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    • Wanted to revisit Flash Cards BBvEP
      • not done, wasted a bit time on the different spots from yesterday
    • Study one vid from RIO preferably about my current focus on BBvX x/r
      • Found one, where major take away was to not bluff with BD FD holdings, since they block the folding range OTT from villain
    • Do one deep hand analysis from spots
      • not done deeply
    • Play for at least 6h
      • Managed 5.45h, called it earlier quits since overall moral was down, dunno why

    Study-wise was ok-ish, but nothing deep. Not sure if it was due to bad sleep or something else, but I didnt feel like devoting time to Poker today. Maybe had to do with me picking up intermittent fasting again, but no clue :D Well something was done and thats important instead of giving in and having a free day out of no-where.

    Volume was good, but I need to watch out to not get leveled in spots where I think Im beating part of villains ranges, however they would never take them with such a line (f.e. 3b pot on monotone flush board with JJ, vil bets twice really small and after raising turn he reraised allin, where I talked myself into calling, since he could still have 77-TT, but never does that with those).

    I often find myself at the start of a session to lose a bit (or sometimes even some buy-ins) and then during the day picking up momentumn again, playing good but always working to catch up from the losses in the first session. I have no clue whether thats because of variance or not being warmed up, but I will watch out the next sessions to play in the first half hour only 3-4 table with some verbal range exercises meanwhile to get into the groove.


    For tomorrow my intention is to do a bit of studying (2-3h) and play my first session from 10am to 12am. Afterwards outdoor workout and then I have time to grind between 3pm – 9pm. Evening im probably off to some drinks with friends.

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    • Revisit Flash Cards BBvEP
      • done
    • Study one vid from RIO preferably about my current focus on BBvX x/r
      • reviewed a 50NL Live Session Review
    • Do one deep hand analysis from spots
      • not done today in order to have time for volume
    • Play for at least 6h
      • roughly should have been the case, maybe missed by 30min

    I couldnt really follow through with the plan to grind in the morning since there were internet problems here, so I had to study and move the training to the morning. That lost a bit of time and after grabbing food and resting at the beach for an hour I got to start playing at around 3pm. With the occasional (food) breaks the grind went on till 10pm. Overall I think the play was good, maybe a few spots I didnt really have to call off on the river, but overall I liked how I recovered from a first bad going session to grinding it back up and being break even.

    I have got some spots to look at, which will be probably the main studying tomorrow next to a video, other than that, I will try to get some decent volume in and rest from 6-8pm on.


    Studying notes

    • OOP multiway we should almost never bet over 50% due to equity reasons
    • If we decide to bluff with hands that may not be as favourable blocker-wise as others, no overbet should be used but mostly 3/4
    • WTSD (sample needed though) of 30 is okay and if its vastly lower for an opponent, we should elect to overbluff with a lot of semi bluffs that did not get there due to the fold equity. As an overall exploit, underbluff and choose a value size of down to 60-75%, while rivers can be overbluffed and overbet often
    • If there is a fish calling OOP often, we should consider sizing up our open-raise size. This isolates the fish and other regs will have trouble to squeeze properly, since the fish is in the pot and they have less fold equity
    • Barrelling multi-street can reduce the number of flushes villain can have, since they have to fold due to lower equity (note to self though – this is mainly for good regs, as on my stakes they seem to be mostly chasing those draws)
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    Today there wasnt much studying, went over some spots from yesterday but less deliberately than I would have liked to. Had a call with family back home for a long time, so the overall mood wasnt as productive – volume wise I got four hours in, but felt like taking the evening off for some rest

    I was made aware of Mobius blog in another thread and it inspired me to change my current approach about volume and studying poker. Studying should be of higher priority for me right now before prioritizing the vague number of 6h playing and the way Im currently doing it:

