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    Hey man! Awesome work ethics, you are crushing it buddy.

    Regarding your QQ hand, be careful with your assumptions, you are barely giving him any bluffs and with eff ~30bb I can def see him having a few bluffs and also TT/JJ as well as AQ and you might not getting his full stack if he is not hitting. Or when he has JJ/TT and the board is K or A high you are not getting his entire stack.

    Anyway, keep up the good work!

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    Hey man! Awesome work ethics, you are crushing it buddy.

    Regarding your QQ hand, be careful with your assumptions, you are barely giving him any bluffs and with eff ~30bb I can def see him having a few bluffs and also TT/JJ as well as AQ and you might not getting his full stack if he is not hitting. Or when he has JJ/TT and the board is K or A high you are not getting his entire stack.

    Anyway, keep up the good work!

    Thanks Ben! Yeah I think the assumptions from me sometimes are a bit on the edge or plain wrong, but I’m working on it. I don’t take these calculations by heart and just do them cause I find it interesting. Once Im going through the course and my experience is greater, I think my assumptions will also improve, to a point where I would implement this knowledge.


    CW 34 – UPDATE

    So I’ve recorded my first session last Thursday (although, only 30min and played with no-recordings after that), and really liked it. It makes you think more clearly about the hand, as you try to articulate your thoughts, which will hopely improve. Sometimes I just play along and forget to talk what Im thinking about But was really good.

    If anyone is keen to watching and wants the most important bits, I’ve written out the most important timestamps. Also, I’ve included the link to the post where I analyze the hand thoroughly in this forum. Check it out and let me know about any feedback you might have for the recording (speaking up, recording settings, etc.)


    07:06 99 bottom left
    10:23 99 bottom left
    12:50 AA bottom left Turn volume down, as I loled into the mic on showdown
    14:51 K9s top left
    18:37 JTs top right
    21:18 T9s bottom left


    09:15 T7o is not a flat in BB EP multiway (not that I have learned it yet, but pre-peeked in the range viewer)
    13:57 A3s would have been a flat


    Talk to you soon, happy grinding!


    EDIT: Apart of some hand analysis, there weren’t any major studies going on for the “Passive Defending” topic. Also within my playing hours, there weren’t any major BBvsX spots where the topic could have come handy. So I will do some range and DB exercises till mid of the week, before continuing with the next topic.

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    CW 35 – UPDATE

    I’ve completed the Passive Defending Course mid-week and after some hand-analysis continued with the next “Playing vs 3bets & 4betting” video. Some HCM work was done considering shoving and reshoving, but not any major hand analysis. I decided to focus the past days a bit on volume and through that gathered some valuable spots I’ll happily analyze in the upcoming days and share with you. Furthermore, I will also do the homework for the last video-lesson. I think that will be enough work for this week but in case I still have time left, there is a spare recording from this week I can also review.

    I’m excited for the upcoming weeks, as I will be starting to stream Poker, which should give me more awareness about certain decisions and further accountability. Nevertheless, I’m dreading the law to take effect from 2019 in Switzerland which prohibits Online-Poker, so I will also have to get started with some Live Tourneys and setting up my account on Americas Cardroom before. This should be done by October though.

    Talk to you next week, happy grinding!



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    Update 2019

    Here we are, almost one year later.. the “talk to you next week” took a bit longer. :) I don’t want to make it too long, so I’m just going to summarize quickly what happened during the time till now:

    • I haven’t stopped playing Poker. If so, it has even become a bit more and consistent. It just seems that the time for forum posting apparently switched to streaming and content creation and I wanted to prioritize those habits.
    • I played and created content till about April normally, till it was apparent that my last uni semester required my full attention. So start of April I stopped fully and after successfully finishing uni (yay) along with holidays, the law for online gambling regulation took effect in Switzerland at the 2nd of July.
    • Meanwhile, I’ve quit my job effective at the end of August and want to travel a bit, as well to taste Poker if it suits me if I’d do it more regularly. So I’m currently staying at my aunts place in Bosnia and can play Online Poker again. WiFi isn’t as strong as I would like (for streaming purposes), but that isn’t my goal anyway. I’ve basically just set up a table in the middle of her living room and thats it – grind on.

    And if you’re wondering – the background shows auntie when she was a bit younger. Badass! :D

    So since two days ago my routine mainly consists of studying in the morning and in the afternoon getting the volume in. I love to get up early and get productively going – so I’m excited to see how that routine works with more frequent Poker sessions and if I still find enjoyment with the game. So why am I back?

