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    What’s up guys, I kept a log on 2+2, but I was recently permed because I wanted to complete a transfer for a student of mine, but I was unaware you couldn’t do that so I got the hammer. Ofc pming me and asking what was going on would’ve made sense or just assume that a person spent 10s of hours and 2 years on a forum making quality posts so they can “scam” $200 is totally reasonable too, lol. Here is my former log so you can get some background of where I’m coming from


    Basically Bencb and RYE saved my life, I really do not know where I’d be without them as I have been using them since January from last year


    Since then I have:
    1.Moved out of my parents home which was a huge mental burden for me living at home in my mid 20s

    2.Stopped being a depressed lazy fuck and lost nearly 45kgs (260lbs to 170lbs)

    3.Moved to another continent where I feel much better

    4.I even (unsuccessfully :( ….) pitched some marketing ideas to Ben over Skype which was cool too!

    5.Completely upgraded my attitude, wardrobe and outlook on life. I went from rotting away to seizing the day and grinding on my path towards ascension or as close to it as I possibly can get

    6.Was ranked #1 zoom player $16-35 for a while until I started playing higher stakes and stopped grinding all the tournies I would need to in order to remain up top (still 4), currently ranked #1 in any zoom stakes and top 10 in my country

    Purpose of this log:
    To chronicle my journey and share my thoughts on things, I have always done this over the years in a variety of other places, but recently I saw a Jordan Peterson video where he talked the importance of writing as it pertains to thinking well. Specifically in the realm of future planning, current strategizing and even just “venting.” So that is what I plan to do here, just share my thoughts on things that are poker and semi poker related.

    Goals (poker and non poker related):

    1.Get to 8% bf, this is going to get done, I am 100% on point with my diet with no sign of cheating. Cheating in the past happened due to natural hormonal decline which is happening now, BUT it was also a weak mentality, I am more motivated and mentally stronger than ever after going through what I have gone through and the current problems I have provide extreme levels of motivation and self discipline.

    2.LONGTERM: Make 200k from poker which I will throw in an index fund and IN THEORY be able to retire as I live in Eastern Europe and 16k USD a year (roughly 8% returns on average) is a ton of money. I wouldn’t retire, but I just like the idea, hell you can live fine on 8k USD a year here, but that’s besides the point. I just like having this as a benchmark, not like a person who hits a 3 plate bench will stop progressing, but it does give him something to shoot for.

    3.Start to learn to play the piano and progress at it

    4.Be absolutely ruthless in my other pursuits, do whatever it takes (shoutout to Rich Piana RIP) to succeed

    Poker Overview and thoughts

    I recently started grinding an average of 10 hours per day due to SCOOP and this makes me sick to my stomach, I did not escape the 9-5 to work normal hours and this is NOT the goal here nor will I ever do it like this. I focus on Zooms as Zooms allow you to effectively play 6-8 tournaments by playing just one (more hands, but also more gameplay in the 3max and HU, whereas in an MTT you could effectively play less than 5 hands per hour which never happens in a zoom), so 2-3 per day and a normal tournament is really like. I do like grinding normal MTTs every and now and then, but it is certainly not something I am interested in.

    I also have to say Stars’ 2 day format is so so so bad, the tournaments basically go from slow paced to normal paced with their “20 minute levels” with massive jumps, why even do that??? It’s so much better to grind for 10-12 hours than to spread disappointment out over two days only NOT to make the 2nd day deep and slow paced with horrendous level management.

    In the next post I am going to outline my general philosophy so people understand where I am coming from.

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    There are 3 books that have shaped me most out of the 100s I have gone through. I am going to share some of my favorite excerpts so people understand where I am coming from

    1.80/20 Principle


    2.Seeking Wisdom


    If we understand what influences us, we might avoid certain traps and understand why others act like they do. We can’t eliminate mistakes, but we can prevent those that can really hurt us.

    Master the best that other people have ever figured out. Don’t just try to dream it all up yourself. Nobody’s that smart.

    Anyone who wishes to be cured of ignorance must first admit to it.

    Reading books is like conversation with the finest minds of past centuries.


    ## 3. Underestimating bias from own self-interest and incentives.

    ## 4. Self-serving bias – overly positive view of our abilities and future. Includes over-optimism.

    ## 8. Status quo bias and do-nothing syndrome – keeping things the way they are. Includes minimizing effort and a preference for default options.#

    # 12. Bias from anchoring – over-weighing certain initial information as a reference point for future decisions.

    ## 23. Do-something syndrome – acting without a sensible reason.


    #### 1. Systems thinking

    ** Failing to consider that actions have both intended and unintended consequences. Includes failing to consider secondary and higher order consequences and inevitable implications.

    #### 2. Scale and limits

    ** Failing to consider that changes in size or time influence form, function and behavior.

    #### 5. Probabilities and number of possible outcomes

    ** Underestimating risk exposure in situations where relative frequency (or comparable data) and/or magnitude of consequences is unknown or changing over time.

