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    Hi there,


    first of all: Ben mentioned in the vids that we can email him questions any time. What’s the mail to send the questions to though?


    1. Tight Blocker Ranges – per Position?

    I believe the examples in the Vids were mostly UTG RFIs so the playable range might be “especially” tight – staying at ~ 15%

    Do these playable ranges also change with position? E.g. CO RFI vs BTN pass. Fish with low F2CB => loser than 15%

    Or do they stay the same UTG – CO?


    1.1 Also a LAG behind

    So we are UTG Pass. Fish is CO or BTN and LAG is the other (CO or BTN)

    Do we tighten up and go to say ~12% playable range?


    2. Pass. Fish behind + LAG in the blinds

    The fish having POS on us suggest to play a playable range.

    What about the LAG with highish 3B in the blinds though? Do we change our range now to include some more blockers?

    How would that range look like?


    3. General range construction rule for this phase

    I observed that almost all examples – at least UTG-CO – ended up adding/removing 3-5% from the range.

    Does this concept stay the same in general for all positions?


    There also was some extreme example from the SB vs Maniac BB which suggested dropping from 75% to 40%

    (Note that I’m mainly talking about micro-low stakes SNGs so this is without balanced SB limping range for now)


    Can one say that the later your RFI pos the bigger your adding / substracting % is?

    So from the BTN or SB maybe add 5-10% instead of 3-5% ?

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    I created this tree to help me guide my decisions (and for you to better grasp my outlined thought process above)

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    Answered you in Discord. 😉

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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