such a massive difference to my mood, I had a purpose, a reason to get up and function and as the month has progressed I’ve found myself being more active in other areas as well and I realized that it was a goal that I had been lacking in life.

    (The poker update is coming I swear I just have to get this out there first…)

    So I took the weekend to pick up the piano (not literally) something I haven’t done in a long time and I also set aside a pretty massive goal/challenge for myself for 2019.

    I’m going to organise my mind, my life, by a relatively strict schedule for a period of one year, dedicating time to music, fitness, writing and poker – each with their own mini-milestones and end of year challenges with a view to noticeably improve in each area by the end of the year – and I’m going to document this on Youtube on a weekly basis. The Poker element will also all be streamed on Twitch.

    Now that I have this goal in mind – I feel great. Like really great. For those that haven’t had depression it’s probably hard to grasp what it feels like it, or what it can do to a person – but this epiphany at the weekend has really had a dramatic effect on me.

    So that’s all in the pipeline, I’ve got about 12 weeks to get everything ready for it, there are lots of things needing done before I go live at the start of next year – in the interim the Poker goal still stands.

    To date this month I’ve played 813 hypers out of the 1500 I set myself as a goal.

    At $1.50 stakes I am currently up 68 buy-ins so running at 8% ROI

    The intention was originally to win 200 buy-ins at each level, but I’m amending this to 100 for the $1.50’s and the $3.50’s as the rake structure is so poor so literally only another 32 buy-ins at this level and I’m shifting gears and moving up.

    See you all at the tables!


    Original L33T

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    Thanks for the response @nrrmmm, and thanks for the great question!

    Regarding doubt, the short answer is no, I never really doubt my ability to achieve anything I set my mind to. But it’s the ‘setting your mind to it’ part that a lot of people don’t get. Humans as a species are capable of achieving pretty much anything, but the problem is nowadays there are so many distractions that our attention is often split so dis-proportionally that we tend to become ‘good’ at a lot of things, and ‘exceptional’ at none.

    Look at guys like Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Bach, Beethoven – these guys were all masters of their craft and the reason they were is because they dedicated themselves to it passionately every day. They didn’t get distracted by Facebook or the Xbox or ‘chill’ in front of Netflix. So I whole-heartedly believe that if a person genuinely sets their sights on a goal and works towards it, reaching it is inevitable.

    We don’t fail because we fall down, we fail because we don’t pick ourselves back up again.

    I’m 31, in my eyes I am coming in to the prime of my life – it’s the perfect time to take chances and to chase dreams. I’ve been pretty good at Poker for the last few years and had some good results, I made more last year than I did working my day job from live cash games and the occasional MTT online. Now though I’m ‘focusing’ my energies on improving in a more structured fashion – and I think I’ll get there, I’ve never not hit a target I’ve shot for. I wanted to publish a book, I did that. I wanted to travel the world, I did that. I wanted to party and get laid, I did that. Now I want to grind up a Poker Bankroll and take on the world.

    I don’t regret not having started doing this earlier, every choice I’ve made in my life, good or bad has made me the person I am now – and I’m definitely biased, but I think the person I am is pretty damn awesome.

    Thanks again for the response and I’ll update my progress for the month so far on Friday as promised :D

    Keep on crushing!


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    I’ve suffered a bit of a setback – in that I had to format my laptop and the PT4 database which I backed up and saved on my external hard drive – is corrupted.

    Absolutely gutted as I’ve literally lost about five years of information (can’t remember last time I cried as a grown man, let me tell you – this took me close.)

    I’d played 288 hypers as of yesterday (05/09) so on track for 1500 – up $31 and change so about 20 buy-ins.

    Man this feels so sick, but I guess it’s not the end of the world – I said in my last post I was going to change things up and have a more structured approach, I guess the slate has literally been wiped clean now. I’ll give a proper update next Friday, looking to be at 750 games by then.


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    First review session done, excellent thoughts and input from all involved! Thanks to Kroon, Trotman and Fish2222 for bringing their hands and knowledge to the discussion and look forward to doing the same again next week!



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    More than welcome mate, your input would be greatly appreciated.

