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    Weekly update

    Bankroll : $5.41k.

    Here’s a little review of last week. What went really well:

    • Meditation twice a day, at least 30 minutes total, CHECK
    • Cold shower only, CHECK
    • Exercise 2 times a week (more would be really hard to get), CHECK
    • Cut all chocolate, cakes after meals in the evening (COME ON!), DEFINITELY NOT CHECK
    • 3 coffees max per day, CHECK
    • Study for at least 5 hours a week, CHECK
    • 1 grinding sessions, CHECK (2)

    Study sessions were mostly passive (watching preflop videos, starting back at the very beginning) and this week, I will definitely switch back to HRC and maybe some PIO. The problem is that I don’t have any tracker on the sites I play, so difficult to review last hands’ session. But I still have hundreds of 1000’s of hands from last years, so I guess, I could just review them and I take screenshots from important preflop ICM spots. Big data analysis would be definitely good as well, looking at how I digress from GTO.

    Chocolate and shit after the last meal of the day is the big challenge for me. Not that I eat a lot of them, really small portion is good enough for me, and I eat healthy all day. But that’s just a very old habit and I want to get rid of it at some point. Ending a meal has always involved eating some sweet. I guess I could try eating a fruit instead.

    Anyway, here are this week’s goals:

    • Meditation twice a day, at least 30 minutes total (I do mostly 40 minutes, might go to a third time at some point),
    • Cold showers only,
    • NEW Reading on average 30 minutes per day,
    • Exercise 3 times this week,
    • Cut all chocolate and sweets after meals in the evening (at the very least nights when I didn’t exercise),
    • 3 coffees max per day,
    • Study for at least 5 hours a week,
    • 2 grinding sessions (+depending on how I feel on Sunday, once I moved in my apartment, I hope I’ll be able to get 4 sessions/week)

    That’s it for this week. Have an amazing week guys!

    Post count: 286

    Reviewing ICM spots

    Here are some interesting spots I’m currently reviewing from last few sessions. Just posting that here so that I remember the spots better and also to have a place where I can go through them later. So I might do this on a regular basis.

    First spot

    I thought it would be a close one (I only took a screenshot of the hand reviewer so sorry for its quality): PKO on GG, ITM, 18 left, BvB, fairly short (BB=7k). In general, in a no ICM environment, it is definitely a no brainer for me to call a 10bb jam BvB. In-game, I snapped as well and then thought that might be a mistake as I was a middle-ish stack, I thought it could potentially make sense to be a little tighter.

    However, it is definitely an easy call here. While SB should jam 59% of hands, including hands like 53s, T4s and Q7o, I went for a fairly conservative assumption, with only a 42% jamming range. Even then, KJo is a call no matter what:

    Interestingly, there’s basically no ICM pressure here (or at least it is compensated by the bounty of SB). Here’s the same range BvB chipEV:

    Absolutely no difference between the two. Could we conclude that ICM pressure in bounty tournament is negligible before the FT?

    Second spot

    Final table, 4 left. Prices : $411, $313, $239, $182.

    Here the main question was, am I willing to call and flip a coin to bust the short stack (which was a decent reg) but at the same time risk to double him up and basically fall back to his stack size.

    I opted to fold and protect my stack. Assuming that he is trapping with AA/KK and jamming near GTO (around 19%), then it’s basically a whatever spot:

    I opted to fold, which I think is definitely OK as it is really a close spot and the opponent might be sometimes a bit tighter than what he should be so that I’m profitable with my call (not 100% sure he’s jamming J9s/K9s and some of these hands that I crush). Also, I might be in a better spot for future game situations.

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    Hey pendul how’s it going? Just caught up with your blog again its good to see you back. I looked over those ICM spots you posted and thought I’d give my comments.


    KJo hand

    It’s not so clear how deep you are in terms of blinds but looks like a solid call.

    I was wondering about your conclusion when saying that there is no ICM in bounty tournaments before the FT. I’m not quite sure what you meant but the bounty MTTs on GGPoker turn into regular tournaments once you are ITM so this is certainly not a good general rule to apply to other bounty tournaments.

    Also, I noticed that GGPoker tend to have very top heavy structures in their smaller MTTs, like the 10.50 bounty hunters for example. In these top heavy structures, ICM tends to have much less of an impact before the FT. This is likely why you see here that your spot is very similar to chipEV.


    KJs hand

    I liked your analysis. Without seeing what you assigned villain as a rejam range I was also assuming that KJs would be marginal. However, there are some future game/meta reasons that you might want to take a marginal spot here:

    1. More inclined to take the spot if winning this hand makes you CL for the 3-handed part of the FT.

    2. More inclined to take marginal spots vs a reg, especially if the 2 other players are recreational players. It will always be more profitable for you to play vs the recreational players in the 3-handed part of FT than the regs, so busting the reg has some positive future EV implications.


    Just some things to keep in mind and add to your discussion :)


    Look forward to seeing another update soon. I hope your week went well. Good luck.

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