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    thank you guys, GL to you too! :)

    Post count: 459

    Long time since the last post.

    I couldnt play much in november, because of college I started to study this year. I have to say I underestimate it a bit. I didnt do anything, or only very very slightly, since the beginning and suddenly there was a lot of work to do. Especially math took a lot of time, because I had to learn basically everything from the begining. But I pass trough everything and now I only have to write seminar works and prepare for the final tests in january.

    The other reason was, I got disgusted and took some days off.

    Now I am rdy again. Have to say I missed it after one week.

    The plan is to play till christmas and then will start with school work again. Complete it as fast as possible and play poker again.

    Since I had longer break, I struggle with focus more, so I started to do again more meditation and the 10minute alarm clock which reminds me to stay calm and focused.


    btw. I love the new RYE logo, great work guys! :)

    Post count: 459


    • focus on 3betting more
      esp. from BU, dont flat all the hands
      BUT! stay reasonable dont 3bet just to get higher 3bet stat


    • https://www.weaktight.com/h/5a281427d39043f8638b489c
      • great 3barrel combo, because not blocking his 9x
        and you shouldnt have that many 9x, because its <35bbefs so you should start checking some 9x OTF
      • —> less than 40bb consider hand equity protection in terms of not getting pushed out of equity (true, cant push you out OTF, but can raise flop, jam turn and I cant call)
        so OTR dont have that many 9x combos + JTs doesnt block his hands like A9 69 79 —> the best spot to tripple
      • also remember, always look at villains range, if you can find enough hands he folds → you can overbluff
      • + JTs is better to bluff than J9, because of not blocking any folding range —> so If I want to give up some hands I should start with some 9x hands


    • 40bb+ from BB start playing some of the draws agressively
      • 6c7c BBvsUTG 40bb+ on 9c3cQx
        UTG can bet/fold a lot of hands like AJo 55 77 A5hh —> good FE
      • everytime I have good hand equity I need less FE and in this spot its already decent amount of hands he b/folds → c/r
      • raising Tc8x is good but actually 7c6c is much better because of the additional hand equity, fe is the same
      • 20bb and less just c/jam
        only between 25 and 35 you have to consider hand equity protection -> have to be more careful and just c/c
Viewing 3 posts - 691 through 693 (of 693 total)
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