    GUIDELINES TO BETTER THINKING – tools that provide a foundation for rational thinking

    #### 1. Models of reality

    Developing the habit of mastering the multiple models which underlie reality is the best thing you can do.. .It’s just so much fun – and it works so well.

    What is the underlying big idea?
    Do I understand its application in practical life?
    Does it help me understand the world?
    How does it work?
    Why does it work?
    Under what conditions does it work?
    How reliable is it?
    What are its limitations?
    How does it relate to other models?

    #### 3. Simplification

    Make fewer and better decisions. Why? Because it forces us to think more on each decision and thereby reduces our chance of mistakes.

    ### 5. Goals

    #### 6. Alternatives

    Opportunity cost. Our time and money are limited. If we make a decision to do one thing we are deciding not to do some other available thing. Every minute we choose to spend on one thing is a minute unavailable to spend on other things. Every dollar we invest is a dollar unavailable for other available investments.#### 7. Consequences

    Whenever someone makes an assertion to you, is to always ask, “And then what?” Ask it about everything.

    #### 9. Evidence

    Do what scientists do: Strive for objectivity. Scientists try to describe the world as it is, not as they want it to be.

    Science is the great antidote to the poison of enthusiasm and superstition.

    #### 10. Backward thinking

    A lot of success comes from knowing what you really want to avoid

    Avoid what causes the opposite of what you want to achieve.

    To reduce mistakes, we should study failures with severe consequences.

    Often we learn more from understanding why something doesn’t work than from why it does.

    Why did that happen?
    Was was the mistake?
    What circumstances were present?
    What’s the lesson?
    How can we create the best conditions to avoid mistakes?
    How can we prevent causes that can’t be eliminated?
    How can we limit the consequences and probability?

    You need a latticework of mental models.
    Hang your actual experience and vicarious experience (books, etc) on this latticework of powerful models.
    With that system, things gradually fit together in a way that enhances cognition.
    You need the best 100 or so models from microeconomics, physiology, psychology, elementary mathematics, hard science, engineering, and so on.
    You don’t have to be an expert in any of those. Take the really big ideas and learn them early and well.
    You have to learn the models so that they become part of your ever-used repertoire.


    I’ll include the final book in the next post

    Post count: 40

    3.Principles Ray Dalio


    An approach to life based on principles helps me find out what’s true and what to do about it.

    Principles are fundamental truths that serve as the foundations for behavior that gets you what you want out of life.
    They can be applied again and again in similar situations to help you achieve your goals.

    Operate by principles that are so clearly laid out that their logic can easily be assessed and you and others can see if you walk the talk.

    Without principles we would be forced to react to all the things life throws at us individually.
    Instead, classify these situations into types.

    1) what you want
    2) what is true
    3) what you should do to achieve #1 in light of #2

    “How do I know I’m right?”

    Man’s most distinctive quality is our singular ability to look down on reality from a higher perspective and synthesize an understanding of it.
    While other species operate by following their instincts, man alone can go above himself and look at himself within his circumstances and within time.

    First-order consequences often have opposite desirabilities from second-order consequences.
    First-order consequences of exercise are the pain and time spent.
    Second-order consequences are better health and more attractive appearance
    Food that tastes good is often bad for you and vice versa.

    I recommend Richard Dawkins’s and E. O. Wilson’s books on evolution. If I had to pick just one, it would be Dawkins’s River Out of Eden.

    1. Have clear goals.
    2. Identify and don’t tolerate the problems that stand in the way of your achieving those goals.
    3. Accurately diagnose the problems to get at their root causes.
    4. Design plans that will get you around them.
    5. Do what’s necessary to push these designs through to results.

    Prioritize: While you can have virtually anything you want, you can’t have everything you want.

    Don’t let yourself be paralyzed by all the choices. You can have much more than what you need to be happy. Make your choice and get on with it.

    Someone other than you should be objectively measuring and reporting on your progress.

    * Goal setting (such as determining what you want your life to be) requires you to be good at higher-level thinking like visualization and prioritization.
    * Identifying and not tolerating problems requires you to be perceptive and good at synthesis and maintaining high standards
    * Diagnosis requires you to be logical, able to see multiple possibilities, and willing to have hard conversations with others
    * Designing requires visualization and practicality
    * Doing what you set out to do requires self-discipline, good work habits, and a results orientation.

    When two people believe opposite things, chances are that one of them is wrong.
    It pays to find out if that someone is you.

    Closed-minded people don’t want their ideas challenged. They are typically frustrated that they can’t get the other person to agree with them instead of curious as to why the other person disagrees.
    Open-minded people are more curious about why there is disagreement.
    Closed-minded people are more likely to make statements than ask questions.
    Open-minded people genuinely believe they could be wrong.
    Open-minded people are always more interested in listening than in speaking.

