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    I watched the video where Ben reviews hands with Lex. I see Lex limping with 60BB eff, from the SB with ATo.

    Ben’s comment on that is: That should always be a raise.

    But when i look in the Range viewer it says: AT0 is limp/raise or limp/call <3.5

    Why is there such a big difference in how to play this hand? I know the ranges are not carved in stone, but this is very confusing to me.

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    This is a hand in which all 3 options are viable, so I wouldn’t put much mental energy into it tbh. I know this may not be the answer you’re looking for, but there are so many spots in NLH where we can do multiple things without sacrificing much EV. So I think the best way to approach things is to pick one option which you will be using as a default and then make the adjustments, if any, if there is a good reason to (ex…BB is very loose passive, we want to just raise this ATo hand 100%). This way you won’t need to think much ingame which is the goal to internalizing the info and moving on to more prudent questions.

    You could also ask around in the discord app for further advice, but honestly as I said I really don’t think it’s worth much mental energy when the multiple options are essentially similar.

    If you have any further questions let me know and I can ask Ben directly as well…


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    Yea, i figured something like that. Just because he gives 2 options, and they both are limping options, i was confused he said, its Always a raise. So thats where it comes from. But anyway, thanks for your answer.

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