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    Hello to everyone. My name is Johnny, and I’m starting this blog as a personal journey, mainly to keep me motivated to grind and study a lot. I will play micro stakes MTT SNG’s, with hopefully really big volume. Main tournaments will be 45-men $1.50, 180-men $2.50 and On-Demand $4.50, so, all micro stakes. Probably I will play some micro stakes MTT’s, all on pokerstars.com.
    I have some experience in both SNG and MTT, but for now, my goal is to keep to MTT SNG’s and to move up in stakes. I had a break of nearly a year so, to be honest, I forgot a lot of things, and definitely need to study a lot. I have experience with ICMizer and equilab, and those I have to study with.
    I started playing those tournaments about 2.5 weeks ago and this is results:



    Beside Poker, I’ll also try to fix some other thing in my life. Like start to workout again and for that I have really big plans, but starting with baby steps. Dieting would also be nice thing to fix up a bit. I’m also looking forward to start meditating, especially before and/or after grind.

    I will make some goals for November 2019, not so big, but important to achive.
    1. Volume goals:
    – 45-men: 1400
    – 180-men: 1100
    – ON-Demand: 500

    2. Study Goals:
    – Remind of Jennifear push/fold charts
    – Study about C-bet
    – Review at least 1 tournament per day

    3. Non-Poker Goals:
    – Gym and Running
    – Start with meditation at least 3 times a week
    – Eating healthy breakfast everyday

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    Hello Johnny and welcome to RYE community! Make sure you also join our Discord group, where a lot of poker discussions is going on and hand reviews. Your goals looking good, keep us updated and looking foward to your progress in mtt sng!

    Gl at the tables!

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    Lady’s and Gents, this is the moment for my first update :)
    So, One week after starting the blog, first update. I played a lot, but less then I planned. Also, studying was not according to plans, but there was SOME studying, so, next week will be better on that part.
    In total, for previous week it looks like this:


    What I don’t like is that really really low red line, but I guess main reason for that is multi tabling, so I will try to make it better.  And, divided by types:




    As you see, I also played some MTT’s, had few sweet deep runs, and one really funny story from Friday. On that day I played evening session, and somehow, accidentally, I registered Hot 4, starting 2.15 CEST. When tournament start I was surprised, but ok let’s play it. Aaand, I managed to build up stack, win almost every flip I was in for big pot, and lost every filp for <3BB pot. So, great. But, at the break at 5AM, I fall a sleep. At that point I was like 2-3 of 16 left. When I wake up, around 6.30, I busted 9th. Sick, and more then unprofessional, yes I know, but whatta fook, sh*t happens.
    Also had another deep run lat night, on Bounty Builder 7, which was a pretty nice add on on my bankroll.
    Anyway, few things I must improve is that fooking red line, and to recheck pushing charts, esp on 45-men, cause population there is much more tight, or at least it looks like that, on Final Table.  But that’s something I can see after reviews of FT’s.
    Also, abount non-poker goals, I started workout, and healthy breakfast is becoming a routine, and I’m really pleased with that.
    So, GL all and see ya at the tables.

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    Some really sick scores for low buyins! Keep it up and deff dont forget to study– Very important!

    Gl at the tables!

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