    So the plan tonight is that each person can bring two hands, I’m happy to discuss more after everybody has their two that they defo want spoken about. I’ve asked support a couple of times if we can set up a separate channel on RYE server, no one came back to me though so in the interim I’ve set up a separate server for this weekly group chat, if anyone wants to join drop me a message either on here or discord and I’ll send an invite.

    The format will pretty much be the same as RYE, it’ll be a audio channel so if you’ve got a mic you can speak, but if you dont and just prefer to type that’s cool too.


    1. No bad beat stories – not really interested in outcomes in general to be honest, what’s important is the decision making process and that’s what I’m hoping to discuss in detail. Suckouts happen, if you put in enough volume they happen ALL THE TIME – I for one don’t need to hear about them.
    2. Not expecting everyone to have run detailed ICM numbers for each hand (although it’d be beneficial) – however you do have to be able to rationalise your thought process, i.e. everytime you did something – “Why” did you do that rather than something else – ‘it felt right’ doesn’t cut it.
    3. Basically tell us a bit about the villain, his range, his tendencies, how you think the villain perceives your range and why you made the decision you did – from there we can all give constructive feedback on your decisions and can run numbers/possible ranges.

    I’ll be logging out of Stars for however long this takes, looking forward to it guys. GMT 19.30 tonight



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    in reply to: My Grind…SBP #44296

    Ok, second attempt at this update – FYI you cannot drag and drop photos in to the update box – it opens a new page and overwrites everything you’ve written…

    So I’ve attached two documents to this, the first is my final graph for the month – a total of 700 games and up 114 buy-ins, which was a hell of a heater.

    Started to downswing a bit at about 450 games then picked up again in the last hundred. This was mainly $7 turbos though towards the end of the month I did drop down to $3.50 games because of the second doc attached…

    Yup, somehow I totally missed the hyper range charts and as such have been missing out on a ton of value in certain spots, so I’ve got a lot more to incorporate in to my game now. I had built my own ranges using nash charts and adapting them based on the advice in the course and the opponents and their positions, but still found myself lost in a lot of situations so these charts were incredible.

    I’ve drawn them out and colour coded them for ease of use means I can study them while having my daily Starbucks.

    I’ve never really had a structured approach to grinding or playing poker. I’d go through phases of playing MTT’s, then SnG’s – I’d jump about stakes depending on what I was confortable with sometimes I’d have 300 buy-ins for a stake, other times I’d only have 30.

    Obviously that’s not the way to do it – so I’m setting out a more kind of structured approach to my playing – and it’d not going to be result orientated as I think this is largely out of my control. I.e, there is no sense in saying I want to win 50 buy-ins a week when variance will dictate whether that is achievable or not.

    So instead my overall goal is to beat each hyper SnG turbo for 150-200 BI, i.e be up $300 at $1.50 hypers, $700 at $3.50 etc etc.

    Not putting a time limit on the climb though, what I am going to be measuring on a monthly basis is volume, because that is within my control. So this month I am aiming for 1500 games – which may still seem like a small sample, but it’s double what August was. I’m going to be moving up to 4 tabling, instead of 2 tabling (when I’m not playing WCOOP events)

    I’ll do a mid month update and another one at the end, ideally with another sick graph, but if not at least with a decent volume.


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    in reply to: My Grind…SBP #44167

    Thanks for the response, definitely need to work on volume, the trouble is I can’t make optimal decisions with too many tables open, I think this is a skill that comes with practice so over the course of September I’m going to try and move from 2 tables to 4 tables and hopefully double my volume.

    I’ll stick an update on at the end of this month to see if variance has levelled me out any :D


    Good variance to you all!



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    Nice, good luck on day two in the National!

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    in reply to: My Grind…SBP #44099

    Following on from this I’ve continued to play today and won another 10 or so buy-ins, up a total of 25 for the day now which I’m happy with.

    Got in an argument with someone I have tagged as a fun player and I just want to find out what others would do.

    We’re on the bubble, I have 1400 in chips, the BTN has 1350 and the BB has the remaining 250 blinds are 50/100 and the BTN opens for 3x.

    I have 88’s in the SB and I re-shove. The BB calls, the BTN folds and then gives me dogs abuse for coming over the top of him. The BB went out and the BTN subsequently won heads up but my query is this.

