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    Hey, i like your goals for this 2019, i wish you the best of luck!

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    Hey guys,

    Just wanted to do a short update. Still not a lot of poker as I am still working on my master thesis.   I had set my self some goals outside of poker and I want to recap how I am doing an those:

    • read more (1x book x month) -> still working on my first one. I just dont take enough time to read. It is not hard to read a book a month but often I am using my time not reading but watching tv or Twitch instead. So I need to work on taking some more time for reading.  I like the idea of reading before sleeping and taking some time of screen at the same time.
    •  Keep my meditation routine (1x day) and try to implement 2nd session when possible -> doing good here. Not often made it to 2nd session but I do meditate every day and tried some longer meditations (30 minutes) which is interesting and will keep doing. On my app (waking up course) there are some 45 and 60 minutes one which I will try out.
    •  at least 4x workouts per week -> nearly 100%. Missed it last week because I was feeling a little bit ill for couple of days but still got 3 days in so really good! Will be bulking till the end of february and then start to cut weight. Bulking is going good. I am up 4kg since beginning to bulk in December. Not so happy with me eating a little bit too much of “shitty food” like sweets and that kind of stuff. Calorie wise  it is not a problem as I am bulking but it makes me more sleepy and low energy. So willl be trying to eat cleaner again and still be in a calorie +.
    • start seing my grandma more regularly as she is getting really old and you never know. -> saw her couple of times but I could go there more often  just to say hello and chat with her for a couple of minutes as she lives near by. Really dont want to regret not doing this soon.
    •  use my phone less (esp. mindless usage) -> starting with not using my phone in bed and not using it in the mornig (at least first 30m) but for my meditation – using my phone way too much and mindless a lot of the time but I am working on it. Also not using it in bed which is good and the first minutes of the day but still lots of room for improvement
    • do 1x amazing holiday to a new county/area w my girlfriend -> flights are boooked !!! Going to Kuala Lumpur and fly back from Singapur in Juli/August
    •  Have an honest talk with my parent about my plans/dreams for the futurebeeing a more honest person in general -> not done yet. Will have to do it once I am done with my master thesis


    I Played around 2 sessions per week. Mostly Friday night and then Saturday/Sunday. I played 246 tournaments which is not too bad. At least I expected worse. Resup wise it was the best month of my life. Hitting my biggest score ever winning the 10€ Storm on pokerstars.es and winning a 10€ PKO pokerstars as well as some other dep runs. So this was really nice but I know I was on the rigth side of variance in the important spots. Study wise month was not that good. I tried to squeeze in some study session before I start to play and also got some sessions in with my study group, but will have to work a lot more (and plannng to) in the future.

    So I finally got my deadline for my Master Thesis and it is the 3.04 but I am planning to finish it earlier. I am trying to get it done till somewhen in March (better earlier then later) but I will have to see.  More important is that I have to stop procrastinate in a lot of spots and start the really important work (which is obv the stuff I dont want to do). I just have to prioritise my thesis again, to finally get it done and then I can keep moving forward.

    • Goals
      • till end of month write atleast one page each day! (7 per week)
      • put away phone and other distractions while working on it and being more foucused

    As I think about it becomes clear that writing this blog was also a way of procrastinating. It is something I wanted to do and was on my to-do list but now was not te best time to do it. I did it now because it feels like doing something useful but still not doing what I should be doing (which is writing on my master thesis). Will work on geting better at this.

    Thats it for today. See you soon lads!


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    Thanks for your blog and honest thoughts, it’s really nice!

    What’s your Master thesis about? What is your Master in?

    For the mindless time spent on your smartphone, something that helps me quite a lot is an app called “YourHour”. It’s tracking the time you spend on every apps, along with the number of time you unlock your phone per day (the numbers are honestly crazy!) and you get daily reports. It has nice features, you can then set objectives per day and you can also block specific apps after some time each day, like 20-30 minutes of instagram and then you can’t access it anymore (well you can but it’s a pain in the ass). And when you open an app, there’s a counter of the time you’ve spent on it today. Nice reminder that time flies!