    I think I’ve already mentioned in my first post that I see an amazing accountability factor with posting my goals and progress in this forum. If not only for that, I can hopefully also provide value to someone reading this or make connections, which is a great bonus! This should help me to maximize my studying results, which keeps me sharp for the playing sessions. These kind of accountability factors can be a forum in my case or what even works better are coaches or friends. Ben also explained a great one, where he gives share of most of his tourneys to one of his buddies, which keeps him accountable to perform at his best. A book I’ve just finished reading (The One Thing) mentioned a study where goal-achievement under students was measured and those with accountability partners / factors were shown to be 76% more likely to reach their stated goals! So if you haven’t already done so and you’re serious about improvement, get on it.

    As far as studying goes, I was already somewhat around 36% into the course, but ranges have adapted and most likely, certain concepts were also forgotten under my almost half-year break. My normal studying plan consists of rereading the notes I’ve made for each video and decide if I’m comfortable with the topic to move to more important things or relearn a topic. Example: Openraising ranges for EP are mainly static and feel easy to navigate, so rereading the notes was enough. However, MP/LP ranges can already switch, which is why I got started with studying the MP/HJ Opening Ranges today. From this topic I’ll start and navigate to LP opening, flatting/3betting, etc.


    07.09.2019 – MP&HJ Opening Ranges (15bb, 20bb, 30bb, 40bb, 60bb)

    To break down my studying approach for Range exercises, that goes as follows:

    • I have an Excel where it randomly generates my position, stacksize and hand (for this learning topic, I’ve fixed the position to MP and HJ though). I will then generate around 100 of them and I put in my decision along with what I would do if I get 3bet. For these positions, I can automatically declare around 67% of all spots easily as folds, but the rest requires often more thinking (unless its premium holdings).

    • Of these, I’ve generated 300 today, so I almost got in 100 different spots specifically for these ranges. I would then type in my answer, look up the ranges and see where I did mistakes to mark them (also the date, to be able to differentiate older hands when reviewing progress or something like that). If someone is really keen on this sheet, I’ll gladly share it or explain it in detail.
    • I topped that off with some PokerTracker DB Analysis to see how I’ve performed so far and added that information to the notes I got out of the 100 spots. Looks something like this:

    OR HJ notes
    15bb: Shove with T9s,44-66, A8s/A5s. Minraise AKo, KQs, A9s+ and 77+
    20bb: AJo is R/J not R/C v 3b, A9s/KTs/QJs/JTs are R/C. KJ even commits v BU-BB
    30bb: Good hands such as AQs+, AQo+, 77+, A5s can be R/J or R/C. Make it opponent dependant (postflop aggressiveness probably)
    40bb: A3s+, ATo, AJo and all 9xs broadway hands are R/C. Even stronger middling SC/OneGappers
    60bb: A3s+, K8s, middling SC (54s+) / OneGappers (86s+) are R/C

    OR MP Notes
    15bb: Think about stronger range (77+, AKo, KQs, AJs+) balancing the weaker MR/Fold range. Down to K7s, offsuit broadways
    20bb: Lower PPs are folded, A9o can be opened, suited 8xs (98s upwards), broadway hands
    30bb: Call more with the higher suited BW hands v 3b
    40bb: PPs can be opened and called v 3bets (44+ mainly, unless v BB)
    60bb: Slowplay with QQ+, AK v BB 3b, call with most lower AXs against 3b (A6s, A2s only v OOP/SB). OR 65s+, K6s+

    I then got into my playing session and specifically paid attention to those two positions and felt the improvement in confidence also. That was cool and I definitely gained clarity around some unsure holdings. I was surprised to see how wide we can open from those middling positions (esp. starting from 40bb, down to 65s in HJ and even with lower stack sizes the offsuit broadway hands).


    Goals for tomorrow, the 08.09.2019

    • Excel-Practice late position opens (BU / CO) and use the knowledge for my first proper Sunday grind, lets go!
    • I want to at least play for 6h tomorrow. Might not seem like much to someone, but I had mainly 3-4h runs and want to stretch my comfort zone a bit. So focus is mainly on grinding.
    • Get some cardio in to balance off weight lifting
    • Put a post up here about the most important notes from the book “The One Thing”. I’m all about Poker, but need some other leisure acitivies next to sport to keep me sane, so I might share more book information .. or not, I don’t know yet.


    Until next time, good luck at the tables!