    Be evidence-based:
    Most people do not look thoughtfully at the facts and draw their conclusions by objectively weighing the evidence.
    Instead, they make their decisions based on what their deep-seated subconscious mind wants and then they filter the evidence to make it consistent with those desires.

    Can you point to clear facts (i.e., facts believable people wouldn’t dispute) leading to your view? If not, chances are you’re not being evidence-based.

    Use evidence-based decision-making tools.
    A decision-making computer that gives you logically derived instructions.Getting an accurate picture of reality ultimately comes down to two things:
    1. being able to synthesize accurately
    2. knowing how to navigate levels.

    Synthesis is the process of converting a lot of data into an accurate picture.

    To synthesize well, you must
    1) synthesize the situation at hand
    2) synthesize the situation through time
    3) navigate levels effectively.

    Don’t fall into the common trap of wishing that reality worked differently than it does or that your own realities were different.
    Instead, embrace your realities and deal with them effectively.

    Have principles and use them consistently.
    Never stop refining and improving them.

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    Hey man thanks for stopping by! Epic first posts there. Haven’t seen many people be so specific and thorough on when outlining their plans/goals. This mindset and approach you have is amazing and is sure to keep you building up. I can see you’re already achieving a ton already.

    Make sure to join the discord app if you haven’t already for studying and networking purposes.

    I’m stoked to see where your journey leads…just keep moving! glgl

    Post count: 40

    Hey man thanks for stopping by! Epic first posts there. Haven’t seen many people be so specific and thorough on when outlining their plans/goals. This mindset and approach you have is amazing and is sure to keep you building up. I can see you’re already achieving a ton already.

    Make sure to join the discord app if you haven’t already for studying and networking purposes.

    I’m stoked to see where your journey leads…just keep moving! glgl

    Thank you for the kind words in all regards. I am sure with RYE at my side I cannot fail.

    I’m going to discuss a few things here

    1.As far as study goes, I’m going to be frank, I really don’t do much apart from some range review and reviewing a few hands here and there, due to poker being a logarithmic learning curve activity:

    I’m not going to pretend like spending 3+ hours every day (already done this and far beyond) or every other day will do me immense good, nor do I have any desire to do this to feel like I’m “working hard.” I am very opposed to hard work for hard work’s sake. Actually, to be frank, I was a bit in awe at how similar the $109 and $215 even was to the $10-22 range, not saying there aren’t good players or that it’s not better, but it certainly was not the 10x difference you’d expect from the buyin jump. I also really do not plan to in the immediate future jump into 530s or 1ks AT ALL (even if I have a stupid score, I may allow myself a juicy 530 or two or 3 a week but nothing crazy at all), so I am not at the point where the study is so so crucial nor will I pretend like “oh I have SO much to learn” as much as I have to refine my game, etch out extra edges and just slowly get slightly better.

    2.Material I have gone through in the past:

    300+ hours of watching streamer highlights on YT

    Coffeeyay’s Spin course

    All of RYE’s free videos (exception of those that came out this year where I have missed a few)
    Upswing’s MTT course with Praytush

    Upswing Lab
    Doug Polk’s HU course

    Private coaching with Brokos

    Ben’s MTT masterclass

    20 hours of HU videos on RIO last month

    Database work looking at gen pop stats and how they play along different boards, specifically this is what helped me crush the hu pko zoom format as I know exactly what to do in 98% of spots and the 2% of spots where I am not entirely sure, the heuristics I can extract from my other work give me great confidence that I have a massive (maybe not perfect though) edge

    3.Material that I will be investing in in the future:
    Ben’s Bounty course

    Nick Peterangelo’s MTT course


    Private coaching here and there, doing half an hour session with Nuno Alverez in the coming week or two where I have very specific questions to ask him

    4.Poker Schedule I will be doing after SCOOP:

    As many bullets 60+BB in the 215 3max, if I drop below 100 BIs I will move this up and up, as a matter of fact I will commit to 100+BB rebuys if I drop below 100 BIs. However I am confident because I know a reg who crushes these games and in 300 game samples he has not swung worse than 60 BIs and honestly that was due to him firing indiscriminately (during the first month of the DS, he fired 15+ 3 bullet games that I can 100% verify) and obv the edge goes way down the shallower you are.

    As many bullets in the $22 3max at any point as this can’t harm my BR and I know I destroy these fields

    I may also fire the $55 50k bounty if both of these don’t go my way, I donno, although it’s only adding 1 table I am not sure if I’ll add this, have to do more thinking tbh (love to think everything through, my mom would have to give me an entire day to think about if I wanted to go out to family events LOL), if I am playing the $215 no chance, if I am playing the $22 much much higher chance

    The “problem” with the $55 50k bounty is that I for sure want to play the $33 hu which is 5 and a half hours later and this is the time I am making a deep run in it, I guess I’ll see how it runs today and honestly it just came to my head, YOU CAN ALWAYS JUST FIRE THE $33 WHICH YOU CRUSH AT ANY POINT SO EVEN IF THE $55 ENDS FOR YOU AT 6:30-50 JUST FIRE THE $33 ANYWAYS

    So to sum up;

    $215 3max 60+BB

    If that fails as many bullets in the $22 3max
    PERHAPS add in the $55 50k bounty

    As many bullets in the $33 hu pko

    As a GENERAL NOTE, I am always 100% OPEN TO ANY AND ALL FEEDBACK, I am very hard headed and opinionated, but I ALWAYS give people a fair shake….or I pretend to (lol jk jk), anyways I will 100% listen to what is said to me (no guarantees on implementation or my thoughts on it), so fire away because I want to succeed and I know feedback is a huge part of that, no matter who it comes from, but especially if it comes from legends and superiors which I 100% recognize, bow to and respect.