    Finally, for the procrastination problem about your thesis, what I found interesting when I was writing mine was instead of setting time objectives (like I’ll spend 8 hours working on that s*** today), I tried setting “productive” objectives (like, today I finish chapter XY), and once you’re done you do whatever you like. For me it worked very well, the productivity was much higher because you don’t wait for time to pass, and the faster you do it, you longer you have for yourself.

    I don’t know if it makes sense, but just some suggestions.

    Anyway, cheers and good luck for your journey!

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    Hey Pendul, Glad you like it. I am writing my thesis in history. It is about the local parliament here in Cologne during the end of Weimarer Republic.

    I will check out the app, this sound good. And I also really like your idea of setting productive goals. I have been working with this before and also found this really helpful. probably time to get back at it again.

    Thanks  for your feedback!


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    What up guys,

    another short and boring non (or a little) poker update. Still in the middle of my master thesis and will not be able to finish it earlier then my deadline (or at least not much). Have done most of the writing but have to review a lot and still a lot of work to do before I can call it done. In the last blog I set myself the goal to write a page everyday which I did not do. In hindsight it also doesnt make to much sense because everytime you sit down to write you have to incorporate again which takes time so it is more effective to write on a couple of days and do other stuff on ther other days like reviewing or researching. Which worked good for me is that I forced myself to sit down and start writing even if its not good. For me the hardest part is to actually write and after that it is easier to improve the written pages again and again. So less procastinating the last couple of weeks even if there is still a lot of room for improvement.

    • Reading: Still not taking enough time. But nearly finished with the first one and listened to “Cant hurt me” by David Goggins. Really nice auido version with some podcast elements in it which are very interesting. The guy is a beast. Absolut sicko.  So going start the next book soon. Still aiming for 15 minutes a day which is not a lot of all and there are no real excuses for not doing it. Also thinking about a “book journal” in which I write some notes about every book I read which makes it easier to remember and to revisit.  Cant remmber where I got the idea from but it sounds super useful.
    • Meditating: Doing good here. Nearly everyday right after I get up. Also noticed that I miss it when I am not doing it which is a good sign. I also really enjoy the feeling after longer sessions (30 or 45 mins) and looking to do some more of them.
    • workouts: Doing good. Was a little bit ill last week but other then that always hitting at least 4 days per week and more often 5 or 6. Stopped bulking now and finished at around 85kg and now looking to loose a bunch of fat again. Want to get below or around 80 kg again.  For that reason I started to do some intermittent fasting again. I start to eat at around 12 and eat till around 9 o’clock. Looking to move that to 13/14.00 – to 9. I would like to end eating earlier so I dont eat so late before going to bed but due my working hours (till 8) its not possible as I am hungry after and can not eat while working.
    • phone usage: Doing okay. I do still too often just take my phone and unlock it with no reason. But I try to just it away more often and especially when i am with friends. ALso starting to use “Yourhour” app which seems to help.  I am using phone around 1 hour – 1.15 on average per day which seems to be lower then average but I think it is still a lot. But in general I dont mind using my phone that much if I use it mindful. If I want to watch some twitch and do it on my phone I dont mind my usage time going up. I am more worried about mindlesnes unlocking my phone and interrupting whatever I am doing in this moment.  So the “unlocking” number  is more relevant for me and I do it around 60x per time which seems absurd If  you think about it (although it is way under average). Still I dont like it and will be trying to get this number down.
    • Poker: Playe another couple of sessions on the weekends. Had another sick month for me resultswise with a win in a 3$ hyper and a 2nd place in a 10€ PKO as well as some other good runs. Still on a sick heater for this year  although I am not putting in a lot of volume and study. Study wise I finished the mastering 3- bets pots video and took a bunch of notes. Also did two sessions with my study group in which we focused on 3 bet Pots and did some Pio analysis as well.  Next step will be to do the Call to Action and when I do it I will make sure to post it here.  For the next weeks till finishing my Master I just try to get as much study in as possible and still try to play ca. 2 sessions a week. Just a little over 3 weeks till I am done! Looking forward to it

    Thanks for reading guys. Keep it up.


