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    CO – 49/11 with an aggression of 62%, Steal range of 30% ish and a fold to 3 bet of 14% = over 267 hands

    BTN – 48/9 with an aggression with an aggression of 8% over 80 hands

    Looking back i think i should have gone at a larger sizing for value, especially since both players were fish who called to wide and original raiser is probable quite inelastic to size. I was tight on time.

    But my real question here is whats the best line here on the flop? I believe checking is best to start, but how are you reacting? Environmentally how wide would you guys expect an aggro tard to just jam here?

    Im guessing here he can play a fair amount of Ax like this, but also maybe he jams some hands for protection. The question is do we see it enough?

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    I’d also like to see a bit bigger of a raise pre.

    Flop fold is good imo when he shoves 3 way there. There are literally no draws present.

    This is a spot where I’d just be checking full range vs 2 people so we have tons of Ax to snap him with.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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