    5.Progress From Last Year

    At much lower stakes than this year as well

    HU PKO Graph Last Year

    100k hands this year, $14 ABI last year v $35+ ABI this year

    HU PKO graph this year

    HU PKO Graph this year with all ins mostly filtered out, IF SOMEONE KNOWS HOW TO DO THIS PLEASE LET ME KNOW! I merely have it set to pots between 1-12 bb as there is a TON of hunting in the PKO format specifically in hu spots, so that really crushes my winrate

    And yes I am aware bb/100 isn’t a perfect stat, but this is so overstated it’s insane, it’s like saying “sport stat xyz is incomplete”….well yeah but what isn’t???

    Post count: 40

    I’m going to rant a bit about poker variance because I need some time to let my food cool off (potato stew is only good slightly warm, but it needs to be perfect temp).

    I want to talk about two variances discussed within the poker community:

    1.The variance poker players bring up in order to whine about running bad

    2.The variance of the profession as a job or career

    I personally can completely understand ranting and raving about bad beats because I can lose my shit when they happen depending on when and what the opponent did, however what I can not understand is the total whining about running bad in general and this was something I was quasi guilty of in the past (some people just take it to the extreme).

    I think the best solution to hearing this is simply to say:

    Win at 15bb+/100 and then talk, spend 10+ hours learning ICM and then talk, spend 10+ hours learning bounties and then talk

    NOT winning at 15+bb/100 or is this not possible at your current level?

    Then you have no room to talk or move down because you really really need to understand variance if you’re gonna play truly high stakes where those sorts of win rates become difficult-impossible

    I was doing well last year, but I was just not closing out tournaments

    But you know what I did? I went into my database, I looked at SPECIFIC BOARDS and how people played and increased my EV in all of them. I looked where I was leaking the most bbs in calling off triple barrels (almost never a bluff or if it is it’s pretty obvious). And this took me to the next level, it wasn’t JUST “variance” (ofc I got unlucky but so does everyone), it was INFERIOR and IMPERFECT PLAY.

    Variance shouldn’t even be a concept below $50 ABI with how bad people are, the concept should be called “get fucking better at your game”-iance.

    Meanwhile this year with the work I’ve done

    In regards to point 2.

    I just have to laugh at this, I’ve had 3 serious jobs:
    1.Sales in sports equipment

    2.Call center

    3.Sales at a gym

    In all of them I was a high level performer and yet in ALL of them I was fucked by outside circumstances which had NOTHING to do with the job

    1.The owner’s son (not the owner who was a great guy) was cheap af and actually decreased my pay after my promotion and never gave me the chance to go full time

    2.I was a top 3 performer every month, I asked for part time, they told me to GTFO, I simply don’t understand how they can train NEW people (which is what they were doing) for that position that would no doubt as an aggregate perform worse than me and yet just let me go

    3.Same thing as above, I asked for part time and they told me no despite being excellent in sales and customer service

    Now this doesn’t factor in automation and the coming AI wave in the next 10 years in other more white collar careers, but honestly poker absolutely DESTROYS the work available to me.

    1.In poker I and I ALONE control my destiny

    2.In poker I have AS MUCH growth as I can possibly stomach

    3.In poker I can cross branch in ways I really cannot in most jobs available to mid 20s fellas with decent potential, i.e staking, coaching, creation of promotional material etc

    Honestly, I think most people that talk about how great the regular job world is are either older or incompetent poker players, the reality is that the regular employment route is horrendous, nothing has fundamentally changed in me to achieve what I did with poker, I would’ve loved to have done that in other careers but they simply did not allow me to.

    More poker related notes:
    Going to allow myself to fire two bullets in the 530 Zoom tonight and unlimited in the 55 obv, but the reason this is an amazing investment is as follows;
    1.Zooms are 4-6x as many hands per hour, thus the variance for them goes down (zoom MTT chart below)

    (I actually won 3 low stakes 1200+ person tournies in the first 500 games)

    2.The other regs are going to be multi tabling, so it literally doesn’t matter how much better they are than me, if I can play 2-3x as many hands it’s literally irrelevant, they would basically have to be 2-300% better than me for it to be equivalent and I will be one tabling it.

