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    My name is Simon and I come from Lithuania. I am currently studying at Erasmus University Rotterdam. I am 20 years of age, doing international economics major here in the Netherlands (1st year). I have posted a thread on 2plus2 forum before, calling it classics, as where I discussed the classic issue of job/studies/poker choice.

    However, here I am addressing another issue of my personal life. First of all, let me start of with the story of mine. I have been playing poker for a bit over the year, managing to get over 15k of profits (sharkscope- simugis) obviously I had and still have no idea about poker, I just got very lucky a few times, therefore I managed to scoop some of the scores, to prove my point you can see in the graph that its all so called “binks”.

    So next chapter: from the money I have won, I paid all of my rent throughout the year, which is not as cheap in the Netherlands, I have paid for my studies, I have paid for my all around stuff such as groceries and all that. I also invested in a coach, his name is Grayson Nichols (Absolutely chill, super cool guy). I then was staked by the guy named Nick, from Canada, pretty chill guy himself..The conclusion of this paragraph is that I had no money at the end of may.

    Where am I getting at. Of course, given that I have been staked, coached and currently losing money is a very big issue, therefore I wanted to try raise your edge course. I can not afford it. Keeping the studies or poker decision out of the equation, I wanted to hear your guys opinion on how does one improve at poker himself? Yes I have heard about icmizer, equilab which I have used myself in the past. But nothing really seems to cut it in for me, that is why I thought maybe raise your edge would be the answer.

    The kick. The reason I am calling this spoiled poor kid, because I am very spoiled, I admit that, however I am not in the greatest of spots in my life right now, really having the bottom of my range here to be honest, I have been diagnosed with a depression, which a lot of you guys, will think/say that it is just weak personality and weak psychology of one, to which I can not disagree. It really is a bother to me to choosing between studies/poker, but the reason I am writing here, is because I wanted to ask if I were to pursue part-time poker with my studies, how should I improve myself, is raise your edge the answer, and what would be the advice of you guys, to get the money for the course.

    Of course I assume you all understand the third word of the name of the thread and that there is no reason for explaining that, given my writing here.

    Thank you very much for your time.


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    Hey Simon thanks for stopping by! And thanks for being so honest about your situation.

    The main thing is that you’re still very new to the game. A year of experience is really nothing in the grand scheme of things. So I think maybe your early rungood gave you some false expectations about the game. As you know there is a ton of variance involved and all you can do is try to keep improving and play as well as you can. You will need to have a ton of patience and pain tolerance if you’re serious about playing for a living. It’s all possible of course and it you’re definitely on the right path searching for knowledge. As Ben always preaches the most important thing you can do is surround yourself with people who will help and support your journey. This is so important in poker. I would highly suggest joining the discord app if you haven’t and reaching out to other players in the “content-meet-ups” section on there. Try to form a study group. Or post in the general section or life improvement section about your story. There are tons of people who are willing to help if you’re open to it. Just keep pushing for it. Try to post hands in the tourney section too. Just being super active and engaging your thoughts will help a ton. Basically just get involved! You’ll be surprised what can come of it and you ask. You can also talk about your depression issues in there. Nobody will respond to you in the way you’ve stated above . There have been tons of guys will similar stories talking about it and everyone is really helpful and encouraging.

    When you say that using the tools doesn’t cut it for you what do you mean exactly? Do you feel they’re not necessary or that you are just unsure how to apply them to your game?

    Anyways hopefully this helps a bit. let us know if you have any more questions. Also you can start a blog in the MTT section on this site. Always a good idea to get your thoughts and goals down  in writing.


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    By saying it does not work I mean both. I feel like it is very inefficient the methods that I have been learning and I am not sure as how one does really improve. If I could see a point in something I could do it non stop, hence get good at the game

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    Don’t waste your time with this kid, clueless, lazy and disrespectful.

    I wasted a few months coaching him, I spoon fed him everything he needed to succeed, I win at around 22bb/100 since we started working together and yet he is -bb and trust me I gave him everything he needed to succeed.

    You know how many tournies he was playing A WEEK when we were together? 6-8, yep 6-8 and you know what he said apart from making excuses when we started? “Oh I can grind hard on Saturdays and Sundays.” Did he ever? NOPE, we were probably together 8-10 weeks and not ONCE did he grind hard on his “free weekends.” He has no desire to succeed, he just wants to hear himself talk which is why I caught him lying to me about simple shit that I can verify.

    Eventually I stopped the poker thing because it was clear it wasn’t going anywhere, but we kept in touch with me trying to help  him through his depression, sending him useful articles, just being a friend etc.

    Very recently he has the audacity to ask me for 200 hands after he told me he’s choosing school over poker, lol as if I’m supposed to spoon feed someone like him even more information, anyways I’m a good guy so I tell him “create a video going over your own hands and I’ll give you some feedback at my own leisure.” He does, so I tell him “go do something for me on a few forums” which would take him maybe 30-40 minutes tops (probably 20 minutes), he says “I don’t need you to review my hands anymore.” So he can’t invest 30-40 minutes of his own time to get feedback from one of the best HU PKO Zoom players (in that format) for about the SAME TIME (our times aren’t equivalent in value obviously. That says it all:
    Will not grind
    Goes back on his own word
    Takes, takes, takes
    Doesn’t realize who is more valuable

    Wants to be spoonfed information, he has been given advice by me, 2+2 and now this forum


    Avoid him like a leper, unless you like having your time wasted because trust me he is ALL TALK.

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    What i did was get the 6 max hyper course first, cheaper version is like under 100 dollars and you can use it to grind the money for the masterclass. In case you need basic solid pre flop adaptation theory, basic postflop and it also teaches you how to use calculation programs to study resteal senarios.

    Maybe you already know that stuff, if you do you can definitely grind up the money, just go slow.

    If you are spoiled, as so many of ous are due to belief systems in society, you need to learn to express gratitude. Some write it down each day, or say it out loud during the day but it is absolutely crucial. Without gratitude in some form you will always feel poor no matter how much money you have.

    Thanks for sharing!

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    Whether it’s RYE or anything else (I would highly recommend RYE to anyone who wants to take poker really seriously), I feel like you might miss something crucial : these courses basically give you the direction you should follow to learn the game. They give you the keys to learn, but nobody can do the work for yourself.

    You’ll have to spend hours on end studying the game, playing with ICMizer/HRC and equilab if you want to have a change at beating the game. Poker is beatable but like anything in life, you have to invest a lot of time and effort if you want to succeed in it.

    Good luck for your journey!

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