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    What up? In this post I just want to go over some spots of the FT of the Powerfest I was on last Sunday. Will go over some of the spots and lay down my thoughts. If anyone of you has some comments, ideas or thinks I am completly off with something feel free to let me know.

    1. We fold Q8o BB vs BU 3x 12BB eff 4 Handed as the shortest stack: https://www.weaktight.com/h/5b06a1a0d390434f3c8b459a  In a Chip EV environment I would defend here but I think with ICM in play we just have to be tighter in this spot. I put the spot in HRC:
    Even I am the shortest stack i still have to be fairly tight.

    Questions now gets which hands can we profitable call and which hands do we want to jam. So basically how does our Range look like in this spot. I am not sure if we want to take every single +Ev Spot. So I guess we want to pass on jamming hands like A5o and A6o and start jamming w A7o.  Because they are really hard to play postflop we just fold them. With the AXs i think I should jam A5s/A4s+ and maybe flatcall A2/3s as they are not really profitable jams but way better to play postflop (then the AXo which i would fold). I will be jamming all the PPs beside sometimes trap w AA. With the broadways I will rejam the most profitable ones as KQo, KQs, KJs and flatcall KJo, QJo, KT-JTs and some more which are no profitable jams as KT-JTo and K9-T9s, 98s. Still really unsure on how wide i can flatcall in this spot. But given the sizing we have to be tighter as against an 2x.

    Of course a lot in this hand is depending on the opening Range of the BU. This guy was playing a bit crazy and it is really defficult to give him a Range(not playing completly losse but unpredictable). As he was playing more on the loose say that he was probably not going to 3x /fold a lot so I think we have to keep that in mind. So I think my defending Range would look like this (white being my rejams and blue my defends):

    2. The second spot I want to talk about is my actual bust out hand: https://www.weaktight.com/h/5b02cdb0d39043ff1a8b4676

    In this Hand we are still 4 handed and I am still the shortest stack but I have 23 BB now and the 3 other stacks are all sitting on around 30-40. I am in the CO w 23 BB. In Game I thought about openraising but thought that I could get in really ugly spots postflop. Also I would have to fold my hand to a 3Bet and that sucks and because of that i open jammed.  In hindsight I really dont like it. :

    First of all it is not an profitable jam w ICM in play. First profitable jam is TT which suprised me as I thaught 88/99 would def be profitable. But nonetheless I now think openraising my whole Range is the better idea. No one on the table was really 3Betting alot and putting on a lot pressure so most of the time we just take down the pot or go heads up to a flop (mostly IP) with a decent hand. And yes, if we get 3Bet we have to fold but thats alright as oue villians mostly just going to have a really strong hand. I think we want to start having a jamming Range probably at around 15-17BB. then we can jam our middle pockets like 88-JJ, AJ0-AQo,ATs-AQs,KQs and then still having a raising Range w AA,KK,QQ, AKs and some “Bluffs” like KQ-KJo, ATo,KJs-JTs, K9s which are not profitable to open jam.

    i have some more spots I want to reviewe but thats it for now. Really would appreciate some input/feedback from you guys.

    See Ya


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    The link in the first hand says it’s broken.

    77 I agree with your thoughts. Also, playing 77 HU esp IP is going to be fine so I wouldn’t worry too much about going post.

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    @ryeMariano: thx for the answers. Yes in review the openshove seems really bad. Probably feeling the “pressure” of winning and beeing little nervous on a powerfest FT with 2500  runners. I wasnt feeling to confident and that was also then part of the reasoning for shoving. So also some mindset lessons to take away from this.

    Also fixed the link in the first hand

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    Aaaand another weeks in the books. Short recap of my goals:

    – 300 push/fold spots with snapshove -> Did not do this. Did like 150. I always try to not only answer fold or shove but to also guess the first hand I can jam/fold. So if the spot is: Q8o 5.7Bb in LJ->Answer is Fold. I also try to think about what hand i can jam in this spot. In this case QJo. So not only think about the exact spot but always figuring out what are the hands on the threshold.