    This was so apparent during the 530 HU, I saw crushers that were taking forever to play a single hand, it basically ruined their other tables due to the high activity, but they also could not fully focus on it because HU PKO zoom is an insane format with SO many things to keep track of.

    3.Due to the increased hands and my one table edge over regs, this is basically like regging to a $100 tourny, hell the 109 I’m playing now reaches 20bb w starting stack 100 minutes in, so roughly 60-80 hands in, the $530 in 132 minutes or roughly 650 hands in….yeah do the math

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    Variance shouldn’t even be a concept below $50 ABI with how bad people are, the concept should be called “get fucking better at your game”-iance.

    I 100% love it. I have been guilty of that recently, at least more than usual for sure. Thanks for the wake up call!

    And great blog in general, you’re an absolute crusher. It’s good to see people demolishing their stakes as you do.

    Post count: 40

    Variance shouldn’t even be a concept below $50 ABI with how bad people are, the concept should be called “get fucking better at your game”-iance.

    I 100% love it. I have been guilty of that recently, at least more than usual for sure. Thanks for the wake up call!

    And great blog in general, you’re an absolute crusher. It’s good to see people demolishing their stakes as you do.

    Ty sir, I have been slowly reading your blog, congrats on your own progress, but esp congrats on your degree, I actually failed an econ class one time lmao, but I do love the subject, from Mises, to Keynes, to Hayek, to Friedman, to more contemporary thinkers like Hudson, King and the other modern schools, it’s a very interesting subject for sure, I personally  like King’s assessment the most.

    Going to do my best to take the crushing to the next level, hope you join me!

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    I want to make a post on the levels of mistakes in poker, inspired from my old chess days where there is an inaccuracy, mistake and blunder. I believe the poker rating should be (with an example given)

    1.Inaccuracy, i.e jamming 22 for 21.5 blinds on the button, not awful by any means but not perfect

    2.Strong inaccuracy, i.e jamming 22 for 24 big blinds on the button, getting worse, but still not horrendous

    3.Mistake, i.e jamming 22 for 30 big blinds from the cutoff

    4.Blunder, i.e jamming 22 for 40 big blinds from MP

    5.Strong blunder, i.e jamming 22 from utg for 60 big blinds

    1.Bounty hunting


    3.Going 3 for value

    4.Not going 3 for value

    5.Calling off 3 streets, 2 streets, 1 street

    6.In game adjustments based on in game variables and dynamics

    7.What to cbet, what to check back

    8.Your ranges

    9.Your overall mindset

    10.Your in game emotions

    11.Your study habits

    12.WHAT you study

    So those are most of the planes, I’m sure people can come up with more, but I think that gives us a good baseline. The reality of being a good poker player is simple:
    FOR LOW STAKES, blunder avoidance is so crucial, if you can avoid blunders, I honestly just believe using RYE ranges will basically ensure you win

    FOR MID STAKES, you are going to want to start eliminating mistakes which will happen, but they just need to be becoming more and more rare

    I’m not going to comment on high stakes as it’s self evident what the next level is, but also I am not there.

    The problem for a lot of people is that instead of looking at things HOLISTICALLY, they mentally masturbate over hand reviews or spots where they maybe made a strong inaccuracy, mistake or veering into a blunder, this is fine and should be done, BUT without the HOLISTIC consideration of the TOTALITY of what you’re doing, it’s not going to do you any good.

    Poker like MMA is a TOTAL strategy, getting smashed for 3 rounds and then saying “yeah I need to focus on keeping my hands up in the third round because I got KOd” is dumb, you were going to lose by the judges anyways so getting KOd makes no difference. So is nitpicking relatively inconsequential mistakes (specifically in the 1-3 range, i.e marginal spots where it isn’t too awful, but you have blunders and strong blunders being made in other planes), meanwhile the whole of your game is flawed, however it is very very difficult to do this on your own (being self aware, but not just self aware, aware of the totality of what you need to consider).

    Post count: 40

    Gonna keep writing things that interest me, ignore or comment if you will, this is more for me than anything else.

    Reasons I feel being a poker pro is a good idea:

    1.Low end investment, if you do your research which could take a few months, I believe you need a baseline of 3-5k USD in order to get the materials that are crucial for your success and basically take the odds as close to 100% as possible:

    A.RYE’s Masterclass

    B.Doug Polk’s HU course

    C.RIO membership

    D.Monthly coaching for an hour or two AFTER you’ve played 30k+ hands so you can realize where you’re going wrong

    For you to go through all of this, it takes maybe 3-4 months tops, applying it will take much longer. But what you gain relative to the time you put in and relative to OTHER investments and careers is insane, it’s not even remotely close. Careers take decades to take off, school takes 4+ years and 20k+ USD, even a normal progression at a regular job will take 5+ years to BEGIN to get anywhere.

    Poker relatively speaking destroys other options for young, high IQ, motivated people that want to go from A to B without dealing with the sick world’s bullshit of boomers working longer, never ending wage cutting competition via H1B style visas, office politics, the tedious and long drawn out nature of university.