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    Goal overview

    • Excel-Practice late position opens (BU / CO) and use the knowledge for my first proper Sunday grind, lets go! done
    • I want to at least play for 6h tomorrow. Might not seem like much to someone, but I had mainly 3-4h runs and want to stretch my comfort zone a bit. So focus is mainly on grinding Somewhat done … I got in a bit more than five hours. I had a delayed start with the grind, since I went for some cardio after lunch and then had an awkward schedule where 3-4 hours were left before my stomach kicks in. So for future grinds I’ll definitely make sure to schedule my sport activities in the early morning if possible plus make sure something is precooked.
    • Get some cardio in to balance off weight lifting done
    • Put a post up here about the most important notes from the book “The One Thing”. I’m all about Poker, but need some other leisure acitivies next to sport to keep me sane, so I might share more book information .. or not, I don’t know yet. Not yet.. but will be done with this post :)

    Studying – LP&BU Opening Ranges (15bb, 20bb, 30bb, 40bb, 60bb)

    What I changed in my studying approach is to include building the ranges myself first and then compare them afterwards to amend them where necessary. This should also help to get familiar with them. Apart from them I’ve done the similar Excel exercise.






    Rangebuilding notes

    60bb: Less SC as 4b bluffs, more high cards (worst Axo, Kxo, middling Kxs and middling Axs). Not all Ax are opened, broadway down to x9o. Call AA/KK v Blinds.

    40bb: More jam spots with KQs, 99 and AQo. Call more 3b with broadways (ATo, KJo+, QJo). Middling PP can be jammed v. aggro 3bettor. Don’t call BB-3b with lowest PP, middling SC and lowest Kxs. Call more with middling GS and low SC OOP v 3b. Lowest Axs v BU 3b can be shoved. Open down to A5o.

    30bb: 3b/Jam up to 55+, AJo+, AJs+, Kjs+, A9s, A7s, A5s. Call lower Axs and connected broadway hands (K8s, Q9s, J9s, T9s, 98s) v BB and BU. BU also includes worst Axo/Kxo, along with middle SC.

    20bb: Seemingly tighter, but range has only switched – more offsuit aces, less suited broadways (down to x7s, for K its K4s+) and lower SC. Lot more folding than calling. Worst PPs are jammed.

    15bb: Jam is 88+, AQo+, A8s+. Only KJo+ and A7o+ are jams, lower is minraise/f and can be extended depending on villain. All other Axs are jams. Extend suited broadway range by one hand in case the opponent is weak


    Exercise notes

    60bb: Although we can open wide, not too wide (f 95s f.e.)

    40bb: We cannot open all Ax (A5o+).

    30bb: Didn’t generate as many useful spots, included afterwards some and made no mistakes

    20bb-15bb: Shortstacked I did the most mistakes by being too loose, going for opens with 64s and other SC.

    Think that has come out of amending ranges through the tight players in my SNGs, but I should definitely tone it down, as I have surely also opened such hands against regs.





    Rangebuilding notes

    60bb: Lot more flatting of the lower suited BW, down to x6s apart from J. Calling QTo, Q4s-Q5s, T6s, 85s, 64s v SB.

    40bb: Still loose down to x5s, Q2s+, J3s+, T4s+. Flatting some offsuit broadways (KTo+, QJo, A8o+). Lower Axs can be jammed and hands such as J7s,K4s,K3s,54s called v SB.

    30bb: J3s+, T4s+, any 5xs still an open. Not much difference, mainly offsuit BW are opened less. Call 3b down to any 8xs and K4s+. 3b/j range is 55+, AJo+, Kqs, ATs+

    20bb: Tighten up considerably on the suited site, any 6xs, J5s+, Q4s+, K3s+ is now opened. A8o, A7o, A3s, A2s can be jammed along with worst PP. Broke range is 55+, A4s+, KTs+, Qjs, KQo

    15bb: MR/AI is 66+, A7s+, KTs+, QJs, KQo. Shove all other Ax. KTo, QJo and T8s can also be gone all in with. Exploitatively opening range are 8x BW and K6o+. In general, we still minraise all 6xs


    Exercise notes

    60bb: No mistakes.

    40bb: No significant mistakes apart from folding 75s to a 3bet

    30bb: All good.

    20bb-15bb: Most mistakes, as I was again, too loose with this stacksize. 30bb to 20bb loses some hands.



    I didn’t plan any major grinding tomorrow and may take the evening off to not overdo it (I used to play twice weekly before, so maybe I should change the playing frequency in smaller steps). However, its not fixed and I will still put in some study about the spots that occured today and also repeat the learnings from the previous two days. I felt a lot more comfortable at the tables through the studying, but feel like I need some more time to really get the spots in. So I will foreseeably continue with the next topics (SB Opens) on the 10th or 11th of September.


