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  • spicyp
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    Hey man,

    yea with all those distractions and stress you probably won’t be able to keep up your A-Game for long. I had some hurtful experiences like that  myself :P But if you think it was a mistake that you played, then you can also learn from it.

    Nowadays I only play if I am fully rested and have the day or the afternoon off from work. Then I can focus and am not distracted. But this is only the “ideal” situation which doesn’t happen very often, so I suggest you find what works best for you ;)

    Best of luck in your sessions.



    scooba troopa
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    Thanks a lot for the tips! ;)

    Yeah, i was thinking to play cash after work, so i can decide how much time play and like you said to play mtt when fully rested and no work.

    Good luck mate!

    scooba troopa
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    Hey guys! Yesterday i passed my budget limit for this month of 800€ only after 12 days :D
    But some extra costs, like the dentist and a fine that reach me today by mail of 200€…the speed limit was 30 and i was doing 43 damn!

    The 10th of November i will divide any expenses and see what i can cut and i will have a clear view of my monthly spending.

    Pokerwise like i said i played pretty poorly and my bankroll now is down to 60€, nothing bad cause i still have 4 reaload of 200€ but they are staggered so if i finish this first load i have to wait the 10th of november so now i will play little bit lower.

    I’m still studing with my friend at noon for like 40-45 minute and i think if we keep it costantit will give us some results.

    Last few days, i give up a little cause i was not on my top, after the dentis operation i felt kinda down but i’m back to respect my schedule

    Today i have indoor soccer with friends and tomorrow, same schedule, work, study, work and free night!

    See ya tomorrow! :)


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    scooba troopa
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    Hey, I found this guy that give some tips on how to build some income online .https://passiveincomekingdom.com/new-landing-page

    He has 10 ways or so in his free course . It might help you to get some extra money without cutting down expensess. I have no connection with him but his content seems good . Gl!

    Thanks! i will check it! ;)

    scooba troopa
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    How is going?
    I’m here for my monthly recap and a small update about the 10K Challenge.

    We can start from my life: i’m really happy about how everything is going but i’m not doing my best, at the moment is a long streak of lazyness and i think i’m reaching the point where i cannot go on like this anymore.
    I’m not putting enough effort in workout, meditation and healthy lifestyle.
    I was struggling also when i was playng poker full time, so i think is normal to struggle now that i work 9 hours/day, and the little time i have at evening i have to divide it between girlfriend, poker, workout, friends and also some rest.

    – 6 months has passed since i started the new job. I really like it compared to all others factory jobs i’ve done in the past. is still heavy especially phisically but i don’t mind, i consider it workout, and they pay me to do it ahahahahah
    The bad side is that i’m tired at the end of the day and sometimes i cannot use that free time as much as i want. But in general i’m really happy to quit the other factory and come here.

    – Poker: i’m playing and also studing a little. I still love this game and i love it everyday more and more. I just bought the elementary cash game course cause mostly i’m playing cash and i will check the cash game channel on Discord more often
    I still have to gain some confidence but i think i can beat NL25 here on Stars.it.

    10K Challenge: i started the challenge around half October but i begin to play seriously around the half of November. Since then i put 600 euros on the poker room, and i decided to put 200€ every month because instead that save that money with some bank investement ect i’m sure that with poker i will have more financial interest. So at the end of 2020 the amout i will need in the cashier to win will be 12.800€.
    This is my strategy: i play cash and i will use all the money that are over the money i’ve deposited to play mtt till 100€ of BI
    I’ve played mostly cash but also some mtts. I ran good, i was lucky but i don’t complain about it ahahahah
    I’m running over EV and i’m happy about it ;)

    Some info

    Hands played 30k
    BB/100/100: 14
    EV BB/100: 12
    I’m a 30/24 with a 3bet of 15 but i’m working on it :D i’m just trying to understand the field and the game
    I’ve runned super hot when i shooted the NL100 and run bad at NL10 so i’m winning waaaay more than expected

    I’ve lost 600€ in betting, i was trying a system of mine but i quitted with all progressions open cause obv most of the time i’m betting against the odds so no reason to try betting…i don’t even like football that much!

    MTT Played: 100, winning 111€

    At the moment my bankroll is at 1741.99€

    Net profit for the challenge so far 1141€…too bad for those 600 lost in betting, damn Me!

    I will try to write more than once a month, i admit it make me feel good to write…especially here, i feel there are so positive and motivated people.

    See ya guys, i’m still trying to crush, what about you? :D



    scooba troopa
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    Hi guys! Some news here, next days me and my gf will see a couple of apartaments cause we want to live together.
    I’ve decided that i will use my poker bankroll to cover 4/5 months of rent and bills.
    I will keep 100€ to continue with the challenge, obv will be harder cause i will be forced to play lower stakes but who cares, i did this challenge for fun, and obv i will win the challenge anyway :D :D
    I’m really happy about this, cannot wait to return and live on my own.

    Pokerwise i’m playing pretty bad lately, spewing around but is ok cause i’m not used to cash and i have to learn sooooo much!

    At the end of February i will cashout and update the challenge.

    I’m going to link a video that was really inspiring, motivating me to think about what we usually forget: how lucky we are!

    See ya


Viewing 7 posts - 661 through 667 (of 667 total)
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