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    The Intern has a new video out. I really like it he gets better and better. And its very funny to see him becoming a nerd. He was up to 7am to finish editing. Normally we go to bed at like 10. Hes just so happy of all the things he can do with the computer and the internet.


    I’m in Miami atm to visit some friends. And with my intern I finally got into our heads. That work comes first. So even it’s our first day here in Miami we spend the whole day in the coworking space. I work on some new RYE stuff you will hear from soon, he is educating himself on vlogging and exploring the internet.

    While travelling I finished the first book of the list (probably one of the thinner ones).


    It is different than I expected and the main thing I learnt from it is to use a concrete and logic way of communicating of what I want to communicate. I just experience that helps a lot also in relationships and also with girls. Concrete words, compliments and expression have more power than general stuff, since they are authentic.

    When you communicate to an audience you should also try to be as logic as possible. It is tough to explain this in a way it is taught by the book. But can definitely recommend it.

    Also a funny story. On the flight to Miami I met a 30 year old girl and had a conversation with her for the whole flight, about art, travel, food and work.  The first 3 things I just started to cultivate myself in and a year or 2 ago I would not been able to have a convo like this,  especially in english, since I was a full nerd. But I have to say it makes life more exciting.

    Most excited Im at the moment about keep reading the list of the Top 100 books tho :)

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    Going to look into that first book soon! sounds like a good read

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    Feels good to see hard work pay off. Also totally correct about the compliments. Showing that you’ve got the eye for details and are able to put them into nice words is a lot more impressive and personal than just some general over the top stuff…

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    I told the Intern that he has to put out even more frequently in smaller parts. And so this video should normally just a part of a bigger video. But getting 2-3 videos out a week is important on youtube and I feel like he should also get more into the talking.

    He changed to standing and I can feel his energy and I really like his style. This video is also a bit more background info about what he is doing


    Make sure to subscribe ;)

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    yes, standing up really makes a difference. has a lot more energy that way. gg

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    I just bought the 5-second-journal here in LA, when I was looking for the 5-minute journal and they did not have it.



    Even though the reviews are mixed. I like it a lot, it has little challenges for each day. Yesterday it was a cold shower, today it is 20 min of journaling. What I’m doing right now. I think guided journaling really makes it easier to stick with. There are just some days, where you don’t have the motivation to write on blank pages. Also I like the question they ask me.


    How I feel today, why I feel like this today, what could I do to feel better. Than what my top goal is for today and what are my steps towards it.


    To write for 20 mins I have to go back a little bit and I want to review the last couple of months. Back in September I had anxiety and depression attacks for the first time in my life. It got worse and worse till January. It was a time after some drastic changes. I moved away from my hometown, had no home anymore, got into new social circles and also experienced things I have never thought of before. I’m also talking about cool, exciting and exclusive stuff. But feeling so bad one day that I wanted to get antidepressants from a walk-in doctor I started as usual in my life to reflect what I did. And tried to find ways to become happier again. It wasn’t like a key moment or something, but a process that switched. Instead that it got worse it became better. Step by Step I started to do things that are associated with more happiness and that made someone feel good.

    I just talked with my father and he said something very interesting. Very often in life you establish a lot of habits that make you feel good an successful, but when everything and good and cool again you start to think, maybe I don’t need to this anymore maybe I can stress this a bit and than it is when it’s start going into the wrong direction. For me it wasn’t  even that my life wasn’t good anymore. I just didn’t feel good anymore. That’s where I also realized it’s not at all about extrinsic success or extrinsic pleasures in general.

    It has not been the first but the hardest down period of my life, so it took me quite some effort to get out of it, so I started slowly with a lot of different things that should help me. From Mid-January on it went up again. I started to workout more regularly. I took care that I’m with friends more often. I focused a lot on work. Set new goals and challenges. Implemented Routines. Took more care of myself also. Stuff like skincare. Went into the sun and travelled to happy places. I am not yet at the happiest times of my life, but I am way more happier. I drink way less and way more rarely. I drink way less coffeine, eat more healthy, stopped the occasionally xanax(sleep) or modafinil(hustle) pill, drink more water and so on. I also took mentor lessons to communicate better and more concrete with girls and other people, which helped to reduce emotional burdens of situations that I swallowed before in my life. I even read spiritual stuff, like the stuff from Eckhart Tolle and other theories of how to be happy. I know it’s not in best writing style, but I want to add also that I occasionally produced stuff for the Youtube Channel.

    I don’t know what exactly caused the change, but it’s probably a mix. A big takeaway from the time is that I now listen way more to my feelings and take it as a feedback. Now I’m back with a lot of cool habits:


    • meditation
    • Learning english vocabs everyday(knudge.me only for androids)
    • Skincare
    • Exercise
    • Way more often journaling
    • Better eating habits
    • Reading 100 best books for education ( http://onehundredbestbooks.com )

    There is a lot of stuff that I still want to implement. But Rome wasn’t built in a day.

    • Cold Showers
    • Getting back to 87kg
    • Back to PRs with Deadlift and Squats
    • Coding as an mind exercise
    • Getting better in producing
    • Stricter Schedule

    The happiness has also a big effect on other areas. I think I’m way more productive, confident and have a way different auro. Also for my next Youtube Video I just talked 8 minutes straight and did not cut the video except for one cut in the beginning. I didn’t even had to use a script. Of course this on one side is the collected experience in english and with talking in front of the camera, but I feel the confidence is also pushing it a lot. That makes producing so much easier. For easy topics I basically need 15 Minutes to record and than I could outsource editing or edit on my own in like 30 Mins.


    I could keep talking, but I want to have topics for the future entries also.

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    Very interesting stuff Julian. Sounds like the heck of a journey. And honestly: The most rewarding journey is the journey inwards. I don’t know how anxiety attacks feel but I have a long history with depression that only got better after starting to take anti-depressants (Cymbalta) which I’m still on. But I have to agree whole-heartedly to your plan in changing your life in a way that makes it more rewarding to yourself. That’s the best anti-depressant there is in the long run. In the short run pills might be more effective, but they are absolutely no replacement for positive change in your life.

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