    The One Thing

    The One Thing is a book which talks about how you can get extraordinary results. Imo, it offers a lot of practical insights and I’ve encountered topics from various other different articles / books including some new ones. Here are my most important takeaways:


    • Learn to determine the most important thing when learning something. Not everything needs to be done and prioritization is key (read up on the 80/20 principle). The author mentions to use the 80/20 principle multiple times, which will help you to understand what is the most important thing.
    • To-Do List includes points that don’t have to be necessarily done. Create a success list instead, which takes the prioritization into consideration.
    • Willpower can be drained by the day, which is why you should aim to do the most important stuff in the morning. An example was given of a study of judges that were dealing with cases and the longer morning went on, the more the judges tend to go to their default decision instead of effectively dealing with a case. Once the glucose filled up after lunch, they treated the cases fairly again (same knowledge can be used for meal-prepping smoothies during the grind, to ensure you stay sharp).
    • Although productivity is key, the author stresses that the personal needs should also be considered and cannot be regarded as “either work or personal” – both fields are seperate and need to be taken care of!
    • Ask the question “What is the ONE Thing I can do such that by doing everything else will be easier or unneccessary?” to determine what the most important thing is that can be done.
      • Either for bigger, strategic insight: What is my ONE Thing?
      • Smaller, short-term: What is my ONE Thing right now? Ask this question every morning/day!
    • Someday-goal / Five year goal / One year goal / One Month / One Week / One Day / Now
      • Describe the one Thing for each one of those phases and act accordingly. This will help you to guide towards the bigger picture.
        Write the goals down. Keep em close.
      • Visualize the process, not the end result only. This will help to succeed with your plan.
    • Block the time for your ONE Thing to make sure you actually make the time to do it. If absolutely not possible, reschedule the block immediately.
      • Weekly plan the blocks for your ONE Thing and plan/monitor comparing to your goals youve set above.
    • Mastery means being master of what is behind us and being apprentices what is in front of us
      • Commit to be your best. Thats the only way to achieve extraordinary results
      • Be purposeful – try things that don’t feel natural (new skills, new relationships, new thinking).
      • Find a coach – or if not coach, accountability partner to get started. Share your progress and goals
    • Watch out for “Thieves” that may endanger your productivity
      • Say No more often
      • Chaos is bound to happen when we concentrate on one thing, learn to be at peace with it
      • Lack of energy, manage it. Take care of your body, exercise, eat healthy


    Thats all for now, folks! Hope someone finds this helpful. Overall, I really enjoyed the read and would recommend it to anyone interested in achieving mastery but lacking the practical knowledge on how to go about it.

    Happy grinding!

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    The last two days I did some Openraise reviews from SB, however, it was pretty overwhelming for the first day. In comparison to other ranges it included a lot more limping strategies which differ pretty considerably over different stacksizes and I’m still not that confident with SB.

    Thats why I will be continuing to practice the last reviewed Opening Ranges (esp. SB) for at least one day before advancing to other topics.


    These are my notes so far:

    SB Rangebuilding Notes (darker fields show mistakes)


    Offsuit BW more limped and lower ones are R/F (dt T7s).
    Protect L/C range with L/C K9s, KQo, KJo, ATo, A9o, ATs sometimes.
    Worst suited BW from R/C range as R/4b Bluff, one combo better as L/RR Fold.
    R/C Range is tighter than imagined: A5s+,K6s+,Q8s+,J8s+,T8s+,98s,87s,65s,54s,AJo,AQo
    All lower PP (22-66) are L/C.


    Offsuit part of the range widened and a lot more raise/folding! Less protective of L/C Range, value range extends there (A8o-ATo, KTo+, QJo)
    Middling PPs (55-88 [99,TT 50%] played as limp/jams, same as AJo-AKo
    Almost all suited hands are called after limped, rarely folded
    For R/F on the suited site, use some wheel Axs, middling JXs, worst Txs, 9xs and 5xs.


    Lot less raising in the offsuit part, l/c down to A4o, K7o, Q8o, J8o, 87o.
    R/C Range heavily decreases, we only R/C A7s-A8s,KTs-KJs,QJs,JTs,T9s,88,65s,54s,A8o-A9o,Kto+,QJo.
    A lot more R/F hands taken from weaker suited Jx, Tx, 9x and 8x.
    L/J extends to A9o+,A5o,22-77,K9s.