    – and 20 push/fold spots w HRC: Did around 15 I guess. When you play around with the Ranges a bit in each spot it takes some time but I know it is super important and helpful so I will keep doing it. I think it makes sense for me to always marc the Chip Ev spots I am not sure about when I am playing and just do a session per week and review them. When I do those reviews I am trying to take notes but because these spots are always unique it is sometimes hard to take away general guidelines as  Calling/shoving Ranges always depend massivly on Villian(s). But probably you just get a better feeling for those situations in general when you keep working on those spots and play around withe the Ranges.

    – at least one review session-> Did it! Always good to do it together with someone to get some other views on some spots so hopefully do some more review sessions with guys of the discord group.

    – post at least one Hand in Discord AND here -> at least 1 ICM Analyse from the FT: Did post a handanalysis here from the FT. Will do more of it next week with some more ICM work. Also did some hands on Discord w Qwyk1 (who won the Powerfest tournament I was on the FT).

    – watch at least one hour of content -> rewatch 3 Betting/flatcalling video: Just watched around 30 minutes.

    – play at least 100 tournaments per week: played 95. Fine, its close. Resultwise pretty nice week. Won 2 tournaments on PP for 100Buy Ins (0.5$ Buy In each) and onother small one on PS.ES. Up in total!

    Next week:

    • 100 Push/fold spots with Snapshove and alway try to guess the threshold hands
    • review all my marked Push/Fold spots w HRC
    • 2 Review sessions of my marked hands: 1 already done today as I had a really nice and long session w two guys of our discord group just today. 1 more to go for this week.
    • Post handanalysis in this Blog: 2 hands
    • Finish rewatching the flatcalling/3Betting video -> make notes and be fully mindful and DONT do other bullshit while watching it.
    • play at least 100 T.

    Same goals as last week. Yesterday I planned to go to play a live tournament in Aachen but my friend who wanted to go with me and more important drive us did not make it and we couldnt got which was disapointing. Was really excited to play live again. So maybe we will go next week.

    I also started reading “Mental game of poker” and think it is really interesting so far. One point that stuck with me is the chapter about preparation/Warm Up. Tendler says that is it super important as it allows you to start your session already on a high level of thinking. When you dont warm up you it is more likely that you play not your A-game and he compares it with sports. And that really got me. I would never think of doing my workout or play a game of football without a good warmup but with poker I am not that strict. I mostly do some sporting activity as Yoga or a workout and meditate before I start playing but not really prepare my poker game. But when I now think about it it makes a ot of sense to do so.

    • Extra goal: Do some kind of warm up routine before the session which warms up my “game”. Will try some different stuff and see how it goes.

    Las thing I want to mention is that I started to not eat sugar. Of course only artificial sugar which is added to a lot of products. So I have to leave out a lot of processed foods. We will see how it goes and I am really interested in how I will  feel.


    scooba troopa
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    When i want to make notes or ranges working with HRC i just use vs a % of open.
    So it doesent matter if a maniac open 25% from EP or a nitty open 25% from CO, so based on the calling range of villain and the players behind me i use colors to see how my range change based on that.

    So i can save red like clear reshove, not marginal and green to add if we think the guy overfold etc.
    I find this an easy way to work and memorize ranges working with HRC.

    And good luck for the no sugar, for me was the best decision i’ve made this year :)

    Good luck!

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    @Scooba Yeah that def makes sense.Probably should look more into rejamming vs Ranges and less on specific spots. Just use the spots which come up as source and then go from there.

    Nice that you also cut off sugar. Why do you say it is the best decision this year so far? Do you feel so much better and why did you do it? Do you also not eat cane sugar?


    scooba troopa
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    Yes, i always save hands in game. Then when i study i start from the spot and then play some with HRC

    Yep no artificial sugar at all, cane sugar too. I’m less letargic and way more active, for example is not hard to wake up in the morning (i think is cause of cutting sugar and carbs like pasta, bread etc, white and wholemeal flour too)

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    I really wouldnt recommend working with Snapshove, rather do less hands but more indepth. 10-20 hands with HRC or ICMizer and really trying to understand why we are supposed to jam tighter or looser. Play around and change stacksizes and positions and see how ranges change. I find it more effective than just fireing 300 plain hands through an icm tool, regardless what kind of tool it is.

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    What up Guys?