    2.ROI and scalability, what is the lifetime value of these courses? I would say AT LEAST 100k provided you actually learn from them and are not a complete moron. 3-5k USD and 1-200 hours for 100k+ EZ sounds pretty good to me. Is this available anywhere else? I don’t think so.

    I believe there are two benchmarks to shoot for depending on where you live, 2nd world and non western nations one should shoot for 200k USD saved up, in the west (Scandinavia, Anglospheric countries and perhaps Brazil as well as I know it’s pretty expensive there, but not quite western tier) 400k USD saved up. In an index fund alone (extremely safe, reliable and easy investment), the yields will be 16k USD and 32k USD respectively, 16k USD in a second world country is actually pretty damn amazing, 32k USD TAX FREE is solid, but neither of these should be the end goal, you should still play some poker and clear the easy 20k USD that are there without virtually any work just by practicing good game selection and playing solid B game.

    If you’re willing to work, poker gives you an EXCELLENT long term baseline for income, the scalability is immense and if you’re willing to work the ROI can be crazy.

    3.Adjacent possibilities, in terms of coaching and staking poker is SO much more open than other careers where you do “X” and that’s basically it. Poker players are also edgy contrarians so you will make amazing contacts who are always looking for the next big opportunity, ofc you can meet these people in an office too, but they are fewer and far between, whereas in poker it’s almost a prerequisite. Not only that, but with coaching and staking you will have contacts around the world which is virtually non existent in other careers, except for at the highest part of the career where you’ve already made it.

    If you’re willing to dig a bit deeper than the veneer of poker, it can truly expand your world in a way that I think EVEN IF you wanted to, other careers do not offer.

    4.YOU control YOUR destiny, you can take things as far as you want with poker. There are many different types of crushers:
    A.Get in and get out crusher, i.e Doug Polk style

    2.Get in, crush and stay in, i.e Lena

    3.Get in, crush and do it your own fucking way, i.e Ben

    However, in the real world of office politics, decisions made based on interpersonal reasons, non guaranteed anything, it is way different. Yes you can work your way out in a sense, but you are always going to be somewhat capped. Ofc we can say poker is capped in terms of income too in that you’ll probably never make 10+ million from it, but poker should teach you money management so you shouldn’t even want that money nor does one need it to live good, actually the person who thinks they need that money will almost always have severe other flaws they are overlooking that they could easily fix, their physical fitness, their personality, even facial deformities that can easily be corrected with a bit of surgery, meanwhile they think they’ll be happy with a bunch of gold diggers and parasites….anyways what was the subject again?

    Oh yeah you controlling your destiny, in my experience at other jobs, I realized how precarious my situation as a young motivated and decently smart young man was, I was ALWAYS relying on others and I had ZERO control.

    1.If they didn’t want to give me more hours I was fucked

    2.If they did want to give me more hours but it wasn’t feasible for them I was fucked

    3.Despite my good performances, I was entirely replaceable and all places could not give one fuck about retention, so I was fucked

    4.If someone didn’t like me for whatever reason and they had sway I was fucked

    In poker you can ALWAYS review more, you can ALWAYS get MORE coaching, you can ALWAYS improve your study software, you can ALWAYS get better and this is what I love. IT’S 100% ON YOU TO DECIDE WHETHER YOU SUCCEED OR NOT.

    5.You can do your job from anywhere, this is fantastic for two reasons:
    A)You can always take a “lean” year or two in a 2nd world country (if you live in the west) and DRASTICALLY bring down your costs, going from 20-30k a year living relatively frugally-solid to living like a king for 12-15k. Over 3-4 years this is a ton of money saved

    B)Obviously traveling can open up your mind and let you meet new people as well

    But contrast this to a regular job, 40 hours EVERY week NO negotiation, you better show your ass up or else….

    The way I see it with poker as a career:
    It’s easy (relatively speaking)

    It’s ROI and scalability is insane, although capped, but you have to be really mentally ill to think you NEED to make 10+ million dollars to be happy

    It offers SO many possibilities to branch out that just don’t exist in other careers

    You are 100% responsible for your success

    You can do it anywhere and this is amazing

    So yeah, apart from being a rockstar, high level athlete, actor or some really really high level shit, poker is fucking king

    NOTE: If you want to add to this or dispute any of it, I am 100% open to hear what other people have to say, I may say something back, but it’s never personal, I like getting different perspectives even if they disagree with me

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    Epic post man….

    Post count: 400

    Hey man, checked out your blog as per Mariano’s recommendation. Definitely enjoy reading your thoughts/ideas. Great stuff man.

    Your approach in organising your MTT schedule is definitely interesting. Fine-tuning the MTT schedule you play is definitely important and your methodology appears to be working for you, but it also sounds like you’re possibly over-thinking things, to me at least. If you believe you’re +EV in the field, then you’re +EV in that particular field, and that’s all that matters.