    The only R/broke range we have are our best hands, 99+, A6s+, Kts+, Qjs, everything else L/C
    Jam-Range are lowest PPs, A5o-Ajo, KJo+, 87s, 98s, 97s
    L/J Range changes to 66-88,AQo+,A4o,ATs-AQs,A2s,K2s-K3s
    We call the stronger part of our L/F range only v 3x (K3o-K60,Q7o,97o,97o,almost everything from lower suited bracket)


    There is a limp/call v R/Allin range, AA,K7s-Kts,Q9s-Qjs,JTs (best suited stuff of jam range incl. AA)
    There is a limp/allin range 88-KK, A3s-A6s, ATs+,
    AKo,KQo,KJs,A8s,A9s are R/C
    A lot is being jammed, up to AQo.
    Raise/Fold range is considerably smaller, K2o,K3o,64s,75s,85s,96s


    Results-wise I’m experiencing a downswing right now, so not the ideal circumstances are given to be more confident about my potential improvement last days. However, I think I’m doing pretty good and notice that most of my decisions are infact correct and the studying made me more comfortable around certain spots.


    Goals for tomorrow

    • Generate 150 Spots for MP/LP/SB for exercise
    • Rebuild ranges where obvious leaks are shown
    • Review hands from todays and yesterdays session (ideally doing so by engaging more in the Discord group)
    • No volume goals, as I’m not available in the evening. However, the gameplan is to get some playing in


    Until then, happy grinding!

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    • Generate 150 Spots for MP/LP/SB for exercise Did 200 for each spot
    • Rebuild ranges where obvious leaks are shown There were no significant mistakes apart from SB, no Range rebuilding though
    • Review hands from todays and yesterdays session (ideally doing so by engaging more in the Discord group) I did review all strategic spots myself and came to a conclusion on my own, so that I don’t think the input of others was needed. Regardless, I could look a bit more into the Discord group to help/engage with the analysis of other hands. Left some spots for tomorrow as a warm up to the session.
    • No volume goals, as I’m not available in the evening. However, the gameplan is to get some playing in The plan for the evening got rescheduled for tomorrow and left me in a pretty awkward time schedule where no longer grinding was possible. Could have probably gone for an hour to two hour grind, but couldn’t make it and decided to chill a bit in the evening. I’ll definitely make sure to avoid this trap in future and put in any amount of hands regardless.

    From now on, I will drop the range exercises for MP/LP and mainly focus on daily SB exercises while I continue with the flatting topic now. I may casually do some DB analysis of said spots to see how if my learnings actually reflect in the gameplay.

    Excited to start with BB considering Flatting/3betting topic, since this is one of the most essential spots, especially defending against LP.


    My set of goals will look like this for tomorrow

    • SB Analysis of 100 Spots (incl. Range Rebuilding at least for 30bb stacksize and lower)
    • Review notes on Flatting/3betting, maybe rewatching the TMC Video
    • Studying BB Flatting/3betting v EP
    • Find a way to include a nice outdoor-workout while still getting a good grind in until 6-6:30pm.


    Happy grinding!

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    Unfortunately I couldn’t get to study BBvEP flatting/3betting yesterday as SB analysis took somehow over and I rebuilt the entire ranges again. I will probably reduce the daily SB exercise by the range building, so simply generating spots, solving them and comparing with the ranges.

    • SB Analysis of 100 Spots (incl. Range Rebuilding at least for 30bb stacksize and lower) done
    • Review notes on Flatting/3betting, maybe rewatching the TMC Video done.. what I need to pay attention to is to squeeze less on my limits. Feasible against regish players, but there are enough fish and in that case we should mostly call our hand
    • Studying BB Flatting/3betting v EP Done today, notes below
    • Find a way to include a nice outdoor-workout while still getting a good grind in until 6-6:30pm. There is a nice calisthenics park a few tram stations away, so that worked out good along with a short but sweet grind.

    What I have noticed since my studying sessions is that I am probably better in around 75% of all studied spots, I feel more confident to know when I’m committed with a hand, know the true value of my hand, etc. However, I’ve also noticed for the other 25% that I’m prone to go for some closer (in fact, sometimes too close or marginal) spots that I haven’t gone before. They would be reasonable against more experienced players and regs, but may not work out against tighter opponents, which is what is more the norm on Micro Stakes (or at least my SNG tourneys). F.e., I opened 55 for 20bb in MP and after BB rejammed, I confidently called it of, because I have also learned this according to the ranges. However, the profitability of this call also assumes that the BB knows to rejam with suited BW hands, which would certainly be called by the average opponent I’m facing. As 55 resembles the bottom of my call-off range, I should have adapted and tightened up for said call.