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    As I told you I read “Cant Hurt me” and Goggins is always talking about getting out of your comfort zone. So saw a advertising for a marathon in my city and just registered for it. I am not a big runner at all but I wanted to do a marathon for longer and now just without thinking about it too much I just did it. So certainlywill be out of my comfort zone. Not only the run itself bu also the training as well.  The Marathon is far a way as it is in october. But training wise I better start earlier then later. So new goal ist to get at least one run each week as addition to my workouts in the gym.


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    I DID IT!

    I finished my Master thesis and handed it in. Finally. Could I have done it faster and more effective? Yes, for sure but it is done now at least. So from now on till november I will have quite some free time which I plan to invest in poker and see how thos goes and see what I can achieve. In november I will revaluate my situation and see how it went and then decide how I precede.  My long term goal is to go pro some day. This does NOT need to happen in november but I want to see if there is a possibility and then take it. Do I have the results to back that up now? Am I good enough for that? No, but i can get there if I work hard and continue to improve? YES. For now I will continue to give german lessons 3 days/week (around 15 hours per week) in the afternoon for immigrants which will provide me enough money to pay my bills, food and so one. So there is now actual pressure for me making any money at poker.

    So, how will I in november know how I did? As it is dangerous to set money goals in poker I have to find other parameters to measure my succes. I want to set myself goals which I can control:

    • Volume: Planing on playing 4/5 sessions a week. Goal should be to play minimum of 100 games-> 450 ( put some up top) a month. I will be playing MTTs and some MTT SNG in the end of my sessions but probably around 95% of volume are going to be MTT. I will be playing day schedule, so start in the morning and play till afternoon/evening
    • Study: 10h/per week. I will continue to work with the Raise your edge masterclass. First topic will be Mastering 3 bets pots which I already started. I am planing on rewatching the video and then starting to do the call to actions. Then will continue with “shortstack play” as I know this is a weak point in my game. Also want wo work with my study group and do review sessions with them to get feedback from others. For feedback I also  want to get way more active in Discord: Post more of my hands but also give more feedback to hands from others. I will make a more detailed plan on my study process next week and then post it here.
      • I need to work on my Mental game and want to start reading mental game of poker again.

    I think Volume and study are the most important variables I have control over and I should focus on them.

    • Stakes? I had a really good year so far in terms of results (despite my low volume) playing an Average Buy in of 5,3$. As I am executing a conservative BRM I want to be playing with at least 600 ABI. At the moment I am playing too over rolled with aroeu 1.4k ABI and I am planing to move up a bit. I will not move up as much as I could BRM wise as I am not sure if I beat those higher stakes. At the moment I am playing everything up to 11$/11€ and now will start to add some 16.50 and stuff ( will have to take a look at the schedule I will be playing and see which are available) and slowly move up that ABI in the direction 10$ but I will be adjusting depending on how it goes.
    • As for now I am playing only on pokerstars.eu and .es and partypoker but want to add Natural/888/winimax/Titan. Any other references guys? As I am looking more into that I find it difficult to deposit money on the different sites. So I am looking fo an e- wallet ore something which makes it easier (and cheaper) to move money around. What are you guys using?
    • Live Poker: I would really like to go to some live events this year. For sure want to go to Kings casino for the first tim but nothin planed yet. Also looking for some torunaments in germany I could play whick i could connect with visiting some friends around germany. But no plans for now.

    What else?