    Also curious as to how you are measuring your body fat % exactly?

    Good luck man, look forward for more updates.

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    Epic post man….


    Ty sir, glad you’re enjoying it!

    Hey man, checked out your blog as per Mariano’s recommendation. Definitely enjoy reading your thoughts/ideas. Great stuff man.

    Your approach in organising your MTT schedule is definitely interesting. Fine-tuning the MTT schedule you play is definitely important and your methodology appears to be working for you, but it also sounds like you’re possibly over-thinking things, to me at least. If you believe you’re +EV in the field, then you’re +EV in that particular field, and that’s all that matters.

    Also curious as to how you are measuring your body fat % exactly?

    Good luck man, look forward for more updates.

    Glad to hear it bro, welcome on board!

    I write a lot and it’s very easy for people to get lost in my words or perhaps because I use caps people can get something different than what I meant to say, so I’ll say it simply as far as my MTT philosophy:
    1.I play zooms because they are lower variance due to playing more hands

    2.I play zooms because they allow me to effectively play 4-6 tournaments in one go

    3.I have no desire to play 8+ hours daily, the reason I play poker is to NOT work 40+ hour weeks, I want a low cortisol lifestyle

    4.I am not saying I am above this, the past 2 weeks I grinded 60+ hours weekly, but it’s not ideal or what makes me happy nor do I mind sacrificing EV as I know in the long run

    Basically I pattern myself around the Von Manstein Matrix:


    I completely agree with you though, +EV is +EV no matter what and that’s the bottom line because stone cold said so.

    As far as bf goes, I just go by eye, I spent a ton of time bodybuilding, being around them and looking at pictures and videos of bodybuilders, this is where I was previously at:

    https://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/showpost.php?p=54870970&postcount=34 (bottom of post)

    I am pretty close to this condition, but having lost nearly 100lbs in the last year and a half does it’s number in fat distribution, so it’ll take a few more weeks to get to where I want. It’s not so much about being “8%” as much as it is about losing my lower abdomen fat, my face is the exact opposite, I have cheek bones at nearly 20% bf and I basically get skeleton face at 11-13% bf where many people can still look bloofy and blown up, this was taken a month ago right around that point


    WILL BE POSTING A SCOOP REVIEW LATER, scathing self hate incoming! Lol nah more like harsh truths, but I did other things well which I’ll be happy about, so not too bad.

    Post count: 40

    Scoop is nearly to an end, so my self rating on scoop:

    5.5/10, mediocre and barely a pass

    I learned a ton about regular MTTs in terms of what sort of hero folds I can afford to make.

    I would not classify the calloffs I made as blunders or maybe they are, open to ideas, but for now I am classifying them as mistakes.

    The important thing is that I learn from this and I move forward positively, yes mistakes happened, it is what it is, I am disappointed in myself because I KNOW I can do better and make these laydowns, I just need to do it. Poker is a marathon and not a sprint, I will do my best to ensure I get better from this.

    So let’s dive into the hands:

    PokerStars Hand #200365774792
    Tournament #2584192600
    N/A $20+$2
    DBorgesAA posts the small blind 75.00
    ZeeWhyZeeZee posts the big blind 150.00
    blebelea folds
    andgust folds
    belosi folds
    CPUrul0r folds
    DBorgesAA calls 75.00
    ZeeWhyZeeZee raises to 525.00
    DBorgesAA calls 375.00
    Flop: [6d Td 5h]
    DBorgesAA checks
    ZeeWhyZeeZee checks
    Turn: [Qc]
    DBorgesAA bets 936.00
    ZeeWhyZeeZee calls 936.00
    River: [5s]
    DBorgesAA bets 3600.00
    ZeeWhyZeeZee raises to 9300.00
    DBorgesAA raises to 23309.00
    ZeeWhyZeeZee calls 14009.00
    Action has ended
    DBorgesAA shows [5c Tc] Full House, Fives full of Tens
    ZeeWhyZeeZee shows [Ad 5d] Three of a Kind, Fives
    DBorgesAA wins 49660.00

    NOTE: I don’t know about this hand, I really don’t, is it a strong inaccuracy is it a blunder. I don’t know, I’m just being honest here.


    PokerStars Hand #200773558404
    Tournament #2584192883
    MTT (8 max) RE-ENTRY $100+$9

    AIRJORDAN23X posts the small blind 75.00
    ZeeWhyZeeZee posts the big blind 150.00
    chaxxk raises to 450.00
    h1per1on folds
    RLCFB folds
    m0zzi3 calls 450.00
    Ruudje001 folds
    ragsonly1 folds
    AIRJORDAN23X folds
    ZeeWhyZeeZee calls 300.00
    Flop: [7s Qh 3s]
    ZeeWhyZeeZee checks
    chaxxk bets 793.00
    m0zzi3 folds
    ZeeWhyZeeZee calls 793.00
    Turn: [2h]
    ZeeWhyZeeZee checks
    chaxxk bets 1650.00
    ZeeWhyZeeZee calls 1650.00
    River: [7d]
    ZeeWhyZeeZee bets 6333.00
    chaxxk raises to 20885.00
    ZeeWhyZeeZee calls 12000.00
    2552.00 returned to chaxxk
    Action has ended
    chaxxk shows [Qd Qs] Full House, Queens full of Sevens
    ZeeWhyZeeZee shows [7h 8h] Three of a Kind, Sevens
    chaxxk wins 43137.00

