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    Hi guys,

    I’m trying to learn to calculate how I could construct my river calling ranges.

    Here’s the spot. (Playing on GGPoker so I only can post the hand as a JPG. Sorry for the inconvenience)


    So, I’ve made an assumption that villain is coming to the river with


    I mean, the sets, the made flushes, the missed nut flushes with As, some missed Qs hands.

    When I tried to construct my range of calling the flop, check backing the turn and calling river, I’ve found out that there are only just so few hands


    I might be checking my sets (doubt it a lot!), some TT,JJ,QQ, some nut flushes (doubt it again…) and if I trapped with AA,KK pre sometimes I could follow the line.

    Am I missing something or is it that, I have to bet the turn with all my hands I’m coming to the turn with? I probably have to bet all my flushes, all my slowplayed sets, even TT,JJ,QQ to protect my hand. I’m concluding that I should fold a very big part of my range when villain bets %50 on the river.

    Thanks for reading and helping me grow.



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