    • planing on reading a minimum of 15 minutes every day (1 book per month) and I am already behind for this year. Finished only 2 books (Homo deus and Exteme Ownership) and now going to start Art of Learning.  Would also like to start taking more notes on books and put them together so I can take a look on them later on and dont have to read books again. I think that would be super helpful.
    • Meditate everyday minimum of 10 minutes. Using just a timer atm as my phone is having trouble with the meditation app which was using (Waking Up, can recomend, it is realy valuable) so hopefully they will be able to fix the issue soon. Also still working on incorporating one longer session per week.
    • Update blog every week
    • work out 5x per week
      • 3x gym
      • 2x running: Going for around 10km and looking to increase that slowly for one of them
    • I want to finally get my driving license. So I need to build that in my schedule
    • Thinking about getting a journal to do 5 minutes of journaling in the morning/evening. Anyone can recomend one? So far I use Klarheit as my calender and really like it. I think they have a journal too, but also heard of “5 minute journal”.

    Thats it for now.  I think I will be updating this blog on wednesday or thursday. So till next week!



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    Congrats on finishing the thesis man! That’s an amazing accomplishment. The discipline required to do that will definitely translate into the poker study/grind.

    I really like your detailed goals and your positive mindset as well.  Looking forward to see where this leads now that you have a lot of time to devote to the game.

    good luck and keep us posted!

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    Congratulations man!

    Very happy for you that you did it and finally have some time to dedicate to poker.

    Poker is really like your thesis, or anything in life, the more serious you’ll be about it in the grind and in your study the quicker you’ll accomplish your goals!

    All the best for your journey!

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    Week 1 (08.04-14.04)

    I like the idea of counting the weeks while I am in this process, to have an orientation where I exactly am (stole the idea from Carls blog). For that I will be starting to update my blogs on mondays, starting next monday and then have a regular schedule. This way i can always recap the last/finished week. But for today I will just do a short update of the last days.

    – Volume: I played 4 sessions and 126 tournaments. -> good volume with bad results. I am firing some 16.50 and 22.00  and seeing how it goes. So far they seem failrly soft to me and the population does not cange to much. There are just some more and better Regs. I already had a deep run in the Big 16.50 which ended on the FT bubble.

    – Study: Working on the 3 bet video and did already the first call to action and will be posting the results here. Also I started again to have a “Pregame” routine: Calculating some Chip ev spots as well as working on some preflop Ranges to get in the “poker mindest” and it feels really good.

    – working out: on point

    – reading: not every day but nearly- I am reading Tribes of Mentors  from Tim Ferris and a small book from Marcus Aurelius. Both of them I enjoy a lot. Will continue to take the time to read everyday, especiallyin the evning before going to bed.

    – meditating: Fixed the issues with the app and back on track!

    The last sessions I was experiencing with not looking at my results and my ev graph during the session but also not after the session at all and I think that this is helping me a lot mentally. I dont worry so much if I run good or bad and dont focus so much If am up or down and it makes it easier to focus on making good decisisions. LAos it helps me to start the next session with a “fresh” mind. The only problem is because I am moving up in stakes I have to take care that I dont move up too fast and too much. For that reason I need to have a look at the results every now and then and for now I will be only looking once a week (every monday when I write my blog) to see what my average Buy In was and see if I hit my volume goals. In the future I could see myself only looking once a month when I know my schedule and now my “new” average Buy in.

    Other then that I can only say it feels like I am in the right place right now and moving in the right direction.

    See ya all on monday.

    Get after it. Weezy



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    Here we go with the first Call to action in 3 Bet pots:
    Here is the hand I used: https://www.weaktight.com/h/5caf2933d39043595b8b4810
    I 3 Bet CO vs HJ around 40bb deep.
    This is Villian preflop Range calling :

    This is my 3 betting Range:

    Flop is 7d 5c3d and villian checks:

    I think I can bet all my Overpairs and my Overcards with FD + BDFD as well as my Ad combos and bet my A5 for protection vs his overcards. In hindsight i think it is way better to go for a small sizing on this board. In game i chose a bigger siziing probbaly because the board is “drawy” but actually villin has only some gut shoty and flush draws which he is calling either way.
    I Think think villian can raise a lot of his pairs for protection on this board due my higher c bet Frequency but probably population will not raise a lot, atleast that is my experience. He still calls (green) with his nut flush draws and some overcards with BDFD and FD an he is folfding around 30 (red) vs my bet.