    As I’m getting to flatting/3betting, I will now  pay attention to the percentages also that the 3bet makes out to understand what the implications are for my previous studies. After all, this is how it should be – know in which cases I follow the strategy according to ranges and when I have to adapt.


    Notes BBvEP Flatting/3betting





    – Almost everything can be flatted on suited site

    – Pick good SC as 3b bluffs, down to 65s, along with AXs, ATo and some strong Kxs

    – With 2x, we can flat any Kx, Q4o+, J5o+, T6o+, 96o+, 85o+, 74o+, 63o+, 53o, 43o

    – Against reg size, K9o+,Q9o+,J9o+,T8o,54o and A4o+ will be flatted





    – Considerably tighter in the offsuit part of the range (-50%), K9o+,Q9o+,J9o+,T8o,54o and some Ax (A7o+,A5o,A4o) will be flatted

    – Fewer bluffs, middling SC and strongish Kxs (K9s,K8s), as well ATo

    – TT,JJ,AK are 3b/c, while QQ+ and AKs are 3b/c or 3b/j





    – Flatting range wides, all A2o+, K7o+, Q9o+, J9+, 54o+. One to two combos widened if minraise

    – Everything suited is flatted

    – For 3b/f, we pick hands that don’t block his folding range but block the rejamming range (K5s, A9o) including lower SC and 97s

    – Jamming with 99-TT and AK occasionally





    – Jamming from 55+, not AJs though but A5s. Some strong suited BW (KTs, QJs, JTs and QTs st),

    – Flatting increased to K5o+, Q8o+, J8o+, T7o, 97o, 86o, 75o, 54o+


    15bb rejam range



    – All suited BW can be jammed along with PPs for 20bb

    – 15bb includes ATo, KQo, A8s


    The Switch to MTTs

    I have previously mainly grinded SNGs going up to the $2.50 180mans. However, I see myself in future as a MTT player and after a good input from a study buddy, I’ve decided to match the bankroll of my Stars account ($600) on other sites to go for a different tournament schedule of other regular MTTs and Turbos. Reasons:

    • Micro SNG Stakes such as mine should be played in bigger volume (9-15 tables I heard, but not sure on that), but I’m somewhat limited in that sense as for my playing time, they pop up every 45min and the ROI therefore isn’t as good as it could be. I pop some $1.50 45mans meanwhile, but don’t feel like grinding those anymore.. they’re good, but a bit boring. Once its evening, the $2.50’s pop up a lot more often, but I wouldn’t want to sacrifice my early mornings for that
    • Grinding MTTs will allow me to diversify site-wise and to test myself in longer lasting formats. This comes also with a lower amount of flexibility, that I’ve learned to enjoy with SNGs :( But yeah, whatever it takes – lets try it out!


    Goals for tomorrow

    • Generate 100 Spots for SB for exercise
    • Look at BBvMP Flatting/3Betting
    • Get up early and in case muscle fatigue isn’t too bad, go for a workout after lunch or cardio in the morning to free up time space in the afternoon
    • Commence with the first MTT grind in the early afternoon


    Until then, happy grinding!

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    Previous goals

    • Generate 100 Spots for SB for exercise Missed this exercise on the 15th, so I generated 200 SB Spots and solved them yesterday to compensate for it
    • Look at BBvMP Flatting/3Betting I looked at BBvMP flatting on the 15th, but noticed that there were somewhen adaptations for HJ which I didnt look at originally, but then also studied a bit yesterday
    • Get up early and in case muscle fatigue isn’t too bad, go for a workout after lunch or cardio in the morning to free up time space in the afternoon Went pretty good, started with the grind around 2pm and grinded it out till 8:30 pm, so a solid time considering I was previously mainly grinding 3-4h and feeling fatigued
    • Commence with the first MTT grind in the early afternoon Im mainly going for regular tourneys on Stars now, when evening slows down a bit I tend to put in some Turbo SNGs along with other tournaments



    Here’s a little insight to how I work – if my daily routine isn’t somehow interrupted, I have no problem to get my shit through. No problemo. However, if I should wake up only one hour later or something else comes up during the original studying time, my body quickly goes “Oh welp, time wasted, not worth it, entire day is fucked”.. perfectionism so to speak. I absolutely hate this trait of me and I know its a weakness that needs to be fixed. Its like losing a small pot in a tourney and then sitting out for the rest of it. I became more aware of this issue in the past months and I guess I’m seeing some progress.