    • When grinding on Unibet, during the week (Mo-Th) it will be mostly four regular cash game tables down from six. This will help me to be more concious about decisions instead of chasing the zoom feeling and make me more aware of decisions. On weekends it can be increased due to higher number of fishes. Target will be new 4h instead of 6h because…
    • … the other 1-2h should be invested into grinding three tables on PokerStars Zoom Format. This will give me the opportunity to build a database about my current play, which I cannot observe on Unibet due to its anonymity. As such, Zoom Format will help me to build a solid number of hands per day (1.5k), which should come down to roughly 40k per month.
    • Rest into studying (usually around 3-4h). I would like this to be higher, but will have to see where I can gain time from.. will be hard, without neglecting other activities such as reading, daily exercises, etc. I want to master two topics per week and prepare them accordingly (with the needed material such as videos and flash cards in advanced), so I dont lose time on respective days to research/prepare, while still analyzing the intersting hands that were played.

    The next topics I will analyze are presumably OOP play v IP flatting (mainly from EP/MP) and then SBvBB play


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    Well, were off to a delighted start. Dont know what it was about this morning but I felt .. down, no clue why. Maybe because I didnt start with my usual routine of meditation and lacked the overall vision to why Im doing what Im doing right now. Could be also because I havent trained since 48h. That sounds stupid but im REALLY prone to get out of order when I havent done sports.. thats why even on off-days I aim to go for a run now, since else I just drift off. Well regardless of all that, I decided to push through and after grinding 1h through on Unibet, apparently the router here had all 15min longer disconnects and made getting the volume impossible. So studying also came a bit short today. Later on I got in like 1k hands on Stars Zoom, so thats something.

    The video I reviewed during studying was from RIO about an instructors live play on 50NL and I didnt take away too much apart from a spot where he delayed his cbet with KK MPvEP on A55 and after the Turn came an 8 and he bet, river brought A and he value bet again. I usually like to go for thin value bets (sometimes too thin, and frankly I believe that costs me some EV), but I’d have checked it back. He reasoned it with the fact that it makes villain more unlikely to have an Ax holding and he can get more value from worse PPs that are still calling – I liked that. He explained that he would check almost any other river though.

    So after heading to bed a bit earlier tonight to hit the crossfit classes in the morning, this is how my current routine will be looking like:

    • Practice Gratitude
    • Read my affirmations and visualize them
    • Perform meditation, after get prepared for workout
    • Crossfit
    • Return, shower and prepare post workout shake
    • Shortly visualize the studying process, get studying in till around 12pm
    • Cooking / Eating
    • Shortly visualize session 1, then play it (Unibet) 2h
    • Break, get those dishes done
    • Shortly visualize session 2, then play it (Unibet) 2h
    • Post Unibet Session, analyze some hands
    • Break, eat left-overs and maybe get another short meditation in
    • Shortly visualize session 3, then play it (Stars Zoom) 1-2h
    • Cooldown phase – write blog, read a bit, prepare for tomorrow (studying material, gym stuff, etc.)

    I will keep this close tomorrow to see if it fits the schedule or what wasnt working as intended

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    Today was a pretty good day. Not necessarily results-wise on Unibet, but overall which stuff I managed to get through. Feeling wise also better than yesterday, especially when I went for a break to grab laundry I had a pretty grateful feeling being here, enjoying the nice temperature and walk outside.

    • Finished the last video I could find considering BBvBU X/R
      • In order to get to some raising frequencies on rainbow boards, I will have to include vulnerable middling pairs with BD FD as the solver suggests
      • As Button, we will sometimes need to double with no equity hands, which will be mostly the worst offsuit/suited hands that block the calling range from villain. Example: to block T9 or QJ on 732 turn J, get barrel with some KT holdings f.e.
      • Solver likes to X TPGK OTR after turn checked through and will often X/R in BBs position
    • Played 4h on Unibet
    • Played 1 – 1.5h on Stars

    Tomorrow I will start to look at the concept of IP v OOP Cbetting. This should help me to get somewhat familiarized with tighter ranges playing OOP, before I can look at SB BVB spots.