    His calling Range vs my Bet:

    Turn K
    He actually has quite some Kx in this Range and the K is good card for his Range. For that reason we have to check back quite a lot on this card (blue) and bet pretty polarized (rose) and bet Ak+ + some buffs with FD and random Aj. Check back weaker Kx and pairs.

    Villin still calls his FD, as well as his Kx and sets. But will fold his floats and his A highs.

    In game I decided to jam turn which I think is not the best play. As played I could have gone for a smaller bet but I really dont like my sizing on the Flop which leads to getting to the turn with a SPR of 1 basically.

    Afer I did my own analysis I looked at this hand with PIO and it showed me some flaws in my analysis. Biggest deifference is Flop strategy. While I was thinking we should check back a good amount on the Flop Pio is going for a Range bet with a 1/4 sizing. One reason for that is our big Range advantage on this board 8ca. 60-40%) as he does not have any 2pair or straight and only 2 sets which we dont have. Although I am betting 100% on the Flop villian is not supposed to raise a lot and is calling most of his pairs and is floating less of the suited bordways with backdoor flushdraw. He is raising only 44 and 66 and sometimes 88 and A5+A7 as pairs as well as some FDs and gut shots. This leads to villian havin less Kx and more weaker pairs and because of that PIo continues a lot more on turns as i did and also keeps betting his TT-QQ and is betting with a small sizing which makes a lot of sense as we want to get called by those pairs. On Rivers it is reall interesting. On some rivers (6x and diamonds) villian should lead a lot and on bricks Pio goes for very thin ( at least in my eyes) value with TT-QQ and jams and bluff als his AJ/AT/AQ

    FOr sure a interesting hand and I really like this form of analysis. Especially lworking on Ranges and then compairing it to Pio is alot of fn and helps to understand Ranges way better. It remains myself that Ranges vs Range equitiey are a important figure to consider.

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    Post count: 154

    I already did th 2nd Call to action this week but unfortunately I did it with a member of my study group and we used his computer to do all the Ranges and i dont have them atm. Because of that I will just do a short breakdown of the hand here for you: https://www.weaktight.com/h/5cb30b7fd390432a3a8b465e
    we gave villian a 3 bet Range on the tighter side and with this Range he can bet quite a lot on the Flop. We basically call all our pairs, FD, good A ghihs and float some QJhh, JThh kind of hands. We can also raise some FD and some sets and even KQ. With my hand I have a easy call.
    Turn: In theory villian should be checking a ton here because I have more Flushes then him and all the 2 pairs. Also he can not go for 3 streets anymore with a lot of his hands. I think population will not follow GOo here and will be betting more hands like AK, AA, flushes and some As or Qs as bluffs. Against that Range I think I should be folding my 99 even with spade. As an exploit it could be good to raise quite a bit on this turn and put villian in very tough spots w his 1pair hands on turns+Rivers as well as go for some thinner value with 2pairs+. In game I still called turn which I think is a mistake. In theory villians chekcs a lot and we can then basically bet our value: good King+ and then some bluffs as single spade combos (A) and not sure anymore what else we use.
    River: A and he jams. With my hand I obv have a very easy fold as palyed but I think we can be very tight against this jam on the river as it is very hard to find bluffs vor villian. i he was bluffing As on the turn he will most likel be checking River so this leaves him only with some Qs combos and still all sets, Flushes and AK. Vs this Range i would even fold my 2 pairs and then call sets+

    Going to do the next call to action next wekk and will post more detailed results here again.
    Good luck today