    Soooo goals for this week were:

    • 100 Push/fold spots with Snapshove and alway try to guess the threshold hands -> @bencb yeah just felt like it is a good baseline for jamming spots to know what we can jam in Nash. But as I play  around with HRC more I notice how useful it is to play around with ranges. Will also start to changes positions and stacksizes more. Thx for the help.
    •  Review all my marked Push/Fold spots w HRC -> Just had the spots of an old session but did those. Playing around with ranges is super helpful and really interesting to see how calling/jamming Ranges change when we chage Range of Villian.
    •  – 2 Review sessions of my marked hands -> Did two with my study group. Really good stuff.
    •  Post handanalysis in this Blog: 2 hands -> Did not do! I restored my old PT4 database on my new computer on which I was already playng for a month and now all the hands of the last month are gone. Little bit tilting as there were some deepruns/hands I wanted to analyse more but nothing I can do I think. Should have done some other hands instead.
    • Finish rewatching the flatcalling/3Betting video -> make notes and be fully mindful and DONT do other bullshit while watching it.-> finished it and focused on the content while watching and took notes again. My big take-away has again somehting to do with table awareness. When deciding if I want to flatcall or 3Bet I have to look on the players sitting behind me and consider them when deciding. When there are mor regs I want to tend to 3Bets because they are capable of 3Betting/squezing light themself and I want them out of the pot as they are not going to make big mistakes. If the players behind are Fish I want  to tend to calling as I want them in the pot and they are not going to 3Bet light. Rewatching the two viedeos switched my focus back on Table awareness. It is just so important and if I dont  have it you are going to miss so many +EV spots just because I am not aware of them and in auto-pilot. I think it would be a good idea to reduce the tables I am playing for a while and focus more on each table and decision.
    •  play at least 100 t. -> as my database is lost I have just one session recorded in which I played 20 tournaments. Played another session on monday so probably around 50 I would guess but not really sure. Next week will be more accurate again. Instead of grinding Sunday online I went to a casino near by and played a small 60€ (50+10) tournament w 1 Re- Entry. I felt really confident in my game and there were no spots I was unsure about which is not a big suprise as I was pretty much card dead whole time and played probably around 5 hands. Busted after the Re-Entry phase was over w AQs vs AKo for around 14bb in a super standard spot. Field was suuuper soft. People limp calling J90 UTG,  3 betting K70 and going crazy w 2nd or 3rd pair. Was a lot of fun and I really enjoy the live Grind. Just the atmosphere is so different and to see the Villian makes it super enjoyable for me. Although the Rake seems really high. 50+10 (Rebuy was also with Rake) is 20% Rake. Did not think about this before but this seems to be incredibly high, isn`t it? Should I be playing such tournaments? Probably not, right? Just compaired it to Kings casino and they have 10%.   Played some 1/2 Cash after i busted (out of my live Roll as I am not have the BR to play this) as well. felt good about my game but I get nervous in bigger pots and not sure if I give away some tells. Definitely not playing my best yet but probably you get used to that too. Line up also suuuuuper soft. Had a guy on my left who played 90% of hands. Mixture of limping/flatcalling and raising 6x-10x. Not sure how he decided on the hands he folded as he was making it 15x w 230 but sure his Ranges were pretty balanced. My adjustment were just to wait for big hands and then raise or limp/reraise and go big time for value. Rest of the table was also really happy to call down. Not the most interesting way to play poker but I think this are the kind of adjustments to do in such a line up.
    • Extra goal: Do some kind of warm up routine before the session which warms up my “game”. Will try some different stuff and see how it goes. -> Did just play 2 online sessions. Before the one session I did some HRC calculations and did go through some old marked hands. No in depth analysis just thinking about some spots. Before the other session I just went through some of my notes of the 3Bet video and wrote down some “goals” for the session. Stuff like “Look at Villians stats and villians-> then decide 3 Bet or flat”. This helps me to remind myself to focus on these spots during the session. Going through some notes/content and write down some goals down for the session is a thing I should def do more often. Maybe combine this with some review of hands or HRC calculations to get my brain working.


    next week:

    • Analyse 10 chip ev spots w HRC and play around w stacksize and Ranges/Position
    • 1 review session
    • Post 2 hands here-> Preflop Analysis: 3Bet /flat call and Range breakdown
    • watch 1 hour of new content: YT video
    • 80 tournaments
      • ->play only 6 tables
      • Table AWARENES is KEY!!
      • Preparation/warm Up before session
    • Write down the main take aways from the study sessions and post them here.