    The routine worked pretty fine, although I neglected the visualization prior to grinding/studying, which I think is important though. Also problematic was meditating after eating food (since I couldnt get it through in the morning) … needless to say, my head tilted a few times to the side and I had to focus not too snooze off :) But this might be even good, since its a visualization meditation and if one is sleepy, cognitive processes are not working as they should be and it goes easier through to your subconscious mind.


    Hand Analysis – EP v IP Flat in CO, Hero has AcTd

    I don’t want to complicate my strategies from IP v OOP too much, but there are only a few boards where IP goes for Cbets, so Id rather simplify and check 100% (maybe changes after studying this topic the next days). In this case I did too.


    Flop: Kc3c5h


    We check and villain goes for around 75% bet. Ingame I went for a X/R since it is a pretty good bluff candidate with its blockers/backdoors and we can barrel a lot of turns to fold out his calling PPs that will be too weak by then. I think people are over-stabbing these boards, esp. seeing that GTO+ checks A LOT IP on such a board if we check everything. I node locked some bets with lower PPs that wanted to protect along with FDs/backdoor FDs of some sorts for vil and then GTO+ started to raise my holding as well (since PIO usually likes to take the weakest offsuit part of a range and with the nut FD blocker to raise).

    However, that was also assuming that the villain will fold pocket pairs and even some toppairs (KQo) or FDs to a raise which I think never happens on my stakes. So essentially GTO+ picked my hand as a bluff since it would be capable to fold out hands with stronger SDV than mine and its good blockers. Once I changed that, our strategy changes quite a bit.


    Now GTO+ is like “well fuck balancing and pick your strongest shit and raise it”, which means down to sets, overpairs, KJ+ and FDs + pair/GS/BDSD. Other pairs or FDs should mainly be called.


    Turn report shows that we can be continuing on most runouts, apart from when flushes come in, then we have to check entire range. Other than that were pretty free to barrel with a lot of stuff and continue to do so on the river.

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    I missed yesterdays post since I headed out for some drinks and it ended up being late. There wasnt too much work going on neither today, nor yesterday (apart from a smallish 3h studying session I believe). Nevertheless, I got one Hand Analysis out yesterday, which I will include below this post. Accordingly, after last night I didnt feel entirely like putting in too much work today and worked on some overall things, like reconnecting with family from home and a new potential routine that was inspired by this fine gentleman here:

    Essentially, what he summarizes is that there are times where you felt like you needed more attempts to get something into your mind and sometimes you can breeze through pages and soak up information. He has found that the difference lies mostly in the fact that your mind is cluttered when you have issues (he used the analogy of your mind beeing a pool and if you have other thoughts during such work, its like your pool is being dirty). So if that statement holds truth and one wants to maximize his information intake, what or when is he supposed to do his most important work?

    In the morning, when your mind is free, ideally after a Yoga Nidra session (which in his view ise the best method to clean up the fog in your brain). I had a period in my life where I got up early in the morning (4-5am ish) and got poker study in before work, which felt great. Right now Crossfit is replacing that and if Studying for Poker is my true prioritization (which it is), I should schedule my day accordingly also.

    • Practice Gratitude
    • Read my affirmations and visualize them
    • Perform Yoga Nidra session (if someone is interested, I can share the links if so far gone through with free guided Yoga Nidra sessions and other resources)
    • Study (fasted, tea only)
      • Visualize it first
      • Starting of with the hardest exercises like hand analysis, DB analysis with solver/nodelocking work
      • Finish study session with video
    • Play Session 1 on Unibet (by this time, it will be 10am)
      • Visualize it first
      • It is absolutely vital that I get in one session before lunch, else I wont be able to get the volume in I want)
    • Cook / Eat
    • Meditation
    • Play Session 2 on Unibet (by this time, it will be 2pm)
      • One hand as warmup from first session maybe if there is time
      • Visualize it first
    • Break
      • Get the dishes done, get prepared for workout
    • Crossfit at 5pm
    • Return, shower shortly and prepare post workout shake
    • Play Session 3 on Pokerstars Zoom (by this time, it will be latest 7pm)
      • Visualize it first
    • Finish by 8.30pm
    • Cooldown
      • Eat something
      • Read
      • Write blog
      • Prepare studying material for tomorrow
    • Sleep (maybe Yoga Nidra beforehand)

    This should be ideally the routine, however, I will have to check the next few days how this goes practically and if there are changes that need to be made. Looks pretty GTO to me though :D Judging by this entire schedule I should be going to sleep between 10 – 10.30pm, which would let me wake up at around 5.30 – 6am. It will depend how efficiently I get the schedule done after Crossfit (I tend to be a bit sluggish after those workouts since they still wear me out, but I think it should be fine). Excited to see how this will work out!


