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    Small blind 0.02 big blind 0.05 (not 0.01 – 0.10).

    No information on seat 1 (only 50 hands)

    Seat 6 VPIP – 19%, PFR – 13%, 3bet preflop 2.6%, over 226 hands, so rather tight. That is why I preferred a call preflop instead of a raise. On the flop I decided to check to control the pot and to lose less in case seat 6 had an over pair or AQ that he decided to check on a dry board like this. On the turn i didnt raise because I couldn’t find that many bluffs in my range, I could raise with some gutshots + flushdraws like AT, AJ, T8 but im not sure i would have raised those combos enough against two people, while im in position.  On the river i bet around half pot to get calls from pairs of Q, JJ, TT and eventually some pairs of 9. I’m not sure if it would have been more profitable to bet around pot size or overbet to represent a missed flushdraw or a weak pair that i have decided to turn into a bluff, but i think that seat 6 has a K or a Q way too often for me to have many bluffs at this spot.

    Seat 6 showed AsKc

    Seat 1 showed KsTs

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    Hey, thanks for posting! I’d highly suggest your join the discord app as well if you haven’t as you’ll get lots more feedback on there and there are tons of different sections as well. It’s an amazing place to study, learn, and network.

    I would start by 3betting this hand preflop. Even if the raiser is tight we have a very good hand to 3bet “bluff” as it has great blockers and playability especially in position. If you are newer to the game flatting can be okay too, but as you get more experienced in 3bet pots you should try to avoid having much of a flatting range in the CO at all. You can get away with it at the smaller games, but what eventually starts happening is people will squeeze you out from behind more and also just call from BU and blinds and then we go 3-4 a lot which isn’t great. Going HU with the initiative is always great.

    As played I would like to see a bet on the flop. I think it’s highly unlikely players in this game are employing a checking strategy with strong hands, so I think you’re going to be ahead here very very often. You can easily go for at least 2 streets of value and often 3 streets, so when you’re IP here just start betting. You could check behind some hands like QJs, QTs if you want to have a strongish checking range.

    Turn I would probably just raise too. I wouldn’t worry about not having many bluffs to be honest. This is 5nl and we want to mainly focus on getting value. I know it’s very good practice to think about overall ranges, but there’s also some bluffs you could have here and they can have tons of pair+draw type hands along with worse value hands which we get value from right away and then can win huge pots by the river.

    As played I would bet bigger on the river too. We block top two pair yeah which sucks, but there are also lots of perceived missed draws in our range so we can still get value. Bet something like 3/4-1.5x pot.

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    thank you very much for your answer.


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