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    UTG is an aggro reg playing 33/28 – who has been over 3 betting vs me and over squeezing vs my isos. I have been a bit card dead vs him, so he maybe thinks im a little tight when defending vs 3bets etc.

    CO is 26/15 with no written history and seems pretty passive postflop.

    Firstly i know i made a mistake with my sizing pre, my time clock was running down quick. I would usually go around $11.

    Flop seems standard. Should we just be folding turn? River as played seems a call.


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    I assume you’re checking range on the flop here OOP vs 2 players. So we still have all the KQ, QQ, KK, and nut flushes.

    I think turn already pretty marginal because it’s tough to get to showdown often if he’s bluffing just the Ah and otherwise you’re behind. You do have the draw but I don’t think you have the price there. It’s close though.

    River I don’t mind a fold either tbh. Again you can still have lot of strong hands in your turn checking range(at least at some frequency). I don’t expect him to bet river with a Q and obv the Ah gets there so it’s tough to beat much at all there. Maybe he can have some JTs hands but you block JsTs too. I’m pretty tight though.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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