    Thats it. Enjoy your week!


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    First update of the week following:

    yesterday had a nice reviewe session with the guys of my study group. We were not discussing my hands but I always learn something new and just laying out your thought process and talk about it with others is really helpfull and improving my thought process. I just played 1 session so far this week and it was quite short. So  still a lot of work to do this week. i want to start with two Chip Ev spots i just studied and found interesting.

    1. In the first one I open 78s from Hj w 20 BB and the CO is jamming w 9BBs. In Game i felt really bad about the spot as it was deep in a tournament and villian was a Nit. I thought i could never fold in this spot and called. In my analysis I was really suprised that we can and should actually fold this spot. Of course when we put villian on his nash Range we can never fold in a Chip-EV scenario. As you can see 87s is a profitable call w 0.14 BB which I think is enough as it is only 9BB.
      But when we change the Range of Villian  and make it nitty: 88+, Aj0+, KQs+ we can see that our hand is a fold. As he was really playing super nitty and it was deep in a tournament I think the tight jamming Range is more accurate then nash. Now i should also consider that it is important to conserve my stack in this stage which makes it even more a fold as it is a nearly 1/2 my stack which I risk.
    2. In the second spot I am sitting in HJ w 77 and 15BB and MP opens. Again I was playing vs a tight player so I gave hm a pretty tight opening Range from MP. Vs this Range I have a pretty marginal jam w 77 which I am happy to pass. What i found really interesting is when i would sit in the BB w this hand it would be a easy rejam (+1.13BB). When I now make his Range looser we see that now 77 gets a jam from CO and we can also jam AJo.
      When we look on the BB vs this loose Range we can even Rejam as wide as ATo, 55/66+, ATs/A9s
    3. What did I learn?
      1. Dont go on autopilot when calling small jams. Think about the situation, Range of our opponent and future game and adjust accordingly.
      2. Position make a bit difference when thinking about rejamming. And not only the position of the raiser but also MY position. Big difference in how many people behind you can wake up with a big hand!!



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    In this post I will do some short analysis on some preflop spots and discuss if it would be better to flatcall or to 3Bet. I do it to recap the the informations and concepts from the Video and train myself to be aware in those situations.

    First Hand: https://www.weaktight.com/h/5b1b90fcd39043ba628b45bd

    50 Bb deep in Hj vs MP open: I think both options in this spot are okay. I think the standard play here woulld be to flat because our hand plays great multiway so we dont have to worry about BB or BU flatting as well and it really sucks if we get 4 Bet and have to fold because our hand is pretty goog and we waste a lot of equity if we have to fold.  BUT I think in this exact spot I would have liked a 3Bet more. 1. If we look at the open raiser we  see he is playing 47712 so far. it is only 24 hands but looks fishy. For that reason I want to isolate him and play a heads up pot vs him in position with a good hand. Also vs Fish we want to 3 Bet a more linear Range.

    Also on the BU sits a guy w 19% 3 Bet so far which makes 3 Betting myself even more attractive. We could probably go even a  bit looser and 3 Bet more of the AXs but can not go too wide as we are still playing vs the Rest of the table. Would be different if we are Bu vs CO.

    Second hand: https://www.weaktight.com/h/5b1b95f3d39043d3328b47d3

    Again around 50 Bb deep. this time in the Sb vs Mp open. And again I dont really like my flat. I think it is okay as our Villian is again really loose 53/24. But I would prefer a 3 Bet. Again we want to 3Bet a more merged Range and he will probably call with a lot of worse and dominated hands. Also the BB seems to more of a Reg. Playing more on the tight side but capable of 3 Betting. So we def want him out of the pot and dont want to offer him the possibility to call from the BB for a great price. Also the opener raise 3x what makes a 3 Bet more profitable as we gain fold equity and have worse odds to flat call.

    Take Away: Look on the Players open raising and adjust. 3 bet more of a merged Range vs Fish and isolate them. Also be more aware of the players behind you!


