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    hey guys,

    I just want to make sure I correctly understand the range adjustments Ben talks about at the end of the preflop theory video.

    Let’s say I’m in CO with 70BB, BU has 40BB, SB has 30BB, and BB has 15BB (i.e. a potential reshove stack). What opening range would you use here from the charts (i.e. the 30BB chart?  the 20BB chart?)

    I understand Ben said to use to adjust to the effective stack size , so in this case that would be the 20BB range,  but that seems a bit tight if I’m sitting at 70BB, no?

    Looking forward to your thoughts!

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    Hey mate,

    If the biggest stack left if 40bb, then effective stack size is 40bb and you should use that. No point in using any other range. Even if you have 70bb you won’t be able to use them at any point in the hand. If you have 100bb and everyone else has 12bb or less, then you should be in a push or fold mode.

    Additionally, with <20bb stacks, you should also consider the gap between your raise-calling and raise-folding range.

    Hope this helps!

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    Thanks man for clarifying, yea that confirms what I thought — just wanted to be 100% sure  :-)

    I do struggle with range adjustment with potential reshove stacks (<20BB) playing behind when I’m a mid to large stack at the table.  I’m assuming that’s what you mean by adjusting the “gap between your raise-calling and raise-folding range” in these spots.

    I’m not familiar with the details behind this concept.  I just tighten up my range a bit in these situations but somewhat arbitrarily.  Hopefully this will be covered later on in the MTT masterclass as I am just starting the course ;-)

    thanks again!



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    Am I misunderstanding something? Everywhere I’ve read and learnt the effective stack size is always the lowest stack so in this case effective stack size is 15bb from the Big Blind !

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    The relative stack size should be either your stack size if players who are involved in the hand have bigger stacks than you, or conversely whoever has the biggest stack of the other players if you have the biggest stack.

    For example if it’s folded to you in the SB and you have 100bb and the BB has 25bb then eff stack size is 25bb

    If it’s folded to you in the CO and you have 100bbs and the BU has 150bbs and both blinds have say like 40bb then the eff stack size will be yours (100bbs). But if the BU then folds then the eff stack size with be the 40bbs of the blinds.

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