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    Week 2 (08.04-14.04)
    had a very good week overall. Was very productive and activ. Finally have sorted some thing out and now have finally a good setup with 2 monitors which makes me super happy to grind on :smile: Also made myself a winimax account and now can add tournamnets on there as well. I also want to loose some weight I am moving in the right direction. Sarted wi 84.7 kg and now around 81, looking to get to around 78 and maybe lower and I want to get to low body fat%. For sure on a good track. At the momen I am doing intermittent fasting and start eating at around 12 every day and it feels great!
    – Study: Did manage to hit my goal of 10 hours. I did watch some of the RYE Video , did 2 call to actions and did a review session with my study group. Also did warm up for every session (besides yesterday) which feels good. But i was not as active on discord as I want to and i fall behind with reviewing my marked hands. I am not really sure how to handle this because I think it is really beneficial but I am not 100% sure how to incorporate it in my study routine. There is so much to do study wise and it is hard to not be overwhelemd so it is important to focus n one topic and then move to the next and work step by step
    I think still it would be really good to post hands and ive feddback
    Goal fo next week:
    – 10 hours+
    – finish 3 bet video
    – last call to action
    – post 3 hands discord
    – give feedback to 3 hands
    played 5 sessions and 142 tournaments
    made a profit if 21 $ :smile:
    so breakeven
    my average Buy in was 6,7$ so slowly moving up.
    I am playing some 22 and 16.50 and all 11 on my schedule pretty much ( leaving out hypers+turbos)
    Goals for next week:
    – play at least 120 torunaments ( have a lot of time this week and dont have to work because it is easter holiday and 100 is pretty easy to reach for me) so lets get it done
    – warm up before each session! ( study+meditation!)
    Thats it for now. Lets have a great week and get after it :smile:

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    What up?
    Week 3 (15.04-22.04)
    – 5 sessions played with 125 tournaments. ABI: 8,34$. Volume goal: check! had a very swingy weak with a very good sunday which still ended up a little disappointing as I finished 19 of ca. 9k people in the mini Milly for around 380 and 25k for first. I have to admit to bust this one hurt a bit more then normal. Alway feels like this was “your shot” and you missed it and it will never come again. In the end all this does not matter and I just have to keep working on my game and grinding an then results will come. Resulswise still a very good week which i am obv very happy about. Still not looking at results+graph during+after sessions and its not even hard once you start and it makes grinding so much easier for me. Also was fun to see that I was able to cash some of the higher buy ins and was making some decent runs in those this week.
    – Study: close to 10h this week. I finished the 3Bet video and also did my last call to action. Maybe will post the results later this week. I also did a warm up before every session and a review which was very helpful to me and showed me some of my leaks and hopefully will be doing this again next week. I also was more active on discord but did not hit my goal of 3 hands posed and 3 feedback. I am still working out how to organisze my study routine week for week and will try out some things and see how it oes.
    – working out: Actually missed one workout this week as I had a little sore throat and did take one day off. Back with full force this week tho.
    – habits: started the 5 minute journal this week and so far like it. Gives my morning even more strucure and I start the day with focusing on important thing: you have to name 3 things your are grateful for, and things which would make this day a success. This way Iknow what I have to do and in which way I should be moving.
    Next week
    – volume: Right now on my way to a wellness hotel for 3 days, so will be back on Wednesday evening. Sunday is the birthday of my grandma and will also not be playing. So only 3 sessions this week -> ca 90 tournaments.
    – study: 10 hours+. Want to start with the explaing the preflop Ranges video and work a little more on preflop and then finally move further to shortstack play.
    – 1 review session
    – discord: 3 hands post/fedback -> post hands that have something to do with preflop decision.
    – explaining the Ranges 1 video
    – warm up before every session with preflop Range work and atively work on those+

    Looking forward to take 3 days and off and recharge and then come back with full fource on Thursday!
    Keep crushing boys and get after it!

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