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    yo, i m not sure if i should keep betting here or try to induce some bluffs. do you think villain has light floats vs my small flop sizing?

    i could think of kq,kt,qt,at and all the pockets below j. in hindsight i think the checkraise shows too much strength vs his weak range. so either check/call or keep betting?

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    Hey buddy,

    So EP vs MP ranges are really narrow, right? Just think about his cold calling range on that position, if you’re opening 17-19% hands he is calling <10% strong hands (ofc he doens’t have the big one’s but still good hands). With that being said I’d always check here. Just think about his calling range and which hands you’re trying to make him fold. He will call lots of overcards with backdoors specially rainbow board which gives more floats possible. That’s the ‘bad’ part of playing OOP vs strong range. If called you always have to check your hand and play a ‘bluff catch’ mode.

    As played there’s no sense to stop betting specially unblocking diamond draws which now he’ll have two overs+FD with lots of combos and of course Jx hands. Also what bluffs do you have by doing this line? Just play your hand straight forward.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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