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    I agree that trying to grind love tourneys for a living would be a very very tough route unless you’re playing at least semi high and are very very good. The upsides of course are the social aspect, the opportunity for travel and the generally low skill level of the fields. I don’t know much about it but I think with proper planning and great BRM it could be done. But as you say trying to get through the variance is tough alone.

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    Hey @rye_mariano5 thanks for the reply. I thought I would get more people disagreeing with me about it tbh.

    Wednesday – end of July update


    I skipped my update last week. The main reason for this is because all of last week I pretty much shut down all poker productivity. I’m not really sure what happened but it felt like burnout. I had been trying all month to push myself and last week I just said NOPE.

    I felt pretty garbage about it for most of the week but then at some point towards the end I just found some clarity. I had been doing the Balance pack on headspace and the session that affected me the most was when Andy spoke about the need to be more playful in life. I asked myself if maybe I was taking myself or poker too seriously which was winding me up.

    By the end of the week, I felt better again. I managed to convince myself that taking that week off was fine and I think I was able to gather myself and take things with less seriousness.

    I started grinding again every day since Sunday and I am having fun with it so far. Powerfest schedule is a bit lacklustre tbh but who can say no to such juicy events :D

    I think I will post another graph at the end of Powerfest and do a summary of my performance at the tables.


    Good luck to everyone this week!

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    October update – back from break


    It’s been just over two months since my last update but I am back to blogging again!

    A lot has happened in this time and one of the reasons I haven’t gotten round to updating here is because I have recently made some major changes in my life. The most notable one is that I moved out of my parents’ home just over a week ago. The process was quite long and emotional but here I am now, trying my best to settle in to my new place. It’s just a small flat in a small city to start with but the dream is to improve this as the months/years go by.


    Since I started poker, I have been supported financially by my parents while I got myself up and running. Around July this year, I had reached my first major milestone with my poker results and decided it was time to put this lifestyle choice to the ultimate test. The aim was to finally become fully independent of outside support and see if I have it in me to support myself. Based on my results over the last 12-15 months, I don’t think there will be many more huge surprises at the limits I’m playing though :D

    I actually felt like I was also becoming a little too comfortable in my environment living at home. Being comfortable is nice but it was also time to push myself to do more new and exciting things. Hopefully I have some interesting updates over the coming weeks.


    Poker update – PKOs are insane $$


    I have been focussing a lot of my study effort on learning IKCM. I have been playing a lot more PKOs and have tried to add as many of the PKO MTTSNGs ($5s and $11s) to my schedule so that I have lots of final table IKCM spots to practice with. It’s quite obvious that PKOs are more profitable than regular MTTs especially at the $33 – $55 MTTs where there are considerably more recreational players in the PKOs on weekdays. Got myself playing the triple threat again (zoom pko on stars) and wow that tournament plays out like some random freeroll it is so full of fun players.

    Also, in just my first 10 hours of IKCM study I identified very interesting situations that I wasn’t aware of before. My plan is to continue studying in this way until I have made $1k – $2k purely from the PKOMTTSNGs and then I will buy the bounty beast course and see where I am at. I should be able to hit this target by the end of the month but we will see!


    Either way, I will be back to grinding and studying as much as possible again this month. I’ll post more results next week.


    Good luck to everyone this week!

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