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    Nice 2 C all of you are getting such great results. But somehow it just doesn’t work for me…

    I know the odds, pot odds, implied odds etc. Equity, exploiting etc are no mystery either.

    I thought the elementary course from Fammout86 would do me good, but neh, I’m running worse.

    2 many, bad beats, regular beats and coolers are taking me down. Although I play very low stakes, it’s getting to me.

    Mentaly, but also financily because I hate losing.

    So I guess I’ll have 2 say goodbye 2 poker soon, because the online BR is shrinking fast!


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    Sorry to hear man. Maybe if you take a break it will give you time to reflect on whether you really want to keep pursuing poker as a hobby or to potentially to make money. There’s no doubt the game is filled with pain and the variance is unavoidable. If it’s making you very unhappy then it’s not a healthy habit IMO. If you’re thinking about pushing through though I’d suggest looking at creating a study/support group. It will help you with your mental game and dealing with the swings a lot. And of course will help you improve quickly if you’re around the right people. You can look in the discord app in the “content-meet-ups” section. Everyone needs support when times get tough.

    good luck with any future endeavors if this is it…..

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    Thx 4 the support Mariano. It’s particulary frustrating because I was a winning player years ago. But bad BR management took away much of my winnings and I cashed the pluspart of the remaining. Was winning online mainly in cash and live in cash and mtts. Played homegame with Kenny Hallaert etc…

    I know, the games got harder… But then again I believe I’m a way better player now, then I ever was. A leak that I do have is defending the SB/BB 2 much, so working on that one anyway.
    I don’t realy want to quit poker, because I love the game so so much. So I prolly take the advice and look for a study/support group. I still have hope! (more than money ;) )

    ps, as I was writing this, I won the 1$,   750$GTD. Got to start somewhere…

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    Meanwhile I’ve gotten a 23th en 24th place in the 5$ & 4$. Wich almost makes no profit.

    On the other hand, with the tactics I learned here I lost my full bankroll. Not blaming the tactics tho… running extremely bad. Losing 8 coinflips in a row. Overbetting & checkraising flush heavy boards, but they hit 9/10! F kidding me! Set over set, some runner runners against and missing the open ended flush draws.

    Another extremely weird thing I was undergoing was the following: 4 out of 5 times (of last 8K hands) when I had AA in BB and someone blindshoved a hand like 84s they won! WTF

    Al “big pots” considering the stakes (5/10ct & 8/16ct). After that I kinda like tilted the remaining 45$.

    I’m pissed and feeling like shit. Still have starpoints that I can swap, but what’s the point???


    Gl all :'(

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    Hey man, I’m sorry to read you’re going through a rough stretch.

    I really don’t want to sound mean or anything, I’m only trying to help here. Everybody is running bad sometimes ; that’s the way poker works (and everyone feels like he’s running worse than everyone else ; that’s the way the human mind works). Being aware of it is the first step to success.

    At the end, if you want to succeed, you’ll face countless bad beats and suckouts. Either you accept and work with that, or poker is simply not for you. I mean, you need to be a bit fucked up or masochist to agree to come back to the tables over and over again while on a downswing, working countless hours for a month and lose money.

    Also, you talked about bad bankroll management in your first posts. But it seems you’re still not using a good one. From what you’ve said in your posts, I’d be quite surprised if you had the bankroll to play NL16/NL10, and for that matter, maybe even NL5.

    If you want to succeed, be patient, it’s going to take time. You might have the skill to play a lot higher, but if you don’t have the bankroll to play above NL2, then play NL2. Period. Nobody can win in the long term with a 20 Buyins bankroll management. If you do that, you’ll go broke 100%. Enjoy the process, use that time playing micro stakes to learn the game and improve your knowledge but also your tilt issues. Don’t focus on short term results and use good bankroll management. Always question yourself. Work your ass off. That’s it.

    But if you play poker for quick and easy money, just quit. You’ll save a lot of time, money and energy.

    At the end, whatever you do, the receipt for success is often pretty simple, yet not easy to apply :

    • Be accountable for your actions and what happens to you (stop blaming variance or someone else),
    • Work hard,
    • Be patient (anything valuable takes time).

    Whatever you decide, good luck mate, wish you all the best!

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    I second all that pendul7 said. Not to be harsh but it appears you might not have the appropriate mindset  for poker, at least at the present moment.  The variance sucks and is very painful, but writing posts complaining about it on here is really just a step backwards in your development. It can be good to vent though so I understand. But I would recommend just using a personal diary for that. Again, it may sound harsh, but nobody cares to read it because everyone goes through it. You want to avoid feeling like a victim whenever possible.

    How often are you studying? And what methods are you using? Those are the main things you should focus on.

    I hope you can get the strength to overcome this. As I said in an earlier post, try to find a team to build up with. You’ll find it helps a ton.

    good luck and keep us updated!


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