    For example today, I was busy setting up a VPS (Virtual Private Server) I’ve rented for some solver work, and couldn’t get any noteworthy study in in the morning, nor did I go on the treadmill – so you’d think those are bad circumstances and I wouldn’t get some volume in, but still ended up with a solid 6h session today. Plus, with occassional food during break time, I actually withstood the fatigue I usually experienced. So I like it!

    Although Im currently in Bosnia mainly to poker, at the moment a few relatives are visiting and my cousin is also finishing Uni. So I’m not going to be able to rigorously follow my routine, but will also enjoy a bit of spare time with ’em. Thats how it should be. My plan over the next days is to mainly cover BBvLP and then to setup some learning cards for all spots so far considering flatting/3betting with the ranges, opening frequencies from villain, etc to study. Although I looked at the BBvEP/MP ranges and stuff, it is not bullet-proof and I want to repeat it again – no rush. The other time will be allocated to hand analysis and grinding. First I want to do the analysis by hand, before doing solver work and analyzing it thoroughly (also interact more in Discord for that).


    Goals for tomorrow

    • 100SB Spots
    • Look at BBvLP, ideally being able to set up cards for that and all other positions so far
    • Allocate rest to hand analysis, post the most interesting one in Discord
    • Life in general: Get some cardio in, hit town during the day with my cousin


    Till next time, happy grinding!

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    Today was a day off to test how this works for me. Usually I only took days off playing-wise but still studied, so yeah. Ive meanwhile created the learning cards for all studied flatting positions so far and will continue tomorrow with BBvEP flatting repetition.

    Overall, I want to improve my studying when it comes to postflop. I want and I will now analyze one hand per day at a minimum next to the regular studying, as I want to familiarize myself more with postflop ranges to have a better sense ingame.

    But back tomorrow, lets do this.

    Goals for 24.09.2019

    • Analyze 100 generated SB Spots
    • Study BBvMP learning cards, DB analysis
    • Allocate rest of time to hand analysis before playing


    Post count: 56

    So meanwhile I’ve progressed as far to have completed BBvX spots, I’ve created the learning cards and have got to SBvMP including learning cards. I got to put in some volume, although not to the level I’d have liked to since I got visit this week. To be fair it may also have been due to the downswingy results I got in the past weeks, since I lost nearly half my roll and have meanwhile moved down to grind some lower buyin SNGs than usual before dipping my toes into the usual buyins for tournaments/SNGs again.

    I will be visiting some relatives from this evening till start of next week, so its like a mini vacation and will most likely also help to get the mind straight and rekindle the passion for the game again after the poor results. Something that was on my mind is to try some cash games also during my time here, to see how those would fit my needs. It would certainly complicate the learning path, if not erase it having to learn new ranges, but I see big potential for me, since it would:

    • Mean less variance than tournaments, could build up a bankroll more quickly
    • Help to get in more hands and focus more on deep postflop play (which to be fair also happens during tourneys, but in the end its mostly profitably reshoving within the tournaments that I play) -> will improve quicker and get more familiar with ranges quickly

    This would be at the cost of:

    • Cash Games being not as thrilling as tournaments (to me atleast, I like to chase the win, but I could probably include some tourneys on weekends)
    • Tougher fields

    So overall, I don’t see too many downsides apart from losing some of the time invested into the learning so far for tournament play, but I’ll see – if that is the only thing and cash games, which I’ve started with, turn out to be remotely as fun as tournaments, I assume it would be huge for my longterm improvement as a poker player.


    Till next time, happy grinding!

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    Love the idea of study cards for specific spots! Will have to try and implement that in my training. Cheers mate.

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    Diving into some cash study/play will def benefit your game a lot longterm so I would recommend it.


    Post count: 56

    Hey y’all,


    Im back (or was already back in December), heres some updates:

    • Although my last grinding day I was able to bink a few SNGs/Tourneys and overcome the downswing to be breakeven, I figured its time for a change into Cash Games, the format I originally began with. Reason for this is that I would like to improve postflop play, have a more flexible schedule and face less variance
    • Since December Im temporarily stationed in Mexico Playa del Carmen and getting the Cash Game study on. I had a roommate I met from 2+2, but he left around last week and I have prolonged my stay till end of March and got an own flat (will eventually provide some pictures of my grinding station)
    • Currently Im grinding on Unibet 25NL, but eventually want to swap to PokerStars Zoom Format (when I built a roll for 50-100NLz)


    So over the next few days I will keep this blog up to date about my learnings, what Im working on, whats on my mind, etc. Right now the schedule is to get into some early Crossfit classes, so that Im back at around 8-9 am and can study in the morning and put some volume in until 7pm-ish, when its about cooling down and getting some non-poker reading in.


