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    This hand was played at a 2/3 game. I’ve been sitting there for only around 2 orbits so I didn’t have any specific reads on the two players involved in the hand (highjack player just sat down 3 hands ago), the table was quiet soft though, a lot of limping going on, multiway pots, people were playing very loose.

    I’m in the small blind with A9hh, facing 5 limpers (we were playing 8 handed that time) and decide to make a raise to 40.
    If I make it 25 or so I can be sure to get at least 4 callers on this table, so 40 was definitely the area to chose if I want to raise.
    First question already here: I obviously get incredible odds in this game from the sb with a suited ace that is not terrible to play multiway, however:
    – I’m in the worst position and often be playing a guessing game postflop. Say the flop is 469, I bet and get reraised, I’m in a dicey spot cause most of my opponents are gonna play any suited hands and probably any 96 and 64, also of course 44, 66, 99, though people could also be raising with habds like 109 or a draw like 78. It’s always dicey to play hands like that multiway with very weak opponents cause you’re really just guessing what villain has. Even though I can still make +ev decisions, on a table like that I don’t wanna play high variance hands that are slightly +ev cause I don’t have to.
    – There’s already 20 Dollars in the Pot and I don’t expect anyone to have a very good hand. UTG could be trapping with AA, KK or AK sometimes but it’s obviously very unlikely compared to the amount of weak hands he’s limping there as well and even if, I’m gonna find out and likely don’t lose any more money when he reraises. So I expect to take the pot down quiet a lot and even if not, I have a playable hand postflop. and
    – I give myself a decent postflop edge which encourages me to build a bigger pot anyway, especially if I might get called by weaker hands like 109s, J9s, Q9s. What am I really afraid of? Maybe A10 and AJ but I’m gonna take the pot down against those a lot with a cbet on boards like 237 or K56 with a heart or whatever. Other possible calling hands I’m flipping against or am slightly ahead.

    Anyway, I raise to 40, UTG calls and HJ calls as well, everyome else folds.
    To the stacks: I had about 1k, UTG 1k too and HJ started the hand with 290.
    As mentioned HJ just sat down so no clue what kind of player he is, the way he acts on the table though I can tell for sure he’s not a reg.
    UTG was playing very loose, got lucky a couple hands before and doubled up.

    Flop comes 77Q rainbow, one heart.
    I decided to bet 50 into a pot of around 130. I think pretty standard, obviously got a range advantage and can get a lot of hands to fold like say KJs, 109s, probably 22 to 66… Also I’ve got the backdoor hearts so I can barrel on any heart turn.
    UTG folds after a bit of tanking, HJ tanks a bit, then calls.

    Turn is Kd (diamond draw on the board)
    And here is the decision why I post this hand.
    HJ had 200 left and the pot was 230, I decided to bet 200 to put him all in. He snapcalled and showed QQ.
    Thing is, my intention was actually to give up on any non heart turn, the more I think about it though, the more I like the King on the turn for me in terms of what I think he’s gonna continue with. And literally, I’m only really expecting a call from KQ (and if he somehow has a 7 or 77 there). I’ve experienced people at those lower levels are folding so much on “scary turns” like that, I often got shown insta folds like AJ on a 25JK board when I second barrel the turn and stuff like that cause people just always put you on like AK when you bet there. Obviously not everybody but it’s definitely a notable tendency.
    So the problem I’m facing here, btw UTG said he folded JJ, I’m realizing how crazy the ranges were and how little clue I actually had (JJ and QQ were hands I would have obviously excluded 100% of their ranges) so I’ve been thinking if this can theoretically be a good play to make a close to no equity bluff with A9h here at all?
    I do have a lot of better bluffs than this one, say J10s or A10 of diamonds. But considering how good this turn is for me I just feel like I should be bluffing here a lot (and especially as an exploit, but also (just to be on the save side) I’m wondering about theory, if I can ever make a mistake here by bluffing with A9h)

    Please tell me your opinions and also in general if you would’ve approached the hand differently.


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    Hey thanks for the thorough breakdown but please also recreate the hand using sharemypair.com or



    then we can look at a solution


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    Sure, this is it:





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    I’m unable to open the hand..sorry for the issues. Maybe try recreating?


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