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    This spots is from MTT SNG. All 3 players are regs on those stakes. I feel like by limp/folding I am allowing BB to punish me too much, so decided to peel with very playable SC. Should our range just by reponding by limp/jaming most of a time? Calling some playable hands and traps perhaps? I know that IP is capable of putting a lot of pressure postflop due to ICM tax. My question is, because of his sizing am I allow to have a allin range? Seems like it’s very face up. I decided to go for as I expect villain to be overbluffing and putting max pressure with this huge sizing, generating the most FE vs my capped weak range.

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    With 25bb we dont need to have just limp/jam strategy. Deff some limp/folds and limp /calls. I would also have raising range still, because i think he will not go nuts vs us. Im not sure if bb is reg, just because of his really big flop sizing. On flop with flush draws even vs his sizing oop is best to jam i think. If he is aggro pre he would come to this flop with a lot of garbage hands. I would say wp.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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