    NOTE: A much more clear fold, VERY undisciplined by me


    PokerStars Hand #200776511930
    Tournament #2584192883
    MTT (8 max) RE-ENTRY $100+$9
    begins at 2019/05/26 9:24 pm
    Seat 5 (t8ofDiamonds) is the dealer
    neomodus posts ante 50.00
    cassiocatitu posts ante 50.00
    davo001 posts ante 50.00
    j3$teR posts ante 50.00
    t8ofDiamonds posts ante 50.00
    ZeeWhyZeeZee posts ante 50.00
    Bamfever posts ante 50.00
    felics10 posts ante 50.00
    ZeeWhyZeeZee posts the small blind 200.00
    Bamfever posts the big blind 400.00
    felics10 folds
    neomodus folds
    cassiocatitu folds
    davo001 calls 400.00
    j3$teR calls 400.00
    t8ofDiamonds folds
    ZeeWhyZeeZee raises to 2053.00
    Bamfever folds
    davo001 calls 1653.00
    j3$teR calls 1653.00
    Flop: [Ts 5s 6h]
    ZeeWhyZeeZee bets 4000.00
    davo001 folds
    j3$teR raises to 9200.00
    ZeeWhyZeeZee raises to 29800.00
    j3$teR calls 15837.00
    4763.00 returned to ZeeWhyZeeZee
    Turn: [Kd]
    River: [9d]
    Action has ended
    ZeeWhyZeeZee shows [Qh Qs] One Pair, Queens
    j3$teR shows [5d 6d] Two Pair, Sixes and Fives
    j3$teR wins 57033.00

    NOTE: Not sure about this one, depending on how he constructs his range, it can be totally fine by me or slightly bad


    PokerStars Hand #200708083363
    Tournament #2584192838
    N/A $500+$30
    begins at 2019/05/24 10:54 pm
    Seat 1 (TonyCipolla9) is the dealer
    TonyCipolla9 posts ante 150.00
    Oneway1988 posts ante 150.00
    ZeeWhyZeeZee posts ante 150.00
    JayDi.L posts ante 150.00
    great dant posts ante 150.00
    M1TR4ND1R posts ante 150.00
    mararthur1 posts ante 150.00
    Erdi1905 posts ante 150.00
    Oneway1988 posts the small blind 600.00
    ZeeWhyZeeZee posts the big blind 1200.00
    JayDi.L folds
    great dant folds
    M1TR4ND1R raises to 2748.00
    mararthur1 folds
    Erdi1905 calls 2748.00
    TonyCipolla9 folds
    Oneway1988 calls 2148.00
    ZeeWhyZeeZee calls 1548.00
    Flop: [7s Ts 3c]
    Oneway1988 checks
    ZeeWhyZeeZee checks
    M1TR4ND1R bets 5400.00
    Erdi1905 calls 5400.00
    Oneway1988 calls 5400.00
    ZeeWhyZeeZee calls 5400.00
    Turn: [As]
    Oneway1988 checks
    ZeeWhyZeeZee checks
    M1TR4ND1R bets 14400.00
    Erdi1905 folds
    Oneway1988 folds
    ZeeWhyZeeZee calls 14400.00
    River: [7h]
    ZeeWhyZeeZee checks
    M1TR4ND1R bets 45787.00
    ZeeWhyZeeZee calls 45787.00
    Action has ended
    M1TR4ND1R shows [7c 7d] Four of a Kind, Sevens
    ZeeWhyZeeZee shows [Ks Js] Flush, Ace High
    M1TR4ND1R wins 154166.00

    Note: turn bet threw me off, but I have to find a fold on the river again, not VERY undisciplined, but undisciplined nonetheless

    End result:

    If I was able to have a bit more discipline, that coulda been nearly 20bb/100 at a $130 ABI which would’ve been excellent, but I did not perform up to my capacity. Oh and don’t worry guys, I am aware tonight is still a thing, I am not at ALL dejected or giving up in any sense (wouldn’t have got this far if I had that attitude), I realize I could have a massive score tonight and I am fully prepared for this to happen, but I have to give an honest assessment of what has taken place so far.

    In the next post I will be outlining things I am happy with during SCOOP, I realize I could make it one post, but I find it gets clunky and unaesthetic to have massive walls of text that are not entirely related as one post, just my preference, cheers.

    Post count: 1

    Great Post!

    Just wanna ask you why do you Recommend the HU Course, and not another Cash Game Course?

    Thanks and keep crushing:)

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