    I totally understand that given the BB stack and the BTN raise, ICM says that this hand is a fold – however the BTN in this scenario I have several hundred hands on and he opens from the btn and the sb over 80% and has been caught stealing with 52o and 106o in previous games.

    So I understand that ICM makes this a fold, but at what point can we go against this based on the fact that I know this guy steals exceptionally wide and start to exploit his aggression?

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    in reply to: My Grind…SBP #44094

    So it’s been a little while since I’ve updated this. I’ve since played two Megastack Events, the Unibet open in Glasgow and most recently the Dusk til Dawn Partypoker £250k Gtd this weekend past. Cashed in all except from the D2D one which I’m pleased with.


    I’ve still been playing Turbos but this month is the first month I’ve solidly played Hypers focusing on 1 or 2 tables max and playing $7 SnG’s.

    I’ve taken some time off work to focus on this and my results for the month below are below.

    This is similar to my turbo graph, although the ROI is less than turbos, the volume is higher so $/hr is working out better.

    Is this normal/Average/sustainable?

    I mean that’s 100 buy-ins in the course of 3 weeks, which is excellent, but I was told originally to expect ROI of only a few percent and obviously this is substantially more.

    What sort of bankroll should I be looking at before having a go at $15 hypers and up?


    Thanks for the input guys, and for the course!





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    in reply to: Road to WSOP #41553

    I have duly followed on social media – so even though I’m not going to be there, at least I’ve got someone to root for!

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    in reply to: Road to WSOP #41551

    Good luck! Will you keep us posted on how you get on?

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    Thanks Koorn, I’ve yet to have one of those ‘lucky days’ at hypers. It’s really frustrating – they are making my graph look ugly lol!

    Going to study some more of the content before I play too many more games. The basic Idea was that I wanted to have some sort of sample to review after each video so now I’ve got that I can start to fix leaks that I find.

    And If you played at all the $3.50 stakes over the last two weeks  we’ve most definitely seen each other haha!

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    in reply to: My Grind…SBP #41545

    Thanks for the reply,

    I re-looked at the way I had PT filtered and those figures included the 180 man turbo re-buy $4.50 games of which I’ve played 4 and won 2 – so ROI most definitely skewed. Just 6 man SnG’s, combination of regular and turbos I’ve played 1800 and an ROI of 14% currently – I’ve no idea if that’s good or bad (though I’m assuming it’s ok) but last year was about the same over 12k games. Majority of my games are at $15 or lower and I’d imagine as I climb the stakes more my ROI will drop.

    Like I said in my last post volume is definitely one of the areas I want to concentrate on.

    I also mentioned on my last post that I had a few live games coming up and I’ve now played 2 out of the three of these and have two spots I want to talk about.

    Playing the Bubble in Satellites.

    So next Saturday in Glasgow there is a Pokerstars Live event £220 buy-in, £35k guaranteed. I decided as soon as I found out about it I was going to be playing it, but given it’s in my hometown I decided to find out if there were satellites I could have a go at winning to save some spending money. I duly found one and played on Wednesday night.

    1o players showed up and paid £30 and top 4 were guarantted a ticket. The game was pretty soft and loose and I chipped up fairly well early on. After a few hours we reached the bubble, and this period took an absolute age to play. Blinds eventually hit 7.5k/15k with a button ante of 15k.

    I was second in chips with around 90k and it’s my BB. The chip leader has around 160k and has been a rock since we got down to five. He’s only played queens and aces in just under two hours. Every other player has about 4 big blinds or less.

    I have 7d3h in my BB, action folds to the BTN who has 43k after posting his ante and he shoves. SB (chip leader, insta folds) and I have to call 33k (or 2 bb) for a chance to win a pot of just over 80k.

    The BTN is a guy called Ronnie who I’ve played with a couple of times before, he’s definitely a regular at the casino but I don’t play there often enough to have any sort of history or live reads. What I know from this session is that he played really loose during the re-buy stage, but has been a typical TAG since late reg ended and particularly since we’ve reached the bubble.

    My question then, is this a call with my hand (7d3h).

    I folded, and the table pretty much went fucking mental. Saying that’s an obvious call with any two cards and saying I’d cost one of them a seat.

