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    Thats the hand, preflop is besides the point, didn’t have much info on CO seemed on the tighter side. BB was a loose aggro fish.

    Raising range

    Raising Range

    Wasn’t sure about peeling 88 in a 4way pot. Anyway I wanted to ask about how both ranges look like. To me it seems like I am raising too strong and too much probably. Maybe I should have more calls OTF? Chose K9s and KTs (with BFD)  as bluffs blocking some of his top pairs/overpairs and having nice turns to barrel. Should I be peeling a hand like AJs with BFD here?

    This is my first post on RYE forums and a new kind of studying for me so sorry if its kinda all over the place. I purchased the Apprentice Masterclass like 3 weeks ago and I play 5-20 dollar tourneys mostly on pokerstars. I want to start doing more serious studying so what I need right now is someone to tell me if I am on the right track, what I did wrong, maybe some tip to get my frequencies better? Just some rough guidelines. Thanks in advance for any input.




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    Hey thanks for posting!

    I’m assuming your top range is hands you’re just flatting with? And the second is a potential raising range?

    I would say we don’t want to have much of a raising range IP here 4 way, given the board is fairly dry so we’d want to just be calling with our sets and 2 pairs. So imo I would be looking to mainly just flat my whole continuing range. I don’t play tourneys however.

    The flatting range looks pretty good to me though. The medium pocket pairs seem very close as he’s betting into 3 people and they have a tough time improving, so I could either way there.

    As played I think it’s fine. River we should have just enough showdown value to check back.

    I would highly suggest joining the discord app if you haven’t. You’ll get a lot more feedback on there from full time tourney players. The value of it is just crazy and the more active you are on there the more you’ll get out of it.

    Good luck!

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    Got it. Thanks for the HU!

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