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    My name is Joni, i am 27 year old guy originally from Finland. I moved 3 months ago to Spain, so i can say this is my home now (and i love it!!) I had to move away from days without sun and freezing cold weather.

    where should i start.. first time i saw a poker game, i was 7 years old. Me and my big brother were on our cabin, and my dad and his friends were playing classic 5 card poker. We basically just sat under the table and waited for some money to drop on the floor. Two years after that me and my brother started to play poker with my dad, that was also first time i won money from poker, from that moment i fell in love this magnificent game. I was that kid in school who always wanted to play poker against anyone who would want to play. I won so many times peoples pocket money, that after a while nobody wanted to play against me. Anyway, i can say i love poker, and i have dreamed of being a poker professional since i was a young boy. And now its time to make those dreams come thru!

    I started to playing online when i was like 14 years old. Me, my dad and my brother always took turns who can play a freerolls online. That went on a couple of years, i remember winning three tournaments in that time. I started to play with real money when i was 16 years old, i made a account under my brothers name and started playing sit and go.s and cash games. Haha i remember also that i stole my brothers passport and i whent to the casino in Helsinki and i played poker with his id.

    My big problem in poker is that i  have never learned how to keep a proper bankroll. Actually i just watched my first tutorial video about bankroll management… My poker career has basically been really crazy. I have won on my scale a lot of money over the years, but i have also loosed a lot! Well that is no wonder considering the bankroll management issue that i have had.

    I have played all types and sizes games in my life. Most off the time i have played cash games online, but also live games. And i love to play tournaments live, and online.

    Now my plan is to build a solid bankroll, so i can really start to play like poker is meant to be played. Right now I am working 40-50 hours a week, so i have to mix my games a bit. I will play cash games and tournaments online.

    My plans in poker for the rest of the year.

    Bankroll to start (1000€)

    Cash games online: Every day when i work, i play 1-2 hours, plus at least 30 min of studying.  (0.05-0.10€- 0.10-0.25€)

    Tournaments online: Every day when i am not working, i play 4-16 hours, includes studying. (2-5€ buy ins)

    My goal is to have a 2500€ bankroll by the end of the year ( i know i can and i will do this )

    My plans for my health for the rest of the year:

    Every morning 30 min run, cold shower and minimum 20 min meditation.


    I will post in this blog every week. ( this is just for me, so i can and i have to try my best to do what i promised )


    I have never done anything like this before. I have just played poker and enjoyed it. Now i want to take my game to a new level, i have tournament masterclass bought and elementary cash game also. I have to study a lot, but that is fine because i just love this game and i will become a poker pro in the future.

    And i really appreciate everyone who took the time to get to know me. Thanks :)


    I would like to say thanks for the whole RYE team, you have really made a impact on me.

    See you also in discord!


    Now lets start chrushing!



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    Hey what’s up Joni! Welcome to the RYE community!

    Good to see you’re already in discord. Take advantage of it! Get as active as possible on there because the benefits are invaluable.

    I’d be cautious about setting monetary goals however, especially in such a short period of time. As you know poker variance can be brutal and setting out $$$ expectations can lead to serious mental game issues.

    Good luck with the journey and keep us updated!

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    Thanks Mariano!

    You are absolutely right, it is little bit stupid to set monetary goals, but it just for me to have some kinda of goal for the winnings. basically if i dont hit my money goals thats totally fine. my main goal is to study and get tons of hands so i can start to improve my game.


    Thanks! and i promise i will keep you guys updated!




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    Welcome =)

    Looking forward to see your progress.

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    Hello Joni,

    yeah more than doubling your bankroll until the end of the year seems like quite a high goal to set, but I wish you all the best on your journey :) Would be awesome if you reach that goal.

    With all that time invested in your work and poker, make sure to also leave a little room for relaxation and free time, that is more important than most people think.

    Good luck

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    Thanks everyone for you messages. So things got little bit complicated along the way.

    It has been a funny month. My finance situation is guite bad right now, so i could only make a deposit worth 25€. Anyway I started to play nl5 and got my bankroll to 50€. Then i moved up the stakes ( had to gamble a little bit )  and started playing nl 25 zoom. I played close to 5000 hands and i won 550€. i think i won like 36bb/100.  I also played few tournaments along the way, i did not get any good results in those, few cashes but still heavy -. i have played badly, but also had a bad run on the tournaments. I really have to learn how to swich the game when i play tournaments versus cash game.

    I played solid poker like 85% of the time, and i felt really good playing  because studying is improved my thinking and a lot. The rest 15% was like automatic playing and i made lots of stupid mistakes.  But i have improved my game and thinking a lot, and i am happy to see some results.

    I had to withdraw the money out because my poor finance situation. but i am looking for to start playing again this week. I am planning to make a deposit of 100€ and start to play nl10, i know it is risky but i will start to play better bankroll management when i know i am in the right stakes. Because i know i can beat nl 25 zoom etc.

    I would like to hear what stats should i use for me and for villains? i have holdem manager 2 but i have never learned how to use it correctly, and i just have some stats there shoving but i am not sure how to “read” them. I have to study that a alot, and thats going to one of my goals for next few weeks.


    Thanks to anyone who might be reading this. All the best to you and lets crush!


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    Hello again :)

    I would like to get an opinion on my tournament field, and what tournaments should i play. I have always played large field tournaments, with big guaranteens. But i think that may not bee the best way if i wanna improve my game, and win some money at the same time.

    Should i start to play smaller field tournaments and try to improve my game and theory there?

    I can make more money basically now if i play cash games, but i like tournaments so much, that rush you get when u bink a tournament is amazing ( havent had those too many, but still i love it!!) But yeah, i have to make some changes to my tournament field. If you guys have any idea, or any good sites where are smaller field tournaments i would be happy to hear more about it.

    And if there is someone else who plays tournaments and cash games basically at the same time, how do you seperate your bankroll? and how much is a proper bankroll for tournaments? Wow thats a lot of guestions :D:D

    I am going to make a larger deposit next month (if everything goers like Jesses easter i will be able to deposit that 1000€)                                    so i would like plane a head what is the best way to split my bankroll etc.

    Thanks again!

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    I wouldn’t suggest mixing cash and tourneys too much unless you’re going to be very serious about studying both.  Of course it’s good practice to learn theory by playing both, but if you’re really serious about improving I would first focus on one solely and then mix in another format when you have lots of time. Just my opinion though.

    For the HM2 stats I would recommend looking around online and you should find some good suggestions for some default HUDs that are sufficient.

    also regarding the tourney fields you should ask on discord. You’ll get a lot of good answers from fulltime grinders.

    good luck!


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