    My logic was that I am A) 100% behind B) Don’t have a hand that can flop well and C) If I call and lose then I drop to just over 40k, with a 7.5k sb to pay next then a 15k button ante, putting my stack at 19.5k. D) There are 3 other players, after I fold, who will have less chips than me meaning they will likely have to get it in, before I do.

    Don’t get me wrong, I call with a really wide range there I think, just not that wide.

    For info, though it’s irrelvant to the decision making process, Ronnie showed AKo after I folded.

    Thoughts on the decision?

    Live Tells and how much faith to put in them.

    I’m pretty new to live tournaments in general. I mean I’ve played hundreds of home games, but in actual  casino settings I’ve played maybe a dozen, the majority of which have been small buy-in high variance events. My only two cashes of consequence were the £13k event I won years and years ago, and the Megastacks Pokerstars cash I had earlier in the year in London (which was only about $500, but against a much tougher field).

    After three hours of play I’ve got approx 2x starting stack, so about 50k. Most of the table except from one LAG on my right are at around 25k or less. Blinds are 500/800 with an 800 button Ante and I look down at KJo in MP.

    The LAG opens to 1600, it folds to me, and I 3-bet to 4k.

    I three bet to isolate the LAG as I’ve seen him do some crazy stuff, if the isolate is succesful it puts me in position the rest of the hand, with a hand that can flop really well. the cut-off cold calls after checking his hand a few times. It folds back round to the LAG who says something macho like “I’ll let you ladies fight it out”.

    So I’m now OOP against someone who has only joined the table and I know next to nothing about. He only has about 17k in chips after he calls so that’s the effective stack.

    The flop comes QhJd4h – I have two black cards.

    So far, (although bear in mind I know nothing about this guy) play in general has been really loose. I’ve seen UTG open, then get 3 bet by UTG+1, then five cold callers. Lots of guys calling with any two suited cards, any two medium connectors etc.

    Given that that’s what I’ve seen, I’m assuming he can have CC with that sort of range, and I c-bet 4k in to a pot of  11.6k

    My opp calls after about 20 seconds. The turn is a Qc – I check, he checks. The river bricks – I don’t remember exactly what it bricked but it didn’t complete the straight, or the flush and would not have added to any two pair possibilities.

    I check, my opp shoves for his remaining 13k in to a pot of 19.6k

    Now it gets interesting – because I initially and quite happy to fold here. But then I start thinking about the different combos he could have, pocket pairs that call one bet and take the same line, all the flush draws and straight draws that call one bet and take this line. And I find it really difficult to believe he has a Q when he takes this line.

    If I had a Q, on such a draw heavy board, I’d have raised to protect it – and I’d most definitely have bet the turn charging draws instead of giving them a free card.

    I ask him “How much is that?” and he covers his mouth with his right hand, and puts his left hand behind the back of his head flattening his hair. He looks nervous as fuck in general.

    Now I’ve read that people cover their mouths when they’re lying, and often flattening or stroking hair or the neck are things we do to comfort ourselves, but can also be signs of deceit.

    Before he even answers I through chips in pretty sure his range has more bluffs in at, and that his body tells are a sure sign he was bluffing – and he flips up AQo.

    The LAG to my right calls me a fucking idiot, and explains to me that that is an easy fold I should have made.

    So my question:

    Was this a logical call? Or should I have folded? How much faith should be put in ‘live reads/tells’?


    Wednesday night I did win a satellite ticket when two hands after I folded there was a three way all-in and an easy fold for me with pocket fours. So next weekend I will be playing the £35k Gtd.

    Last night I bust out shortly after the break with AKs against the same LAG’s A10o – he informed me I was a moron after 3-bet shoving his raise and he called, and also that he was a genius when he spiked a ten :D

    This weekend there will be very little volume in terms of H SnG’s – going to do 3 hours of study tonight and start reviewing some of the spots over the games I’ve played already, then 4 hours study and review tomorrow.

    Will post about my live adventure next weekend and my online forays next week!

    Keep on grinding folks!


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    Thanks for responding guys,

    I’m feeling a bit shell shocked with the variance to be honest…never experienced anything like it before! I’m going to post a ‘blog’ of some description so will keep that updated with my progress.

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