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    Great analysis.
    Be careful about drawing conclusions when having little samplesize. For those spots you can also develop somewhat of a std bluff 3bet range. KJs is a very well bluff 3bet pretty much always and it doesnt really matter who is sitting behind.
    Keep up the good work! I like your work ethics :)

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    Short Recap of the week! This were my goals:

    • Analyse 10 chip ev spots w HRC and play around w stacksize and Ranges/Position -> Did 10 and some i depth which I posted here. Felt really good to do some of the spots in depth and improved my thinking about those spots. Will keep doing this.
    • 1 review session-> Yep!
    •  Post 2 hands here-> Preflop Analysis: 3Bet /flat call and Range breakdown-> No real breakdown of Ranges but analysis of two spots here in the blog.
    •  watch 1 hour of new content: YT video -> rewatched the hand analysis with Nethos on his deep run. Really interesting stuff. -> Took notes and will post my main take- aways!
    • 80 tournaments->play only 6 tables -> Played 2 sessions this week. Both not that long and played only 35. Both sessions were  too short and missed one extra session. Not going to play tonight7evening as I am not feeling 100% and want to start tomorrow early and fresh. I def have to work on my scedule to fix in 2-3 good long session per week. Also played just 6 tables this week which obv lowers my volume, too.  I will definately keep doing this as I am much more aware of my Villians, stacksizes and situations. Also I have much more time and I am able to analyze each situation. I think I play much better this way! Will play six tables till I feel really confident and then go up to 7. Still have to work on my volume and make sure to get enough in.
    •  Write down the main take aways from the study sessions and post them here -> Did it. Makes me much more accountable! and this way I have to rethink everything twice. First when I do the analysis or take notes. Second when I think about what is the most important take away of that topic when thinking about what to post here.

    Next week:

    • HRC Analysis: Do 10 spots and post 1/2 interesting spots here
    • Review sessions
    • 1 hour of content: Not sure yet what I will do: Maybe Passive defending or YT w Internet93o on BB530
    • Play 60-80 tournaments
    • Post interesting aspects of my analysis here
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    One mor Chip Ev spot Analysis:

    6 handed Table and MP jams for 12 BB and we are sitting in the Hj w 30BB

    In Game I was pretty sure I have to call the all in here. But with a 30 BB stack I can not just call but have to  jam my 30 BB. Now  I looked up the spot in HRC and was  a bit shocked. This is my rejamming Range:
    Then I thought about the spot and it became clear that the reason why I have to be so tight is my own stack of 30BB. Because we not just risk 12 BB but 30BB. When I now change my own stack to 12bb I can be a bit looser. We can now Jam ATo, KQs and A9s. But KJs is still a fold! Also interesting again how much of a difference it makes when we are in the BB and not in Hj. Then KJs is an easy call and we can even call KTs, A5s,44, KQ0

    •    Keep in mind how important positions are in those spots. How many players are still left to act? More players left to act -> we have to be tighter! Lesser or no players left to act -> can be looser
    • Our actual stacksize matters a lot! and not only the stacksize of the all in as we have to Iso jam and risk our complete stack. The bigger our stack the tighter we have to be. But at a certain stack depth we can also start to flat call all ins. I think I would start calling w around 40BB but not really sure. We then call call some of the more marginal calls and mix in some AA,KK,QQ. But do we really want to jam 40 BB w a hand like /88/99 or ATs/AJs? not really, but flatcalling also seems not too good. hmm maybe we just flatcalls all our hands then. the other player can not get too loose against us and prettymuch have to play their Cards as the also have to play against he all in.

    Also have some ICm pushing/calling spots I want to share with you. it is from the 5€ Club FT on PS.es

    1. 4 handed play: https://www.weaktight.com/h/5b20eaafd39043f0718b45fa
    • Cl in SB pushes in my 10 BB stack. We are the short stack but the other players have also only 11 and 18BB. In game I thought this is pretty close. CL was playing super aggressive and pushing left and right. So I was pretty certain that he will jam 100% here ( or close to 100%). I was aware of the other short stack but thought that I have to take a shot at some point. But:
      This was a pretty big punt on my side. Even if he jams any2 this is a super easy fold. I guess to preserve my stack and latter one mor spot is super important. thaty why we have to be so tight and why the CL can be so aggressive.
      Only when we change the stack of the other players to around 28BB we have a call with K80.