    My current focus is playing from the Big Blind and I have extensively studied which over c-bet boards we can X/R more often, since population doesnt seem to be defending accordingly (mainly thats v BU, but also looked on some v EP spots). What I have noticed though is that I flat too often from BB v various positions, so I will go about creating some Flash Cards to study them properly. Especially with suited BW hands I think I was so far too quick with calling.


    Poker Goals for tomorrow

    • Create Flash Cards for BB v EP/MP/LP Preflop ranges, commit at least 1h per spot and do at least one spot
    • Study one vid from RIO preferably about my current focus on BB. If there isnt anything suitable, another video of interest
    • Do one deep hand analysis from spots of today
    • Play for at least 6h
    Post count: 56


    • Create Flash Cards for BB v EP/MP/LP Preflop ranges, commit at least 1h per spot and do at least one spot
      • done
    • Study one vid from RIO preferably about my current focus on BB. If there isnt anything suitable, another video of interest
      • Not a vid from RIO, but another one I have considering BBvEP x/r
    • Do one deep hand analysis from spots of today
      • done, check at the end of post if interested
    • Play for at least 6h
      • Only managed 4h, since also had to head out for some adapter to attach my second monitor. Overall


    Satisfied studying wise, but not volume wise. I will check to especially overdeliver on volume on weekends, since theres the most fishes present then and do less studying then. For tomorrow I got enough spots from today to analyze/share on different channels, so theres that. Depending on my muscle state I might have for time tomorrow overall for poker, since my legs are sore as shit from the last workouts.


    Hand Analysis from today

    Pre Analysis thought of spot

    Action: Hero opens in BU with Kd8d and gets 3b from SB, calls

    Villains 3b range: 77+, A9s+, KTs+, QTs+, J9s+, T9s, 98s, 87s, 76s, 65s, AJo+, KQo, estimated around 12%


    Flop 3c2hKs: I think he cbets his range on this dry board, we have an easy call


    Turn 5s: When he checks and calls, I put him mostly on 77-QQ, KTs, but also maybe some Ax that dont block my FDs and want to draw to a straight

    I would normally elect to check here but seeing we can get another street from Ax and MPs, I would like to bet.


    River 7h: Apart from his 77 improving to a set not much changes. I figured a 33% bet to get calls from 99-QQ would be good, but get called by K9s.



    Pure GTO Analysis Notes:

    K8s should be at some frequency a call v 3b, but is mostly folded and even with the higher rake should probs be folded.

    -> Villain is furthermore unknown and population tendency isnt exactly to 3b in SB too light, which makes a call even worse

    We float even backdoor GS+FD on this board v range cbet

    We should bet the worst MP and PP (66) along with turned FDs, strong toppairs and some BW hands when checked to OTT

    -> Those BW hands make great bluffs on checked turns, since we get better SDV to fold and block potential protecting hands (checked back KT or KJ)

    Solver mostly agrees with my decision to bet on the turn and river with a middling Kx, but also comes down to the fact that V is bluffcatching with some turned pairs OTT and some wheel Ax pairs, which I think doesnt happen on my stakes


    Nodelocking Analysis Notes:

    Turn: I specified that villain will mostly play straight forward with strong TP hands (checking back KK or A4 sometimes along with KTs) OTT and continues betting with some turned FDs (checking some higher Nut FDs)

    Then, when checked to, we bet then entire range OTT (probably comes down to the high amount of Fold Equity we have if hes somewhat straightforward)


    River: I specified that villain will sometimes lead his slowplayed nutty holdings (namely KK and A4) but overall mostly checks

    If faced with a bet, I gave villains a call with TT-QQ, KTs and KJs and let him fold his lower pairs (A3s, A2s, 54s)

    As a result, we should bet with our entire range apart from 88-TT that probably enjoys enough SDV, while other hands look to fold out the weaker turned pairs from villain or PP (88-99).


    If villain is not folding his lower PPs such as 88/99, we check back with everything OTR below toppair.

    So if I were to bluff in this spot OTR, I would exploitatively size up to rep a strong KQs and get him to fold these while betting smaller (33-40%) to get calls from those.

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