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    Howdy folks,

    Hoping you fine guys and gals at RYE! can offer a fellow grinder a bit of advice.

    I’ve played poker for the last ten years, started just for fun, then took it more seriously with books, videos and lots of studying reviewing etc. Binked a couple of decent MTT’s last year and really started focusing on SnG with the aim of building up a sufficient enough bankroll to travel and play live for a bit.

    After A LOT of turbo SnG’s my bankroll was goin in the right direction, ITM 41% of the time, and of those times 66% were first place finishes. This is over a sample size of just shy of 5k games.

    But that took a loooooooooong time. And I’d like to be able to play Hyper Turbos profitably as I can get more volume in in the time I have available.

    So I bought the course, which I’m thoroughly enjoying so far.

    But how brutal is the variance???!!!

    I’ve not finished the course yet (obviously I will) but given it’s a format I wasn’t familiar with I wanted to get a feel for it and some sort of sample size I can extrapulate data from. 400 games in and it seems extremely swingy on a level I am not used to – dropping 10 buy-ins in turbos is ‘a bad day’, on hypers it seems totally normal.

    So my questions are these:

    1. What sort of ITM/ROI am I looking to realistically attain here assuming I’m currently playing $3.50 games with a view to climbing when I can.
    2. Should I always be making ‘correct’ ICM plays, even if I’ve got a read that suggests I’m dominating my opponent PF?
    3. At Turbo SnG’s – I already have a lot of the field marked or noted. H SnG’s almost none at all. What factors should I be looking for that would highlight a weak player here? Like high VPIP and low PFR would generally indicate a fun player at Turbos, does the same apply? Or am I generally just waiting until I see hands in other showdowns and working out if they are playing a profitable range or not?

    Sorry the last question is worded horribly.

    Thanks for reading,

    Really grateful for the course and all the content :)



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    Hey buddy

    1. It really depends on your skilllevel. But on lowstakes everything between 3% and 5% is realistic.
    2. You should always make correct ICM plays. Not sure if you talk about making exploitativ plays, but if you have a read on your opponent you should of course make adjustments
    3. Usually lots of limping, calling a lot of raises preflop, weird betsizes, donk betting, high PFR/VPIP gap, and weird played hands on showdwons.
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    I will just add that variance is much much higher at hypers. Like you said 10-20bi downer in turbo is bad day, at hypers you can have daily swings 30-40bi and more. When i play hypers i played around 300 games a day and i have almost every day like 20-30bi downswings :) So get ready for swingy ride  GL at the tables!

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    Thanks for responding guys,

    I’m feeling a bit shell shocked with the variance to be honest…never experienced anything like it before! I’m going to post a ‘blog’ of some description so will keep that updated with my progress.

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    hey original, we might have already seen each other on the table^^ not sure though. as far as variance goes I really just want to hammer the points of ben and tomy home. get yourself ready for a swiiiingy ride. really can not compare turbos and hypers at all in that regard. also be ready for some 100BI downswings (or even more) in total. do not worry though. having a lucky day can be fucking insane in hypers…

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    Thanks Koorn, I’ve yet to have one of those ‘lucky days’ at hypers. It’s really frustrating – they are making my graph look ugly lol!

    Going to study some more of the content before I play too many more games. The basic Idea was that I wanted to have some sort of sample to review after each video so now I’ve got that I can start to fix leaks that I find.

    And If you played at all the $3.50 stakes over the last two weeks  we’ve most definitely seen each other haha!

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    Study is very important, especially at the beginning! So your study/play ratio should be at least 50/50 if not more like 60/40 or even 70/30 in favor of study.

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    I was looking for some info’s about  hyper SNG’s and found them on this thread, but I also have some questions, so I will use this thread for them. Hopefully won’t be a problem.
    So, my questions are:
    1. How big bankroll for “safe” (conservative) play is needed?
    2. Traffic? When is the best time for play (CET zone)?
    3. Is 5000 games per month big enough volume, and is it even possible?

    4. Which is more profitable, KO’s or non KO’s? Is it good to mix them?
    5. What is solid ROI KO’s/non-KO’s?

    Thanks for your answers and GL at the tables!

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    Best would be if you will ask those questions on Discord, where players can answer you with their experiance about traffic (micro, low… )
    For safe br have at least 200bi. Atm traffic is best at stars and party i guess. 5000 games is possible, but depends on whitch limit you want it. I think both are profitable, maybe ko’s if you study it even more, because of more fishes registering on them. Solid roi for hypers is around 4%, im dont know exacly about ko’s. GL!

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