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    Hi everybody,

    I’ve started playing NLH in January again after some time away from the game and am experiencing a lot of frustration online while I’m crushing it live.
    I started some years ago online on pokerstars and constantly lost, which made me stop playing.
    Due to a business trip to vegas I played some live sessions in the Mirage and it was so fun (and I was winning) that I’m hooked again.

    I ran some calculations and live I’ve won roughly 69 BB/100 on 1/2 in the Mirage and 5/5 in my local Casino in 41h of playing but online I’m down -16.1 BB/100 on 0.05/0.10 in roughly 28h this year.

    I’ve read some books, did the DN Masterclass end of January and have now started with the elementary cash game course by Fallout and therefore believe that my range is okisch.

    Is this difference between online/live “normal” for a recreational player like me?
    Should I go even lower in stakes online and try my luck there?
    Should I change the platform? (am thinking about switching to PPPoker)

    thanks in advance for any input.

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    Both of those samples you’ve cited are insignificant for starters. You a ton more volume to really get an idea of where you’re at.

    But yes, online games are much much tougher in general. Players are using a lot of software these days and studying the games a lot, even at the lower limits, so the edges aren’t as big. In the live games many of the regs even don’t do much studying, so the edges can be huge.  The chinese app games are much softer than stars for example, but you also need to aware of shady agents and some collusion going on.

    I’d suggest joining the discord app ASAP and start posting hands and giving feedback on others’ hands so we can start to see any leaks that may be present. It’s a really supportive community on there. Tons of value for your game if you get active there.

    We also just released a course which is focused on the live low stakes cash games in the casinos, so check that out if you’re interested also.

    best of luck!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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