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    Hello all RYE members,

    I just signed up 2 improve my game and the way i analyse my hands.

    Im Dutch so sorry for my bad english, i hope you guy’s will understand. I play for many years live and online. For the most i play mtt. In the past i played olso a lot of sit en go’s.

    My plan is to post hands that i analyse where i olso post my thinking proces. I hope to get better insights or maybe other will take the good parts of the thinkproces. This way i hope to prove my game.

    Thanks for any advise and help

    Best regards

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    Hey man, welcome to RYE! You should start your own blog under the “poker blogs” section. Then we can track your progress there. Let us know what your story is and what your goals are.

    Also make sure to join the discord app ASAP. It’s essential for studying purposes and reaching out to other players.

    good luck with the journey!

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    Welcome to Raise your Edge,

    Join the Discord and i would like to see your goals :)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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