    2. 3 handed: https://www.weaktight.com/h/5b20edb3d390433c438b460d

    • A50 on the BU. other player w 18BB and the big CL w 190bb. Even after doing my first ICM Analysis I was pretty positive that this will be a good jam as now I am clearly the shortest stack. But i was mistaken. in this spot it is nut a big punt as in the first one but still. It is a -Ev spot. Bigger problem in this spot is that i thought it will be +Ev for sure. So a lot to learn for me.
      Again and again it is suprising to me how much ICM changes this game. Have to work more on those spots to get a bett feeling as you can see I am still making really big mistakes that will cost me a lot.


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    Hey Guys. Just will do my review of the past week. Goals were the following

    • HRC Analysis: Do 10 spots and post 1/2 interesting spots here -> Dont think I did a enough analysis to be honest. But did post some interesting spots here. Could do some more analysis
    • Review session: another 3 hour review session w the study group!
    • 1 hour of content: Not sure yet what I will do: Maybe Passive defending or YT w Internet93o on BB530-> Did watch more. But just 1 hour of really concentrating and taking notes. The other times just passivly watching which is not effective. Did watch the video of Ben coaching with Lex 2. Video is sick value for sure! Took notes on the last hour!
      • What did I learn?
        • Value bets
          • If we block a lot of good hands villin is going to call-> go smaller
          • If we dont block a lot of good hands -> go bigger
          • We just have a value bet if we have more then 50% against villians calling Range
        • Blind vs Blind: Populution raises not enough over SB limp
          • Exploit: Less limping with good hands in Sb -> go for Raise and not limp/raise
            • Limp a lot of hands I dont want to raise but like to see a Flop
        • Folding is an adjustment
          • this goes for preflop and postflop. Preflop: If someone is super aggressive and 3bets a lot I can just go with a tighter Range. This way I dont have to raise/fold so often. Also my steals loose a lot of value when we have such a villian. -> let go of weakest part of Range. Postflop: We can overfold a lot in certain spots. Especially versus tight/passive opponents.
        • Use small protection bets in multiway pots with medium strength hands
          • even folding out 15-20% equity can be great for me
    • Play 60-80 tournaments
      • played 83 in 3 sessions. Really suprised how much it lowers my volume when I just play six table. But makes sense of course and for sure is better for my game at the moment!
      • Resutlwise a loosing week again. Couple of deep runs but no Win and al ot of bust outs near FT. I want to take a closer look on some of my deep runs and look for mistakes. Maybe I am too careful deep in tournament or I am punting it of in spots. Dont know, but will go through some Deep runs and see!
    • Post interesting aspects of my analysis here -> Done! Want to also do some more Postflop spots in future.

    Next week:

    • Do 1 Deep Run Analysis and post interesting spot(s) here
    • 1 hour of content: Finish the lex/Ben video and take notes-> Post here; Maybe start rewatching the Passive Defending video
    • Volume:40-50. Only 2 sessions scheduled in for next week. Maybe can work in a short 3rd one.


    For the last couple of weeks I always set my self goals and it is really nice to see the benefits. It totally motivates me and to blog about it holds me accountable. Biggest benefit is that I really start to enjoy studying. In the beginning I was doing it because I knew I have to do it if I want to improve myself. But now I really like doing it. I enjoy to learn new stuff and then try to implement it to my game. Also it is fun to think about spots and try to solve it the best way I can. Sometimes it is still hard to motivate myself especially when the results are bad. Sometimes it feels like I am wasting my time studying and playing poker. But on the other hand I love to play this game! Most of the time when I think about an scheduled session on the next day I am already excited and just want it to be the next day and I cant wait to play. Such a great feeling when you cant wait for the next day to start. Just as christmas as a child! And exactly because of this feeling and my love for the game I will not quit! I will keep working and studying! And if it doesnt work out? Fuck it. Then I can say I tried!

    Edit: Recorded part of my sessions the last days. But having some problems with audio issues and not sure if I am allowed to upload it to youtube as you can here the music I am listoning to. So will record some more in the future without sound. Then it should be no problem. This way I can review my sessions.


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