    _ _ _


    Hand Analysis – CO (Hero) v Tight BU with 88 on low dry board

    We open, tight villain in button calls and flop comes:

    4c 5d 5s

    Now usually, especially now with studying the OOPvIP CBetting topic, this would be a board where Im checking 100%. Simply because navigating all around this way is easier than having certain boards where I deviate from this strat and then have less practice/knowledge on how to proceed certain runouts.

    So this is a board where the solver majority of the time (like 53%) wants to check its hands but seeing the calling ranges, I think they are no fit (especially for some tighter players) and put some nodelocking in.

    The solver would have wanted BU to call with certain suited BW holdings, which I just don’t think is not happening enough, especially some that deem no improvement potential for the opponent (J9s, Q9s), so I excluded those. I gave him some raises with some PPs that want protection along some fast and slowplays with strong hands. As a result, the solver started to bet its entire range OTF as OOP player. In game, I decided to bet with 88 and was like feeling weird about it, knowing that I usually check here. But I think its really important to adapt our strategies and I shouldn’t just go “well I check here usually, so Im going to do with this opponent too, even though I have some little more information on him”. He calls and turn comes


    In game I checked this since villain will be calling with most Ax on such a dry board (especially due to the fact that it’s a wheel board) and betting accomplishes not much apart from isolating me against better PPs / toppairs. He bet then like a 25% bet, which I think can be anything – weaker Ax, OESDs, gutshots, 66-TT, so we have another call OTT.

    As for betting, once the A comes in, the solver wants to bet with most stronger Ax (AJ-AK) along with trips, full houses and some FDs (here its to note especially the higher FDs, as they block his calling range from good Ax and unblock his folding range of PPs that should fold (66-99)).

    River didn’t happen anything interesting, went X/X and villain showed A2s. Nevertheless, a lot of valuable lessons from me out of this one.

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    As I got later to bed than usual last night, I had some issues getting up at the usual times. So I didnt fully reap the benefits yet of the early morning to make any judgement about the new routine (and likely wont be able to in the next few days, but after next week). Today I got some studying in in the morning, but not too much. Volume wise around 3h only on Unibet before I hit the training, and in the evening I unexpectedly found out my old roommate is back and went for a welcome-back dinner, so the volume isnt top notch either.

    The Crossfit gym is closed over weekends and good for my thumbs, since I ripped them open during rope climbing. That means also my street workout tomorrow isnt going to be the longest, which makes a pretty good poker day Id say :) Im planning to get in around 3h of studying before throwing myself into the pools to get some volume in.

    On a side-note, I dont know if it was actually me being a bit tired, but it felt pretty easy to sleep with Yoga Nidra yesterday, so I will be definitely continuing with that and keeping this blog up to date if it helps with the routine.


    Studying Notes for OOP v IP (EP v LP) Cbetting Video

    • On lower boards, we should bet a lot v a BTN flatting range v EP, since we have the overpair advantage
    • On certain boards, the solver prefers to go for large cbets (80% on T52 f.e.), but we can surely size down v tighter opponents where the sizing accomplishes the same thing
    • Monotone boards are usually checked, but bet more often with lower cards
    • Exploits for opponents that over-cbet OOP
      • their checking range is weak
      • raise wider, as they overfold
      • stab OTT more often when checked to
    • When to X/R OOP
      • when villain overfloats
      • when we have range advantage
      • big EV advantage on boards
      • hands that pick up equity OTT


    No Hand Analysis

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